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I am deeply sorry, but it seems I am not able to distribute these codes via this blog.  I highly recommend that you try and visit the United Club to get a code of your own.  Again, very sorry for this confusion.  If the situation changes, I will happily give out the codes that I have.  In the meantime, we will give away a $100 United gift card instead!

Here are some of the benefits of the United Club Card:

  • United Club Membership.  This normally costs you $475 directly from United (though you can get it a bit cheaper from US Airways as US Airways Club membership will get you in United Clubs).  I have written many times (here and here for example) about how club access is such a game changer for us traveling with a toddler.  Family rooms are the perfect way to keep kiddos safe and entertained while waiting for a flight.  The free snacks, internet, and drinks in the club are nice as well.
  • Premier Access.  This allows you to go in the Premier Access line at security and board earlier than general boarding.  You do board after elites, but before everyone else.  This may sound like a minor benefit, but it can make the difference between finding a spot for your carry-on bag on board and having to check it.
  • 1.5 miles per dollar spent on the card.  If you want United miles, this is the best way to earn them for purchases that are outside of bonus categories on other cards (like the Ultimate Rewards earning cards).  Purchases directly from United earn 2 miles per dollar.
  • First and second checked bags are free for up to two people on the reservation.  This is twice as generous as it is for the MileagePlus Explorer card as that card only awards one free checked bag for up to two people.  If you have a large family and/or travel with many bags, this savings could be significant.
  • No foreign transaction fees.  Lots of cards have this these days, but the MileagePlus Explorer card does not, so this card beats out its less expensive sibling in this category.
  • No close-in booking fees for United award tickets.  This is a huge benefit in my book as I think close-in booking fees can seriously dilute the value of using miles to book expensive last minute tickets.  Clearly even with those fees you can still save hundreds by using miles at the last minute, but this way you are doing it in a much more cost effective manner!  For non-elites that fee is normally $75 when tickets are booked less than 21 days out.
  • Hyatt Platinum Status.  This is mid-tier Hyatt elite status and it will get you free internet, slightly better rooms, special point awards after every third stay, 15% point bonus, 2PM late check-out, and 72 hour guaranteed room availability.

I will absolutely be getting this card myself later this year.  I currently have the $95 per year United MileagePlus Explorer card that gives me some of these benefits now, and I have US Airways Club membership that gives me access to United Clubs, so there is no real reason for me to move on this yet.  However, when my US Airways Club membership expires toward the end of this year, I will be trying to upgrade my MileagePlus Explorer card to this card.  I likely won’t apply outright as I want to keep my account history and account number associated with my MileagePlus Explorer card (previously known as the Continental OnePass Plus card).

If you aren’t lucky enough to get your hands on a first year free code in a United Club, you can still save $95 off the $395 annual fee, knocking the first year cost down to $300, by taking advantage of the current sign-up bonus.  That is a very good deal for United Club access and the other benefits stated above.  Like I said, I plan to pay the full $395 fee myself since I will just be upgrading a card and won’t qualify for any first year discounts.  You can also check this Flyertalk thread for ideas on how to possibly get up to a 65,000 point bonus on the Explorer card and this Flyertalk thread to learn about how to possibly get a year fee-free on the United Club card even without the code – though it seems to only work for elite UA flyers.

This post was originally providing some fee-free codes for the United Club, but I have since been informed that was not permitted.  So, as a consolation prize, I will be giving away a $100 United credit to the random winner who posts in the comment section prior to 11:59PM on Wednesday May 2nd.



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  1. Planning a card churn in 10 days and recent Ink and Sapphire offers are down recently. I’m based in Chicago and fly United frequently. Thanks for offering.

  2. Does this card offer Primary Rental Car coverage like the Mileage Plus?

    To my knowledge the MP is the only card to do so and I use it for every auto rental because of that.

  3. Planning a 3 month trip to Thailand, Australia and the UK – no foreign transaction fees would be awesome! Plus the 1.5 per dollar spend is a real upgrade.

  4. One reason why I want this card? There are way too many to choose from…

    TWO extra suitcases… free lounge for me AND others…
    double mile purchases… the list goes on and on and on…

  5. I would love this card as I let my USair Club membership expire after the Oneworld Megado as I flew AA almost exclusively the, UNfortunately my flying has brought me back to United and the code would let me enjoy flying . Thanks for offering. Tom

  6. The code can let me upgrade from the chase united explorer to the club card which earns faster united points! Thank you

  7. I recently took a position which requires me to travel weekly, so club access will be a huge benefit when dealing with inevitable delays and cancellations.

