Daily Getaways Week 4 Deals Announced and My Own Daily Getaways Heart Attack

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As I posted last night, I really wanted one of the Vegas packages that went on sale today via the Daily Getaways promotion.  Of course, for the “big” packages only six were available of each one for the whole stinking country.  I knew it would be tough to get one, but I was going to try as several of the deals were great for my needs, but the Mirage deal was phenomenal.  Check out this post for more details.

My husband and I were both trying for the deal, and as it got to be a couple minutes before 1PM Eastern I swear I was shaking I was so nervous about getting it (yes, I am officially crazy).  I was refreshing about every 1-2 seconds leading up to 1PM Eastern, and when it went live, it also immediately said there were no more available.  Rats.  I tried all the offers I would be willing to buy, and they all said the same thing – no dice.  However, it is pretty common for people to put these purchases in their “virtual cart” and yet never actually check-out.  So, I kept trying for the one I really wanted, and about 1-2 minutes later, it took me to the screen to purchase the package!  I could barely type I was so excited – again, crazy, I know.

After what felt like an eternity after submitting my payment information, I got an confirmation page with a confirmation number!  I am still waiting on the official email (so fingers crossed there are no issues), but so far so good.  I think this is good practice for when the Wyndham points go on sale later in the promo.  Keep hitting refresh, and don’t give up if it says there are no more.  Until it actually says “Sold Out”, some of the deals are just pending in other people’s carts.

Also today, the Week 4 Daily Getaway Deals were announced.  (Thanks @Joseph_Jimenez for Tweeting me!)  There are some more awesome Vegas packages in Week 4 for those who missed out on the ones today.  I had my honeymoon in the Skylofts in Vegas, and think that they are amazing.  Had that package been available today, I would have possibly tried for it.  There are also some Choice points that will be for sale with the Amex discount for about 0.37 cents ( as in $0.0037 each).  Not only can these be useful for hotel stays, but they are also a potential hit if there is a Grand Slam this year.  As a side note, I will be doing a Grand Slam prep post in the near future as I have gotten numerous email requests for it in the last week.  Last year, the transfer rate was 5,000 Choice Privileges points to 1,000 US Airways Dividend Miles for a hit, so you would have more than enough points from these packages to use on hotel stays, and a hit, or another airline transfer.  I believe that this deal comes to comes to about a 1.8 cents per airline mile ratio with the Amex discount.  Currently, you can buy points from Choice directly for $11.00 per 1,000 points.

Here is a brief listing of the Week 4 deals:

April 30th: Universal Studios

May 1st: MGM Vegas Properties

May 2nd: Hilton Points

May 3rd: Choice Privileges Points

May 4th: Hertz Rentals

I’ll do a more detailed review of these deals as we get closer.  I think I need a drink after my Daily Getaways excitement today!

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  1. Hmm. To stock up on Choice points for Grand Slam or not. (I’ll use the overage for stays, typically for out of town visiting family, it’s not a total waste of money)

  2. Those 5,000 Hertz points are a damn good value considering their redemption rates. $0.043 per point and 2500 points for a weekly rental. That’s the cash equivalent of getting the rental for $107.50 for the week!

  3. I got the Mirage Package too! I thought that was the best deal for the money. I got the confirmation but no email as yet too. I’m 3/3 for Daily Getaways 🙂

  4. Oh good, the Hilton promo that I was disappointed about not being able to try for in week 3 will also be offered in week 4. I’ll be nicely jetlagged, but recovering at home, so I should be in good shape to try for it on multiple computers… $825 for 150,000 points that would get me 4 nights at any Hilton in the world thanks to the Amex HHonors card (AXON award) is nothing to sneeze at.

  5. Have fun in vegas!

    Could you please comment on how many points you get exactly for the “2 nights for $166” choice pt deal?

  6. I’ll go for the Hilton points next month, but that’s about it for me. MasterCard ran a promo very much like this some months ago – tried a few times, got frustrated and hated jumping through hoops, and all I got was a 50% discount at Barnes&Noble online.

  7. @ArizonaGuy, go for it!
    @Ken, glad you liked it. 😉
    @infamousdx, agreed!
    @Perry Platypus, yay! I couldn’t agree more about the Mirage package. Way to go.
    @Autolycus, that can be a great deal if used the right way for sure.
    @Lauren, each of the Choice deals gives you a different number of points. 40,000 Choice Privileges points for $166. 36,000 Choice Privileges points for $156. 2,000 Choice Privileges points for $134.
    @Peggy, good luck with the Hilton points!
    @IPBrian, thank you.
    @Bluto, no doubt. 😉

  8. Congrats on getting the Mirage package! You get three (up to) $500 dinners for 2 – please let us know how you maximize that one! I foresee some nice wine or Dom in your future.

    • @mangoMan, ha ha. That will be so out of my element, but I’ll find a way to manage drinking some nice wine. Ha ha. Actually, what I would really love to find a way to do is include some other family members in the dinner…..or at least bring them some extras in a to-go bag. We’ll see that the actual restrictions are and go from there. We will maximize it one way or another for sure!

  9. Congrats Mommypoints..

    I firmly believe you helping other people with your blog is the reason you won this.. Keep up the excellent work helping others and the good lord will continue to Bless you


  10. My wife and I don’t really drink and I too am wondering how to carry bottle of wine home as gifts 🙂 waiter I’ll have 5 lobster tails and my wife will have 6 New York strips medium rare! And a bottle of your finest Dr. Pepper.

  11. I’ve heard there are good redemptions opportunities on Choice hotels in Europe, sometimes mediume nice properties for 8 or 10K. Just as an FYI.

    Also you might warn people to check what their preferences settings are on Wyndham points. If you are set to immediately transfer to an airline program when any points come in, you may not have the flexibility to hold onto your Wyndham points for a GS hit in the fall.

  12. @Wayne, aw, thank you. 😉
    @Perry Platypus, ha ha. That is funny!
    @MJL, that is a good thing to check on. Thanks!

  13. Congrats on scoring the Mirage deal! My brother, two friends and I were all trying to snag that one and none of us got it. I was actually sending an email and by the time I clicked on “buy” it was already 12:01 and I was too late. I kept refreshing for about 10 minutes then finally gave up.

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