Reminder: Office Depot 10x Ultimate Rewards (Actually 15x) Ends Tonight

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Just wanted to post a brief reminder that the 10x bonus for Office Depot purchases via the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal ends today, 4/30.  Since the New Ink Bold also offers 5x when shopping at office supply stores, this bonus effectively becomes 15X.  I actually just placed an order for some home office furniture that I have been dragging my feet on, but I pulled the trigger today knowing that my $300 purchase will get me 4,500 Ultimate Reward points for something I needed anyway.  Those 4,500 Ultimate Reward points could be transferred to British Airways to become a one-way flight using Avios if I wanted (though they will probably ultimately end up being transferred to Hyatt or United since I use Membership Reward points for Avios).

The 10x Office Depot bonus from the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal is only available when I log in with my Chase Ink Bold card, and not with my Freedom or Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.  I can’t swear that will be the same for you, but that is how it is displaying for me.  Gift cards not eligible for the 10x bonus online.  Office Depot also offers free shipping on orders over $50, and they had a coupon for $15 off that I was able to use online via the Ultimate Rewards mall.  So if you need something from Office Depot online, now is a good time to place that order  Let’s hope that another exciting 10x offer from a different retailer is right around the corner!  For the record, this is just another reason why I think the New Ink Bold rocks (and I can’t believe it didn’t do better at the FTU Credit Card Tournament!).

Are you also seeing this offer in your Ink Bold UR accounts, but not your Freedom or Sapphire Preferred UR accounts?  Have you taken advantage of this 15x offer?


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  1. Thanks for this blog post. I wasn’t getting that the 10x rewards was from the Ink Bold card. Just placed my order with Office Depot and used my card.

    Thanks for getting me extra miles!

  2. Thanks for the reminder! Yes 10X Office Depot is only for the Ink. Conversely, 10X is available for the Sapphire Preferred, but not the Ink (I don’t know about the Freedom). I can’t wait to see what shows up tomorrow! Go Staples!

    @Tiy: It was really hard for me to bite my tongue during that debate! No card comes close to the earning power of the Ink.

  3. it looks like and also says that if i use any coupon codes, i dont get the extra points from UR mall.

    i purchased something using coupons on staples through ink bold UR site, i didn’t get the extra points.

    i bought another one without using coupon and i got the extra points.

    so the CHASE UR site extra points don’t work if you buy something using coupon.

  4. Thanks for the post! I bought a laptop for my mom. I had been meaning to do it and your post came at the perfect time, thanks! 🙂

  5. FM would have done a great job with the Ink Bold for sure! Sam, it says you can only use coupons from the UR mall, so that’s what I did. 😉

  6. MP, I jumped into Ink Bold same day I think you applied for it. I didn’t want to miss the deadline when the spend limit went up! I like this card a lot. It should win FTU award.

    A questions though – where do I find a list of shops that Ink gives 5pts? Is Target considered an Office store? They sell a lot of office stationary?
    Second question – how does Chase know when we make purchases using UR mall, whether we are buying gift cards or not? As I understanding they can’t see each item purchaseed.. am I wrong?

    • @vrtravellers, congrats on a great card! UR may not be able to tell exactly what your order is, but the retailer clearly can and doesn’t pay the UR portal for a % of an ineligible item, so the gift card thing doesn’t usually work.

  7. With $75 purchase of HP ink you get a $15 Starbucks or iTunes card. My total was $89.97 (so I also got free shipping) but was unable to add those cards to my cart. I will bring in my receipt to the store and see what happens.

    There is an extra 2pts from Staples which doesn’t expire until May 31st and there is no gift card exclusion!!!!

    I just got my ink Bold today so I am very very happy, drove right to Office Depot and purchased 2 $500 visa gift cards.

  8. PS It was nice to meet you this weekend! Thanks for the reminder about the 15x Office Depot…keep em coming.

  9. Thanks for the reminder MP! I just bought some office supplies on the Ink Bold at Office Depot – any excuse to get a few more points works for me!

  10. I just got the Ink Bold in the mail yesterday and noticed it has 5x on telecom expense. Has anyone figured out a way to rack up points through Comcast or Verizon bills?

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