  8. am starting to fly united after using delta for a while- have access to the club for me, as well as no late ticketing fees (i book a lot last minute) would be key!! thanks for offering mommypoints

  9. Likewise I’d love to be able to get one of the two codes so I can apply for this card, at no cost for the first year. Cheers

  10. I got this card a few weeks ago! For all non-bonus spend, I’m using this card. The 1.5 miles per $ are really adding up fast. Very nice of you to pick up the codes for readers!

  11. I have recently begun my journey to effective frequent flying. My goal is to fly to 3 new countries this year in first class. I would greatly appreciate the support, it would be a massive boost of confidence in pursuing my goals.

  12. Kathy,
    Looking at the T&C, it’s basically a United Club membership that happens to double as a credit card, so regardless of who you are flying on, you can enter any United Club and participating lounges (which I think covers nearly every * lounge in the world).

  13. HI mommypoints,

    I have been thinking of getting the United explorer card with first year free and 60000 UA miles(targeted offer that I received in my mailbox). I fly United frequency especially because EWR is a continental hub near my home.

    However this united club card is even better becasuse of the extra second baggage and lounge access as I have have a toddler and you can imagine the luggage we travel with. Somehow paying for luggage fees is always a sore point. Quick question- does this united club card also offer the two free checked baggages for international flights?
    I recently redeemed 40K UA miles for a one -way international flight from Asia to the US( I had used my citi premier sign up points to book the other half of the return flight). 2miles per dollar is also awesome as I am trying to rack up my UA balance again.

    I am plannign to do my next set of applications on May 10 so will welcome the code.

  14. I’d love club access. We’ve managed without it before, but it’d be a great perk for our family.

  15. I’ve flown mostly Delta, but have miles from CO turned to UA and plan a trip to EZE in the next 8-10 months. So it sure would help. Thanks

  16. Is it confirmed that if you have a United Explorer Card you can upgrade to the Club Card using this code?

  17. Thanks for clarifying!

    mommypoints says:
    May 1, 2012 at 8:36 am
    @jedijood, no, this will not waive the fee if you upgrade, just if you make a new application.

  18. On 2nd thought I won’t be going through TSA for a couple weeks at least to get to the Club, so please mame if you can spare a code.

  19. I would love to get a code. “1.5 miles per dollar spent on the card, and no close-in booking fees for United award tickets” are two big reasons for me. Thanks so much.

  20. Would love to get the code. It would be for my cousin.
    She just got the explorer credit card in March. Her mom who lives in another state, than became ill so she has flown United since than and will fly again next week. The $75 she can save on using miles since she has made two last minute reservations would be great.



  21. I want the card so I can take my son to watch the planes at iah( I live in Houston) and with the card we can go to the club without actually having a boarding pass and have a drink and watch the planes in action

  22. Dear mommy point -we will be doing international travel at the end of the yaer and having lounge access will be awesome for us with 1 year old. Thanks.

  23. Didn’t read through all of the comments but why are you going to upgrade to the club card instead of filling out a new application?
    I’ve had more than four different united/continental products with chase and had no problems getting signup bonuses for all of them.

    • @Shaun, I like to be very conservative with the number of Chase inquiries and applications I have, and I want to keep the account history and # associated with my MileagePlus card. If I am going to have a Chase inquiry and new account, I am going to look to get more than $395 value out of it. For example, the Hyatt card would give me close to $1000 value for the sign-up bonus if I redeemed it properly, so that is the kind of Chase card I will use an inquiry for, however I will pay an extra $395 as a result. All about personal preference. 😉

  24. Hi all, I updated the post to reflect this, but turns out I am no longer able to give the United Codes out on this site. I am very sorry about that development, but as a consolation prize, I will give out a $100 United credit to someone who entered this contest as a thank-you for taking the time to read and enter. I will select the winner tonight, and again apologies for the change.

    • @Gabe, I certainly tried. Just didn’t work out. Hopefully giving $100 United credit away instead will make up for it. 😉

  25. I have a wedding proposal coming up in June….if someone has the code for the card, i can use it for the trip…flying out of EWR to SFO.

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