Daily Getaways Priority Club Points Deal Live (Sold Out)

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Update: This deal is sold out.

Just wanted to post a quick update that the Priority Club points deal via Daily Getaways is now live.  I just purchased 25,000 Priority Club points for about $150 by using my Amex card.  Here were the steps I followed:

1.  Liked Priority Club Rewards on Facebook to access the presale code.  The sale will start for the general public at 1PM Eastern today.

2.  Go to Daily Getaways website and select the points package you want.  Read this post for more details about the options and the value.

3.  Enter the early access code you got from Facebook.  You then have five minutes to complete your purchase.  You will need your Priority Club number handy, so have it ready.  Also, have the Amex card you are paying with handy as well.

4.  Pay with Amex card to get 10% off automatically.

5.  Enjoy and congrats!

It looks like about 10 minutes into the early sale that all of the points packages allotted to presale are “in someone elses cart”.  Keep trying as they will be released if someone does not complete their transaction, but it is just an indicator that you are going to have to be quick this year!

Did you get in the presale in time or are you waiting for the general sale that starts at 1PM Eastern?

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  1. I was not actually trying to buy points, but within 4 minutes into the sale I couldn’t get any set of points.

    I re-clicked dozens of times on a couple of sales (10K and 40K) with no result.

    I recommend starting to click at 12:59pm ET to get a chance for the 1pm items.

  2. I just made a 25,000 point purchase for $150 like you – but my confirmation email says 40,000 points will be deposited in my account. Anyone else had this happen?

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I bought 10k points for $60, a good deal especially if I use the points for Point Break deals.

    For what it’s worth, I was able to purchase the points about 5 minutes after the website said that the points were already in someone else’s cart.

  4. @Ric, pretty good advice. Things are going to go quickly this year I think. I couldn’t get in until straight up on the hour, but can’t hurt to start early.

    @cdeb, wow. I would keep that quiet. Mine does not show that.

    @Aarif, good job! I agree that it is a tremendous deal when used for PointBreaks.

    @Jayson, good luck at 1PM!

  5. I was also able to get in on the 25,000 point offer. Any idea how long it usually takes to post to your PC account?

  6. Ditto – 2 minutes in all were in a cart. I know plenty drop-out, especially for those of us who clearly were doing the same thing with no intention to buy which is where I fall.

    I’ll see how the general sale goes. Just trying to get a feel for how awful the Wyndham sale will be. I may not even bother to try. 76K airline miles is a good deal, certainly, but it’s tough to accept when it was 133K US miles last year.

    Scratch that – I will be trying to buy at least in my wife’s or another family member’s account. Small investment for possible Grand Slam hit, after all.

  7. I got two sets of 25K points on two respective purchases, about 10 and 15 minutes after the presale started. I am glad to requalify the platinum status for another year and get the king suite (almost guaranteed) for my upcoming reward stays at low cost.

  8. @nelumbo
    I also got my points 10-15 minutes after the start of the sale. Off topic, does Priority Club honor status on Reward Stays (I am Platinum through status match, so I have no experience using the status).

  9. @Aarif, on FlyerTalk, it looks at least the HI and HIX properties honor elite status on reward stays. I don’t have personal experience yet but look forward to it with my upcoming HIX stay soon.

  10. Tried for the 1pm. Got in, but then it required me to sign up for a priority club membership (not a member). Brilliant, make everyone who isn’t a member sign up for a new membership with a gazillion other people at the same time which brings their membership system down. Oh well…

  11. I don’t really get the “point” of this. I just checked the Crowne Plaza in Berlin where I’m staying this summer. The AAA rate, both this week, and when I’m there this summer, is $112 all in per night. Or 35,000 points. Or 25,000 point plus $60.

    Let’s say I manage to score 50K points for $300. Then whether I pay for the room with 35K points, or 25K points plus $60, it’s going to cost me $60 more per night than just paying for the room. And paying for the room gets me points, which using a points reward doesn’t.

    Plus if my trip gets cancelled, I have prepaid for points I may not even use. I just don’t get it……

  12. I got all the way to the end of the 40,000 point package and hit the purchase button and the site gave some type of message along the lines of that they cannot process my transaction at this time and to try again later, tried again and got the same message, finally on the 3rd try was able to go through and received a confirmation e-mail.

    However on my Amex card I see 3 pending charges for a 1.00 from daily getaways and one for 240.30 which was the correct amount that shouldve been deducted.

  13. @Robert Hanson
    Buying points is clearly not worth it in every case, for every hotel. It might not even be worth it in most cases. But it’s not that hard to find cases where it clearly makes sense… look up “Point Break” deals, which is basically a limited list of PC properties that can be had for 5000 points/night… which is equivalent to $30. Now, that’s pretty cheap no matter how you slice it.

  14. I started with the regular sale after 5 minutes and had no problem getting 5 sets of 25k Priority Club points. Was actually surprised, normally quite difficult. A good value with Points Breaks.

  15. Their site was having issues, not surprisingly. I got to the last page on the 40K offer and it said there was a problem and made me start over. If it did this for several people, it might explain why the offer was still available. I kept clicking based on this premise even though it said they were tied up in carts. Eventually managed to get in and complete the 40K offer.

  16. This keeps showing when I am clicking submit.
    You guys getting this?
    is this over?

    Looks like something’s gone wrong — but we’re working on it. Please try again later.

  17. Congrats to those who got in on the deal! If your purchase went through, you should have received an email confirmation for your purchase. If you didn’t, presumably the pending transactions will fall off within the next couple days. I don’t know why it is throwing an error message now, but the packages may very well be sold out now, though some did get error messages at first only to get through later. This was a good practice run for the Wyndham points packages. We all need to have our Wyndham numbers ready to go when purchasing the points.

  18. Got the same error message and yes, the pending charges show up on my credit card (3 times). I did try really late because I couldn’t make it at 1pm, but regardless, the deal should show up as unavailable and they haven’t taken it down or updated it as “sold out”. Oh well…

  19. I just tried to make a “dummy” purchase and the deals seem to still be available, of course I did not take it all the way through, so it could throw an error message at the end.

  20. Yes, error message at the very end. Another brilliant idea (in addition to taking new members to a page to sign up that also doesn’t work)!

  21. I wrote am email regarding the error message and this is what I got

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    We are experiencing an error with the purchasing process, inventory is not yet sold out but we are actively looking into this.

    We will advise as soon as it is restored.

    Daily Getaways Customer Service

    I guess this is a generic email and nothing is going to happen

  22. I can see why you might want these but to me I value a one night avg stay at avg hi hotel at 20k points or a cost of about $100 or so. Seems like a good way to pad an acct but not really worth it to me personally.

  23. @Lauren, I have. It can be a good deal in some cases!
    @DaninSTL, you certainly have to compare the points price to the paid price, but there are some cases where the points can be a great deal – esp in places where the cash price is pretty high.

  24. Actually, there’s 3 offers total (Priority Club, Holiday Inn, and InterContinental). If you do the max for each offer you can buy up to 90K points.

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