More Info on the SPG “Choices” Promo (Not Confirmed)

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SPG has been slowly announcing information related to the next Starwood Preferred Guest promo via social media and miles and points message boards.  The concept is pretty cool – you choose the months you want to earn the bonus awards and you choose which bonus award to earn.  However, the big question has been – will the bonuses be any good?  If what LovetoTravel83 posted on Flyertalk is correct and the comments section of this post on Very Good Points, the answer for many of us is, not really.  Some of this has been formally announced by Starwood Preferred Guest, but much of this has not been confirmed (especially the individual bonus award options), so I can’t guarantee it is accurate, but what better to do on a Saturday morning than play around with SPG rumors? 😉

Choose your own earning period (You can only choose one):
May- July
June- August
July- September

Choose whatever you want to earn during (You can only choose one):
Awards (Free Nights & Redemption discounts)
Merchandise discounts
Elite Credit

*There is no switching of registration codes or earning periods after registration. No exceptions.
* Registration from May 1- June 30, 2012

Here is a summary of the offers:

Starpoints Offers:
Double Points beginning with 2nd stay. No limits.
Every 6 nights, get 3k Starpoints (max of 9k)
Earn 500 bonus Starpoints per night at Sheratons worldwide (no limits). Online-bookings ONLY
Stay 15 nights, get Triple Starpoints on all stays retroactively. No limits.

Free Night Awards Offers:
10 nights, get 1 Free Weekend Night (cat 1-5). Max of 2 Awards. Weekends are Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun.
Stay 20 nights, get 1 25% percent off redemption Award (cat 1-5). Max of 2 Awards

Merchandise Awards:
Stay 4 nights; get US$50 SPG Award Cert (max of 3)
Stay 4 nights; get $50 or EUR50 Westin @ home discount code (max of 3)
Stay 4 nights, get $50 or EUR50 Sheraton @ home discount code (max of 3)

Elite status:
Stay 5 nights, earn 1 bonus night toward elite status (max of 3 elite qualifying nights).
Stay 10 nights, earn 3 bonus nights toward elite status (max of 6 nights).

I am let-down after reading these options.  My husband may be doing a SPG Platinum challenge this summer, so triple points for 15 nights may work out well for him, but for those of us who don’t have lots of nights planned during this promo, I’m not so thrilled.  Ten nights before you get one free weekend night at a Cat 1-5?  Eek.  Twenty nights to get a 25% off redemption award?  Ugh.  Sheraton and Westin home discount codes?  No thank you.  The elite status options were initially interesting to me, but not if it is elite nights.  I am qualifying on stays, so nights won’t do anything for me.  Without doing too much analysis, I will most likely be best off with double points beginning with the second stay, but I’ll wait until I know more of my summer plans before doing a full analysis.  Of course, this info isn’t verified, so this may change…..or perhaps that is wishful thinking on my part.

What do you think?  If this info is confirmed, what option would you pick?

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  1. @Mike, if true, I agree.
    @Jamison, I hope so. The person who posted it has a decent number of posts on FT, so I’m not sure why they would go through the trouble to make this up, but anything is possible. 😉 I very much hope it is a hoax and that the real promo is much better

  2. I hope this is not true. “10 nights, get 1 Free Weekend Night (cat 1-5). Max of 2 Awards.”

    Marriott is more appealing with 2 stays, get 1 free night. I was able to get up to 3 free nights.

  3. My travel is based on stays too. If this is true, I’m leaning towards the 500 Points per night at Sheratons. I’m flexible and the 500 points will be more than double points, which I was also considering. With the terms saying that this offer is only good for online bookings, does that mean no BRG combinations?

  4. Not particularly attractive options. For cheap but not bargain stays, figure maybe 500 points per night for the triple option, so call all of the better points options ~500 points a night if you generate enough stays. The gift certs are marginally worse. The free weekend nights are only more valuable if you redeem at cat 5 properties, and that’s ignoring any expiration. The elite options barely beat out mattress running with the points proceeds from the points bonuses at the low end. A convenient cat1 property would be just 6k points for 3 weekend nights, and you could easily get as much or more out of the triple points.

    The options listed are all of similar value, which is disappointing as it suggests they may be accurate. I was certainly hoping for something more lucrative.

  5. Have to say if it is true I won’t be going out of my way to make any stays at SPG. I think occupancy rates must be up as no one chain has gone out of it’s way to entice me to make an additional nights stay in 2012. If we do travel in the next few months we will likely be choosing where we stay based on pricing rather than being driven by any promotion. I guess we can always hope that Hyatt comes up with something decent.

  6. @Ron, I love those easy Marriott MegaBonus promos too!
    @Charlene, since there are no terms and conditions out yet (since this is just a rumor), I don’t know. My guess though would be no.
    @Ken, I’m not sure yet, but if you can do Sheraton stays that may be the way to go.
    @Matt, I was also hoping for a little more lucrative choices.
    @Toula, fingers crossed for Hyatt, but making decisions based on price may not be a bad way to go anyway. 😉

  7. Double points for me! I booked a 7 night hotel stay in Hawaii that gives 2x rate bonus pts. With the My choice 2x promotion I can get 4x the pts! Sounds good to me.

  8. If true, pretty lame.

    If one were to take the May-July option, what incentice is there to stay at an SPG property after July?

    I’m hoping Hyatt launches a Faster Free Night promotion after this is announced by SPG

  9. “10 nights, get 1 Free Weekend Night (cat 1-5). Max of 2 Awards. Weekends are Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun.

    Stay 20 nights, get 1 25% percent off redemption Award (cat 1-5). Max of 2 Awards”

    This is the reason I think this is a hoax. If these are your choices, then the promotion shouldn’t be called Nice Choice, it should be called Stupid Choice….

    @10 Nights it’s 1 Free Weekend Night, however, @20 Nights, it’s a 25% certificate for cat 1-5?????? This defies all logic and common sense. If this is true, it would be extremely disappointment and show how little thought they’ve put into designing this promotion

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