Best Uses for Wyndham Rewards Points

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So assuming you were lucky enough to purchase some Wyndham Rewards points from the Daily Getaway deals today, you will soon have many more Wyndham Rewards points in your account (I can’t remember exactly how long it took last year for the points to post, but it wasn’t too long).  I’m sure many of you already know exactly what you plan to do with your new points, but not everyone is an old pro with Wyndham Rewards, so I want to review some of the redemption options for the points so that we can all maximize the Wyndham Rewards points that we now have.  Also, I want to clarify that just because the package you got advertized a night or nights at a specific brand hotel, that does not mean you have to use the points to stay there.  You can use the points however you wish, and there are some suggestions below to get you started.

Free Hotel Nights:

You can use your hotel points for free nights at Wyndham family hotels.  Those include: Wingate, Hawthorn, Ramada, Days Inn, Super 8, Baymont, Mircotel, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, and Knights Inn.  Within the US and Canada, free nights range from 6,000 to 16,000 points per night.

  • 6,000 points for a night at a Tier 1 hotel
  • 10,000 points for a night at a Tier 2 hotel
  • 14,000 points for a night at a Tier 3 hotel
  • 16,000 points for a night at a Tier 4 hotel

My parents have a reservation later this year in Midtown Manhattan at a nice hotel for just 16,000 Wyndham Reward points per night.  For that rate in Manhattan you can pick from the Ramada New Yorker Hotel or the Wingate by Wyndham Manhattan Midtown, both of which seem to receive pretty good reviews.  Considering the going rates in Manhattan, both are often great deals.  Rates for the dates they are going are around $400/night.  That is a point redemption value of 2.5 cents each, which is phenomenal considering these points were purchased at .28 cents each last year from the 2011 Daily Getaway Deals promo.  That is redeeming for almost a 9 times increase over what we paid – amazing!

International hotels outside of the US and Canada, and other brands not listed above including Dream, Tryp, Night Hotel, and Wyndham properties, use their own award chart that differs from the one above.  Those rewards often require many more points, sometimes tens of thousands of points per night.  It is worth checking those, as there can be some good deals, but I prefer the simple award chart listed above.

Airline Miles:

Wyndham Reward points can also be redeemed for airline miles at a pretty favorable rate, especially given the cost at which the points were purchased via the Daily Getaways.  Transfers can be made by clicking on “Other Travel” and then “Airline Miles”.  Transfers do take a few days, but I don’t remember it really going over a week or so.

For many airlines (and Amtrak), the transfer rates are:

8,000 Wyndham points: 3,200 airline miles

17,5000 Wyndham points: 7,000 airline miles

30,000 Wyndham points: 12,000 airline miles

In all cases 2.5 Wyndham points = 1 airline mile.

Some of the airline programs available at that redemption rate include:

  • Aeroplan
  • American Airlines AAdvantage
  • Delta SkyMiles
  • Frontier Early Returns
  • US Airways Dividend Miles
  • United MileagePlus

Southwest Rapid Rewards points are also available at a transfer rate of 8,000 Wyndham points = 2,400 Rapid Reward points.  That is roughly $40 in “Wanna Get Away” fare credit, so considering that those 8,000 Wyndham points probably cost you around .3 cents each ($24) that isn’t a bad deal.  Of course, if you are pushing for the Companion Pass, then this could be a good way to help get you there!

However, I value airline miles conservatively at around 1.5 cents each (at least), so assuming you paid about .3 cents per Wyndham point via the Daily Getaways, then your 30,000 Wyndham points cost you around $90 (yes, I know 30,000 wasn’t an option to purchase today, but I’m going with it since it is a denomination you can transfer to an airline).  I would value the 12,000 airline miles you will get by doing that exchange at a minimum of $180 (1.5 cents per mile).  To me, that is at least doubling your money spent today, using some conservative numbers.

Other options:

You can also redeem points for gift cards (not a terrible value, but not as good as the free nights or airline transfers), car rentals, merchandise, and more.

What I Will be Doing:

Between my husband and I we were able to purchase 96,000 Wyndham points today.  I wish we had scored a couple more packages, but I am happy with what we got considering the insanely high demand!  For those 96,000 points we paid $297 total (with the Amex 10% discount).  That means that our cost per point came to about .31 cents per point.  Some people probably did a bit better, and some probably did a bit worse depending on what packages they bought and whether or not they used an Amex card.  Those 96,000 points could get us six nights in Midtown Manhattan at a Tier 4 hotel (like the ones mentioned above) for an effective cost of $49.50 per night, or they could get us 16 nights at a Tier 1 hotel at an effective cost of $18.65 per night.  They could also get us 36,000 airline miles that I value at least at around $540 with 6,000 points left over.  I know for sure I will be setting aside 24,000 points for potential Grand Slam hits for myself, my husband, and my kiddo.  Those 24,000 points will transfer in increments of 8,000 points: 3,200 US Airways Dividend miles to each of our accounts.  Well worth it for the miles and a potential hit in the 2012 Grand Slam, if it happens.

