Daily Getaways Day 13 (Wednesday): Hilton Points

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Lots ‘o Hilton points are on the Daily Getaways agenda today.  These are pretty big packages, so you have to really want a load of Hilton points to get in on the deal.  The smallest package is for 100,000 points, and runs at least $495 if you have an Amex – $550 if you don’t.  At that price, it certainly isn’t a good deal to buy points just for a Grand Slam hit, but it is a good idea if you have some strategic Hilton redemptions in your future. There are three different packages available.

100,000 Hilton HHonors points for $550 (80 available)

150,000 Hilton HHonors for $825 (100 available)

250,000 Hilton HHonors for $1375 (100 available)

All of the packages come to $0.0055 per point without an Amex card or $0.00495 per point with an Amex card.

  • Only 1 set of points may be purchased for this offer. Up to 3 sets of points may be purchased in total (one per offer) per HHonors member for all Hilton HHonors offers in this promotion.
  • Must be a Hilton HHonors member to participate. To become an HHonors member click here.
  • When redeeming a Reward Stay, member must book a standard room reward online or call 1-800-HHonors from the U.S. for reservations. Member must indicate they would like to redeem HHonors points for a stay at a participating hotel or resort within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio. Redemption of free nights is subject to availability.
  • HHonors Bonus Points do not count toward Elite tier qualification.

Hilton’s award chart goes from 7,000 – 50,000 points for a free night (more for high season Waldorf-Astoria properties), so keep in mind that some free nights require a significant number of points.  For comparison, the top tier hotels in Hyatt’s chart are just 22,000 points, so 100,000 – 250,000 is a lot of points, but they may not go as far as you wish they would since some Hilton properties require so many points per night.  I agree with Loyalty Traveler’s detailed analysis that the best use for these points will usually be at the lower tier Category 1 and 2 properties and select expensive Category 7 hotels.

My recommendation is to only purchase these points if you are relatively familiar with Hilton HHonors (or become familiar very quickly between now and when the points go on sale!) and know you will get good value out of your points.  Packages go on sale at 1PM Eastern today on the Daily Getaways website.  Good luck if you decide to try to buy some points!


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  1. I find the hilton honors site extremely hard to navigate. Not user friendly at all. Also, we stayed 3 nights at the end of March in a hilton hotel in Virginia and the points have not been posted. I did try to contact their customer service and even that is not easy to do. Would love eventually to have expert bloggers like you to write about collecting, and redeeming hotel points (I can’t figure them out and have none).

  2. I don’t know a lot about Hilton honors. Here’s what I do know.
    1. It takes a lot of points for a free night.
    2.When you search for a fee night, availability is very hard to find.(HNL,OGG,KOA)
    Are they capacity controlled ?
    The Hilton CC’s are the only ones left for me, however if I can’t find a room why bother.
    Maybe I’m not using the web site correctly?

  3. The 2 more expensive HH properties (of 3 total) in the Maldives seem to be great redemptions. That’s my goal for these points, along with a recent 60k sign up to the Hilton Surpass from AmEx.

  4. I just checked 3 properties in HNL.
    1. Hilton Hawaiian Village
    2. Hilton Waikiki Beach
    3. Double Tree,Hilton Alana Waikiki
    I searched 4 months 9/1/2012-12/31/2012
    I don’t want to use points for a trip to Des Moines in January.

  5. @Jim, I just did a search of my own at the Hilton Waikiki Beach for a four-night stay at the beginning of October 2012 and found availability on every starting date for 34,000 HH points (and some premium rooms were available at only 30,660 per night due to a HH “special”). I found the same thing for the Doubletree. Rooms were available on every night I checked.

  6. Then I’m doing some thing wrong. Do I have to have the points in my account?
    This is great news, however I need to learn how to use the web site.I log in then I enter the location,check use Hilton points,then check dates are flexible and enter my dates and hit search.At that point it shows all the proprieties, then when I select one it says check in is not available. Any advice?

  7. This hotel has limited availability for HHonors Points around the dates you have selected. Use the “Back a week” and “Forward a week” buttons in the grid below to search for availability or find another hotel.
    View standard rates at this hotel.

    Back a week
    Oct 08 Mon — Oct 12 Fri
    Oct 09 Tue — Oct 13 Sat
    Oct 10 Wed — Oct 14 Sun
    Oct 11 Thu — Oct 15 Mon
    Oct 12 Fri — Oct 16 Tue
    Oct 13 Sat — Oct 17 Wed
    Oct 14 Sun — Oct 18 Thu
    Oct 15 Mon — Oct 19 Fri
    Oct 16 Tue — Oct 20 Sat
    Oct 17 Wed — Oct 21 Sun
    Oct 18 Thu — Oct 22 Mon
    Oct 19 Fri — Oct 23 Tue
    Oct 20 Sat — Oct 24 Wed
    Oct 21 Sun — Oct 25 Thu
    Oct 22 Mon — Oct 26 Fri
    Forward a week

    Duration: 4 night stay Change

    Rate type: Unavailable for arrival
    View standard rates

    = Guests cannot arrive on this date.

