Daily Getaway Day 6 (Monday): Five Nights at a Diamond Property

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Today starts Week 2 of the Daily Getaway deals.  This week will see some deals with Alamo car rentals, Marriott gift cards, various Harrah’s properties in Vegas, Omni Hotels, and today’s deal with Diamond Resorts International.  Taken from the Daily Getaways’ website, “Diamond Resorts International® is one of the largest hospitality companies in the world with more than 200 branded and affiliated resorts and over 24,000 guest beds in 28 countries in destinations all across the continental U.S. and Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.”  My own personal translation is….we are a timeshare company with properties in 28 countries.  While I own no time shares myself, I do not think that timeshares are inherently bad (though for those who often travel almost for free on points, it can be a tough sale), but be aware, you will be a non-owner staying in a timeshare room that is not being used by an owner.  I have no first-hand knowledge of this, but I would wager that you are a second-class citizen to those who actually own a timeshare since you are there on a discounted five day voucher, and the owners will naturally get first dibs at availability, rooms, etc.  However, on the plus side, timeshare rooms can often be a better set-up for some families with a little more room, and some amenities that are designed for longer stays.  So, without further ado, here are the details of this offer.

Five Nights at a Diamond International Property – $600

  • Certificate entitles the bearer to a six day, five consecutive night stay in a 1-bedroom room (maximum 4 people), at one of 52 participating Diamond Resorts International® properties. Double occupancy. View a list of participating resort locations here.
  • This certificate is non-transferable.
  • Credit card deposit will be required for incidentals.
  • Certificate expires April 16, 2013.
  • Reservations are subject to availability.
  • Diamond Resorts reserves the right to select alternative accommodations, such as hotel, motel or condominium.
  • Certificate may be subject to high season, holiday and other blackout periods depending on destination.
  • Certificate is valid for accommodations and the room tax associated with reservation. It does not include airfare, food, beverages, taxes, port fees, gratuities, transportation to and from airport, service charges or other incidental charges.
  • Certificate is not redeemable for cash or any other consideration.
  • Diamond Resorts International® is not responsible for any acts of God, and/or any other circumstances beyond our control, causing destinations to become unavailable. In the event that such circumstance occurs, Diamond Resorts International® will offer a substitute destination.
  • Certificate is not valid in conjunction with any other discount or special offer.
  • All sales are final.

So the real question is whether or not this is a good deal.  Assuming you have an Amex card available, this deal comes to $540 for five nights, or $108 per night.  That is a pretty competitive rate for many locations, so this deal is already off to a decent start.  I did a quick search of two different properties: The Royal Palm Beach Resort in St. Maarten and The White Sands Beach Club in Menorca, Spain.  For the St. Maarten property, I’m not actually sure that they even have one-bedroom units (didn’t see them mentioned on TripAdvisor and couldn’t find availability on the website), so I’m not sure how the deal works there exactly, but it is listed as an eligible property.  Nonetheless, a two-bedroom unit was $359/night for the random mid-November dates I checked.  The reviews on Trip Advisor were an average of 4/5 and most seemed pretty pleased with their stay.

I also randomly checked the property in Menorca, Spain, and found that in late September there is a one-bedroom unit available for about $70 Euros per night.  That comes to about $91 USD currently.

So, on my extremely random and non-scientific sample, I found the deal to be a better deal for one property, and possibly not for the other.  Having taxes included in the rate is something to keep in mind, as those can add up otherwise.  Of course, I have no idea how availability will play into this equation.  I would love to hear from anyone who has some personal experience with this deal or these properties.  The pre-sale starts at Noon Eastern for those who “like” Diamond Resorts International on Facebook and the public sale starts an hour later at 1PM Eastern.  There are 150 packages available – 30 during the pre-sale.  While I won’t be getting in on this deal, I can see how it might be a good value for some families as long as you have the flexibility to plan around the black-out dates and availability.


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  1. “I have no first-hand knowledge of this, but I would wager that you are a second-class citizen to those who actually own a timeshare since you are there on a discounted five day voucher….” Wow! I am surprised that you are slamming timeshares with no first hand knowledge. Your are usually very fair and rational. While we usually use free points as you do, we have stayed as non-owners at many time shares and have never had a problem. Actually, our stays in Europe have been very memorable and luxurious.

    Beyond that, I do agree with your assessment of this offer. I am not familiar with Diamond Resorts and don’t think this is any great deal so I will be passing on this one. But thanks for keeping us updated on the daily offers!

    • @DL, I don’t mean it to be a slam, just a bet on my part. While I have no experience as a timeshare owner, I have stayed at timeshares as a non-owner, and that is my experience. It doesn’t mean you are treated poorly, just that you are a notch below actual owners….which, is logical. Sorry if it came off as a slam, it just has been a reality I have experienced. Doesn’t mean this is a bad deal – especially since it is just $108/night.

  2. I’ve had a timeshare through Interval International for years. I just find availability to be a real problem at times. I haven’t tried to go through DRI, but if it’s anything like II (and I think a lot of these things are similar) it can be pretty hit and miss. A lot of times you end up just taking what you can get. That would make me a bit wary of this deal

  3. I dont think non owner staying in timeshare is treated anything differently. Diamond is just a management company.

    In evaluating this deal, one should consider that it’s a timeshare, and a possibility of not getting the dates and locations you want just like any hotel. To me, this deal is NOT compelling.

    Even owners of timeshare is NOT 100% guarantee of getting their desired dates and location. Therefore, the argument that your saying “…second class citizen…” and “….a notch below actual owner…(comment # 2)” is FLAWED.

  4. I would jump on this for the Point at Poipu. The smallest room is a 2BR, so ~$110/nt is a steal. You can’t go by their website rates, but even renting a week or going through a travel agent is $200+/nt before taxes. Availability is not a problem if booking with cash. But the lack of clarity in the T&C gives them the right to screw you: “Diamond Resorts reserves the right to select alternative accommodations, such as hotel, motel or condominium.” That doesn’t give you a chance for a chargeback if they do something sketchy.

  5. @Lyssa, good point. I think for this to be a good deal, you would have to be pretty flexible with dates or even locations….just to be on the safe side.

    @Jo, I don’t think that the treatment they receive by any individual person during their stay will be significantly different, but I do think that they will be a notch below/second class/etc in terms of availability, room assignment, etc. I’m not sure how just because availability is tough for owners as well means that my statement is flawed, but as I said in my post, that is just what I would bet on, and be prepared for if I was buying the package. Totally okay if not everyone feels that way.

    However, if availability is tight for owners, it would make sense that it would be even tighter for non-owners. If there are no benefits to being an owner over someone who buys a discount certificate online, then that probably wouldn’t speak well for being an owner. I know at the timeshare presentations I have been to, it has been said that owners are their priority, but again, others may have had a different experience.

    @Tim, those terms would make me a little nervous, too. To me it gives them an out in case the demand from owners is particularly high for a given time period, which makes sense, but is a little unsettling for those buying the package. Hopefully it is a term that is rarely enforced, or if it is enforced, the accommodations provided are the same or better.

  6. I did buy this deal since we are heading to Maui next spring break, in April 2013. I did call beforehand and verified that it was still in the low season and that there was lost of availability. Then after buying it contacted the person listed via email. Leanne was very helpful and you can book directly with her even requesting specific rooms. The hotels are very expensive on Maui and there is not a lot of award night redemptions with the usual chains, so this was a great deal for me.

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