Otherwise, I plan to let the points just sit for now.  I may use some for free hotel nights if I need them, and the rest will likely convert to United or US Airways miles when I need them for a future redemption.  You almost can’t go wrong with any of the redemption options listed.

So now the big question is, what will you be doing with your points?

Also, the fifth and final week of the Daily Getaways deals are up!  Hyatt points are returning (though in very limited quantities).

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  1. Thanks for the post Mommy Points! I gobbled up 140k pts and will be transferring them to my aadvantage account. My end game has always been miles, but your post has me considering a trip to NY.

    On a semi related note. I am very new to the points game. Is it wise to park point/miles in one place? I have been trying to gain AA miles hand over fist lately(Wyndham deal, PC deal, transferring Starwood points…), mostly because I feel like they have more value. Would it be a better idea to diversify my points? Lol, I feel like I am talking about the stock market here. My wife thinks i’m nuts with this whole points thing. But How cool would it be to just pick a vacation spot and know I could fly there and stay at a nice place using reward points.

  2. Wasn’t present for last years deal but my PC points took 7 business days to post. Only 3 days though to get to my aa account though.

  3. Last Year I purchased 50000 Wyndham points through the same promotion. On DEC 15th I initialized a conversion of 49500 points into CO Onepass miles. These miles have NEVER been credited into my Onepass account. Ever since I am trying to have this issue resolved to no avail, so far! I was in contact with the Wyndham reps over the phone, by email and with the ones on the Flyertalk forum but nothing has helped. I was always told to wait. That’s been a four month wait, so far. I am almost tempted to involve a lawyer, at this stage.

  4. Your 16k would only count for two hits if you did two different accounts I.e. yours and your spouse. Although not sure on wyndahms rules on transferring to other peoples accounts.

  5. Before I decided to buy I was already planning a visit to Kauai. The brand new Koloa condos in Poipu are only 30K a night! We were planning on staying at the Westin Princeville but it is only a studio. I got 60K total points (first 32k presale and 28K second round). This will get me a one bedroom for 30K and they sell for $300 a night. So my final cost was about $83.70 a night for a one bedroom!! I have never used Wyndham before and it states “no blackouts”. They have rooms so I am anxiously waiting for them to post so I can secure the rooms! I am now saving my SPG points for another trip…

  6. I’m wondering if any airlines will present a bonus opportunity for transfers. I believe USAir did one for 50% when transferring hotel points in a month ago. This might present even more value when converting to airline miles.

  7. There’s a Wyndham cc available to apply for from Barclay. Does anyone here have it? It has 16K bonus pts or 12K bonus pts depending on chosen app. I am considering getting one to add the bonus points to the Deal I got from yesterday, but am still sleeping on it bec I’m not sure I want a hard pull on my credit just now for any bonus under 25K. Ideas, anyone?

  8. I ended up with 126000 Wyndham rewards points. I have 8K reserved for the 2012 Grand Slam as well, the rest will likely end up as American Miles, but since I don’t need any miles just now, they will likely stay in the Wyndham program for flexibility.

    A word of caution, I understand the T&C says 6-8 weeks to transfer to airline programs. Most programs usually have this sort of time frame, has anyone had any experience with how long it actually takes? My point is to if you need the points, transfer the points.

  9. Just holding on for Grand Slam. If I have extras I might redeem for my parents who like the local Super 8 when they visit.

  10. Got this deal last year, but currently in Dublin,Ireland and was not able to get to my computer due to being on the hop on, hop off bus and ended up taking the long way around town. But I am using miles and points for a very low Europe cost. But due to the driving in Europe, I think we will travel elsewhere in the future. Too much of a hassle.

  11. Could you elaborate? It sounded like transfer of points to my SW account would help in my quest to obtain the companion pass?

  12. Got 32,000 points, credited to my account this morning. Tried to transfer to my United MP account and when entering new format account number, the form errored. Tried the old format (all numeric) and it worked fine. Has anyone had this issue? I’m concerned that using the old number will cause delays/headaches/called to United, etc…

  13. @Evan, I had the same problem this morning and I am going to sit on the points until I hear back from Wyndham. Please do share your experience with us once the points get converted to United miles. Thanks!

  14. I know this a dead post but should it be seen… I just received a Barclay’s offer for 12k pts on their Wyndham card for no annual fee or 18k with a $49 annual fee. I have 38k Wyndham points I’m sitting on. I’d say 8k for Grand Slam and xfer the rest to AA. Wondering if it’s a wasted inquiry however…

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