Tips to Score Wyndham Points at 1PM Eastern

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My husband and I were each able to score one package in the pre-sale for Wyndham Points at Noon Eastern.  He got the 48,000 points package and I got the 32,000 point package.  I’m getting some emails and comments asking for tips for success for the public 1PM Eastern sale, so I’ll share mine, and please feel free to chime in with others in the comments section so as many of us as possible are able to score at least one package!

My tips:

  • Start refreshing the Daily Getaways page obsessively starting 1-2 minutes before “go-time”.
  • Recruit a friend or partner to do the same on another computer.
  • Have your Wyndham Rewards number and credit card nearby (preferably an Amex card for the 10% discount).
  • Don’t get greedy – maybe go for a lesser package and don’t try to do tons at once (unless you are okay being left on the sideline if it doesn’t work).
  • If it doesn’t work at first, keep trying as those who don’t check out with the package in their cart will have that package re-released for sale.  Until it actually says “sold out” it isn’t.
  • Be patient – just consider this a game of sorts. (though clearly it is more fun when the game ends with success)
  • Cross your fingers!

Those are some of my tips – what tips do you have?

Read this post for more info on the deal and remember to be on the Daily Getaways site straight-up at 1PM Eastern (or just a couple minutes before to be safe).

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  1. Lucky you! I wasn’t able to get any package. What’s the best way to get the code on fb? I was tinkering with my fb page n didn’t see the code n lost 3min which killed my chance. I’m still not sure what I clicked on my fb and finally got to the code.

  2. @Jamison, congrats!
    @Harold, good luck!
    @Valerie, I just kept refreshing the Wyndham Rewards FB page until I saw it posted on their wall, but don’t need that for the 1PM sale, so good luck!

  3. tips

    1. Have a blazing fast internet connection
    2. Use Google Chrome
    3. Have a blazing fast computer
    4. Sync your time with
    5. Refresh with CTRL+R

  4. Got 50k on the presale. Thanks for all your great posts!

    I was thinking about going for another package on the main sale, but I think I’m sitting it out. Good luck everyone!

  5. Awesome! Got my 28k points with the public on sale. Wish I could have afforded to purchase a higher level, but this’ll do for now!

  6. I figured the 50,000 would be the most popular, so I opted for the 48,000 at exactly 1 pm, and was fortunate enough to get it. Thank you!!

  7. @Larry, I went with the same strategy and got 48k. Maybe not the best deal of the 5 but still a great way to get some cheap points.

  8. I love the action! I am happy with the lower amount – I am new to Wyndham and points in general. The successes I have had on DailyGetaways have all come on my iPad rather than my CPU – though I’m doing them simultaneously. Go figure.

  9. I got the 50,000, but accidentally closed the window before completing the transaction! At least I got 32,000 from the pre-sale…

  10. @ Jamison Why Google Chrome? Didn’t get the presale but did get the public 28,000 bc I enlisted my husband to sit at the PC. I was on the MAC and didn’t get anything so I blame it on Safari.

  11. No luck for me – refreshed continuously on the 50K offer starting a few minutes before 1 pm ET and just got the sold out notice finally at 1:24 pm.

  12. I was one of the people who won the chance to get a Wyndham package. When I went to pay for it on web site wouldnt allow me to enter my Canadian address. I guess business is just to good for the US travel industry to allow foreigners to visit and spend money…

  13. I got to enter my credit card number, then when I clicked to purchase, received an error message. Is this similar to what happened with the priority club offer last week?

  14. All sold out at 12:29.

    I got a 32K package. Very happy! It is perfect for one night at the Lima Peru airport that is normally $199 a night plus taxes!


  15. Got in on the public 28,000 offer after missing out on the pre-sale by a stupid error on my part. Thanks Mommy Points, this morning I didn’t even know about this!

  16. snagged 2x 16000 and 48000 on regular sale. 32000 on pre-sale. I kept refreshing on the 48000 one for 10 minutes until I got one. Congrats to everyone who got their points. Until next year :).

  17. @Mommypoints, Hope little C is getting better. Thanks for the post. This was very entertaining. The wife got 32k and 28k(presale) and I got 50k and luckily 32k after trying it again, again, and again.

  18. The way this promotion is set up is a joke. Even disregarding having to hit Buy Now and Try Again every 5 seconds like an idiot, once you get into the purchase page and fill out the billing and credit card info, it gives you a nice big fat “Something went wrong error”. It’s terrible.

  19. Nothing on the presale, but was able to get a few packages on the public sale (2x 16K; 28k, 48k)! Thanks for the tips everyone, especially Mommy Points! First year “competing,” although I was a “spectator” last year.

  20. Hi Tim, I had a similar problem while using the Mozilla browser. After entering my payment information, I clicked to purchase and got an error about cookies or something like that. I opened another session in IE and was somehow able to get the 48k package … very surprised. This stuff is hard.

