New Hyatt Promo – Up to 5x Airline Miles

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The new Hyatt promo has been released from the “vault of secrets” and it is a promo that awards……. airline miles?!  Okay, it’s certainly not unheard of, but I do laugh a bit that the hotel promo is to award bonus airline miles.  That said, there is some value in this promo if your stay patterns often include short, inexpensive Hyatt stays, and you would like to stock up on airline miles in lieu of hotel points.  The promo runs from May 1st – August 31st and awards the normal 500 airline miles per stay for the first stay, then 2,000 total airline miles the 2nd and 3rd stays (4x) and 2,500 per stay for the 4th-11th stays during the promo.  The chart below is for United, but I believe most of the airline charts are similar (other than Southwest).

You do have to first register for the promo with your airline of choice:

My husband frequents Hyatt Hotels on short and relatively inexpensive stays, so we will think long and hard about going in on this promo.  A $150 stay would normally result in him earning the regular 5 points per dollar for the stay, plus a 30% bonus for his elite status.  So, that stay would normally earn him just under 1,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points.  With this promo, once you get past the first few stays, he would be earning 2,500 airline miles for the stay.  I value United and Hyatt points pretty similarly for our redemption patterns, so this promo is essentially giving him about a 2.5x bonus on the points he would earn anyway, albeit they are now airline miles and not points.  Obviously, the deal makes more sense on cheaper stays, and less sense on more expensive stays.  Diamond members do still get their amenity/points as they normally would even if they choose to earn airline miles with their stays.

To credit your stay to airline miles, just tell the front desk when you check-in (then remind them again at check-out).  I’m not sure if this is the main Hyatt promo for the summer or not, but I would like to think that there will be a promo where you earn bonus Hyatt points…..time will tell.  At least it is something, and it actually provides good value for some families – perhaps even mine.

You can check out this Flyertalk thread or Gary’s post at View From the Wing for more info.

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  1. Actually, it’s not a bad promotion, and frankly, redeeming for Southwest points may make the most sense.

    Consider that you can rack up to 29,500 Southwest points during this promo. A web-only $95 (all-in) one-way fare can be had for 5,000 points. That’s almost $600 (6 one-way/3 round-trips on Southwest, if you can get the lower point redemption). For a mom, dad, and a kid, it’s a cheap trip to grandma’s . . . plus, you still get your Gold/Diamond amenity points credited as Hyatt points.

    Considering that the SPG promo is only good for a couple of months, it seems that is a good promo to chase when when/if you max out your SPG earnings . . .

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