  8. Next to all of those date combinations, I saw entries such as “from 34,000 points”. I selected one of the dates and hit “Continue” and it took me to the screen to choose rooms. Maybe I’m seeing this because I’m HH Gold, have the HH Surpass Amex, and have over 300k points in my account, more than enough for this booking. I’ll admit that I only checked your booking because I was worried that it was true and that my 300k points were worth even less than I thought they were!

  9. I looked at Waikiki in October and saw availability from 40,000 points. I have no status with HHonors and was not signed in. Of course, the room that cost 40,000 points could be had for under $180 per night, so not that great a deal in my book. InfamousDX is dead on about the Maldives properties though – great redemptions there!

  10. I don’t want to dominate your comments section so I’ll stop after this post. When I’m not logged in I do find availability, but when I log in there is none.????

  11. Jim, comments section is there for comments, so feel free to keep going! Maybe someone with more HHonors experience than me will weigh in on what you are describing!

  12. I got in and got the 150,000 points.

    ONe of the great things about the points is you do not pay taxes when redeeming. For cities such as London and San Juan where tax rates are 20% or higher, this makes it a great offer.

    for 150,000 – i can stay four nights in london. great deal considering i spent 762 bucks.

    comparable hotels for four nights with taxes would be MUCH higher.

  13. I’m rather confused about the negative reports here. I just booked the Doubletree Amsterdam with my cc bonus points, using the VIP discount points rate. 140K points gets you 5 nights in a room that would cost 845 euros, or $1100. The Daily Getaways AMEX purchase price for 150K is $742. So you save $350 with 10K points left over. You are getting the room for a third off of the AAA rate, plus extra points.

    I’ve recently priced Paris, Rome, and NYC with the same result. Around a third off of the AAA rate, and easy availability for booking. Want to stay at the Capital Hilton, 2 blocks from the White House for the 4th of July? AAA is $355, or 50K points comes to $247 at the Daily price. I’d rather stay for free with cc bonus points, but once you run out of them 1/3 off the AAA rate is pretty good IMHO…

    Now if you were hoping to stay at a Hampton Inn in the US, most of which were just raised a category by Hilton, then this is probably not a good deal. But for big city Hiltons, especially in Europe, it is well worth it. But only, of course, if you plan to stay there anyway…

  14. I forgot to add, especially if you stay 4 or more nights, and get the VIP or AXON rate. The DC point rate I mentioned above isn’t quite as good, since it is for one night only. Points stays of 4 or more nights get from 10 to 25 % off.

  15. Arrghh… At the 2:30 minute mark I got in on the 150K offer. Seeing that the sold out point never seems to come before the 28 minute mark, I was taking my time filling out the form, making sure I had everything down correctly. I knew if I put in the wrong member number, etc., I wouldn’t get a chance to correct it, I’d just be error messaged and it would be over. Somewhere around 4 minutes after I got the “buy” page, I got the message: “Timed Out, try again”…..

    Seriously, timed out in 4 minutes? On a sale that won’t be “sold out” for another 22 minutes? I can’t take it personally, as I’ve read about others who filled everything out, and then got an “unknown error” message, or the page wouldn’t load, or….

    Not sure which is worse, gettting nothing but “everything is in someone else’s basket” over and over, or thinking you’ve gotten it, only to have it taken away for no reason….

    I’m pretty sure whoever had “my” package before me didn’t decide to drop out in less than 3 minutes either. Anyone who got in at the first instant would have thought for more than three minutes before giving up. I’m guessing the same bug that kicked me out kicked out whoever had that package in the first place.

    If this was the first time they’ve run this, it might be understandable. But they ran it last year, and had an entire year to debug their system. For everyone who calls it a “lottery” to get a buy page, I’ve got news for you. It’s still a lottery, even if you do get a buy page….

  16. @Robert Hanson, I am not an expert on HH program. But I have tried hard recently to become one. Since I can’t see many positives – I have concluded I am not yet an expert.

    I think negative feedback on Hilton is quite justified (their customer service is terrible, their website while looks clean is horrible to navigate, while trying to book they constantly kick you out from “session time out” messages, their reward program seem opaque, many times I can show open market prices that are nearly same or better than reward points rate, many of their properties are excluded from rewards program etc, etc). there are many things to gripe about Hilton in comparison to other brands.

    BUT…. your point is well taken. These Daily Getaway deal offer some Value if you know exactly how to use it. It does reduce cost further (10% off for Amex, 10% of from normal rate, plus at some property you can find 10-15% arbitrage value, plus savings in taxes). When you add them up we can find some specific value. i 100% agree with MP’s conclusion on this deal.
    while I am looking at this deal seriously, since I have limited $ to spend – I would probably put it on something else.

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