  21. Snagged 16K x 2 during the pre-sale and 48K during the regular sale. I might have been able to do better, but I was in the zone at work and then realized it was noon. Ahhh! After getting the 48K, I clicked for a good fifteen minutes on the 50K until it sold out. I’m thankful, even though I might now get carpel tunnel. 😛

  22. It was fun. Constant clicking on 2 machines but only scored a 16k on public sale. I kept clicking until everything showed sold out hoping! 16k is better than zip! I was so shocked when I got it, I forgot to try for 2!

  23. This was easy enough if you opened each offer in separate windows, not tabs. Then resize and tile the windows around the screen. Helps if you have a larger LCD but I did it last year on a laptop screen without issue.

    This is still no guarantee but it helps to have all the “Buy” buttons on the screen simultaneously.

  24. I did better the second time around, picked up a 32k and 16k – although in the frenzy I forgot to add the 2(x) for the 16k. Definitely had hoped for more, but no complaints considering how quickly they disappeared…

  25. three wifi laptops
    Google Chrome
    Nothing during pre-sale =(
    2x16k, 1x32k, 1x50k during regular sale; total= 114,000 for my first year doing this! =)

  26. Congrats to all who got a deal or more than one!

    I’m curious to know how others with more than one computer were able to manage clicking “Book Now” and “Try Again” over and over so successfully.

    I tried two browsers during the pre-sale, and it wasn’t working well, so I switched to solely Safari because it was refreshing faster than Firefox.

  27. I logged on right at 1pm EST, in the middle of doing a physical exam (oops! :P). Was able to grab the 32k deal, which I plan on redeeming for 12k AA miles.

    I wonder if you have any suggestion as to what I should do with the excess 2k points?

  28. Was able to score 2X16K package during 1 pm sale using my Wyndham # and Amex. Had a problem when I tried to score a second set of 2X16K using my spouse’s Wyndham # and the same Amex card. The system message said “this Amex number has already been used to buy one package.” System then logged me out and I wasn’t able to get back in and buy another package. I didn’t see any rule against using the same Amex number to make two (or more) purchases. Any ideas? Next year I’ll be smarter.

  29. When have these points posted in years past? It said within 10 days but I’m hoping they post faster because I am traveling to attend a Renaissance Festival very soon. We’ll be going to Medieval Times for a good meal as well. As you may have guessed, my preferred hotel is Knight’s Inn.

  30. Hey, Kevy…send those extra 2k points my way!

    I tried on pre-sale and public sale for 50k, but came up empty-handed.

    Collecting others “left-over” points may be more successful for me! 😉

  31. So glad to hear so many success stories!! Very sorry for those who weren’t lucky enough this year – and luck really does play into it! We were 3/4 My husband and I both scored in the pre-sale, but only I was able to get through on the regular sale. I’m very happy with the result though. We just kind of consider it a game and really did yell “battle stations” at two minutes until noon. We’re total nerds (or at least I am). More to come soon on how to best use these points now that so many of us have them. Thanks for making this fun with us!

  32. Spent 12 mins clicking on 2 computers for pre-sale and got nothing.

    Round 2: Spent 25 mins clicking on 2 computers for the same result.

  33. Joe. I got the same result. Really not sure how so many people were able to get in on this. I must have clicked that buy it now button hundreds of times before finally getting the sold out message.

  34. I was able to get my 50k points in the presale. I entered the code as fast as possible, but it said it was already sold out. But I just kept re-checking every couple seconds and about 5 minutes later it opened up. Entered in all my info and checked out with 50k points confirmed!

    Definitely keep trying if it doesn’t work at first!

  35. No luck here. I began clicking at 1:00 and continued until they were sold out. Kind of frustrating. Congrats to those of you who succeeded!

  36. I was able to get 48,000 points. Does Wyndham ever have bonuses when you transfer to an airline? This would even be sweeter.

  37. And the #1 Tip on how to score Discover America wins:



  38. I was too slow on the initial click at 1:pm and a few seconds for the 50k points, but kept at it and got one once someone’s cart was emptied a few minutes later. Will probably exchange them for AA or UA miles, since I burned all of my Wyndham points back in March on five nights at the Wingate by Wyndham in midtown Manhattan.

  39. Look like this transfers in 8k chunks to the airlines.

    I got in at 28k and have 4k left over. Any easy way to get another 4k points? (sure I’m not the only person in this situation)

  40. can anyone tell me what is the 16k wyndham point is good for? is it only good for one night at select SUPER8 motels or it is good for one free night at wyndham hotels around the world?

    i was able to get 2 of the 16k points super8 motel deal for $99 with amex card.


    Leave a

  41. @sam, you can use the points for whatever you wish. You do not have to use it at a Super 8. I’m posting more tonight about that.

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