Using Your Choice Privileges Points at Choice Hotels

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I posted last night about the upcoming Choice Privileges points sale via the Daily Getaway Deals and some ways to use those points that would result in some great value.  While I still think that some of those alternate uses such as a Grand Slam hit and points toward a Southwest Companion Pass are fantastic ways to use some of the points, I wanted to go back and cover some good ways to use these points to get free hotel rooms (since they are hotel points after all!).

  • Europe: There are many hotels across Europe that are available for just 8,000 Choice Privileges points per night.  Since points that are for sale via the Daily Getaways deal are for sale for .41 – .43 cents each without an Amex and .369 – .387 cents per point with an Amex, 8,000 points will cost you about $31 – $34 USD per night for a mid-range European hotel.   I searched Paris, Dublin, and London and found many hotels available for 8,000 points.  Some were a little more “modest” than I would prefer, but some looked like a good place to stay (especially for $31 per night).  One good example is Clarion Collection Hotel Opera Pavillon that was going for anywhere from €99 – €299 on the dates I checked, but it was available for just 8,000 Choice Privileges points until July 1st when it goes up to 25,000 points per night until September 15th.  The hotel also comes with free internet and free breakfast which can certainly add up in Europe.

  • New York City: My first trip to NYC was in August 2003 (the day of the big black-out to be exact) and I stayed at the Comfort Inn Manhattan.  They were fantastic even in August with no power (and no real water on our floor either), and they were even more fantastic once I moved to NYC and would often have friends and relatives stay at this hotel because of the good service, good location, and fair prices.  It can often be had for about $250-ish per night, but at 25,000 Choice Privileges points, that would just cost you about $93 dollars if you purchase Choice points today via the Daily Getaways Deal with your Amex.  From July 1 – September 15th the rate does go to 30,000 points per night.

  • Nassau:  The Comfort Suites Paradise Island is located adjacent to Atlantis in Nassau.  Atlantis is on my list of places to take my little one, but the prices are often quite high for what you get (at least in my opinion).  However, this hotel is possibly the perfect solution since it is located adjacent to Atlantis, and you have access to all of the Atlantis facilities, pools, beaches, etc.  Since it is just 25,000 points per night, this comes out to just $93 per night if you purchase the points via the Daily Getaways Deal today.  There are some mandatory fees for this property, but it still comes in at a great bargain in my book.

As I pointed out yesterday, I do not like that the Choice Privileges program only lets non-elites residing in the U.S. (including U.S. Territories) or Canada make free room night reservations no more than 30 days prior to your planned arrival for stays in the U.S and Canada or 60 days prior to your planned arrival at all hotels in Hawaii and all other locations worldwide.  That just is not enough advance planning time for me in most circumstances. However, there are some good values to be had with redeeming Choice points at Choice hotels.  Points will go quickly today, so be ready for the pre-sale at Noon Eastern and the regular sale at 1PM Eastern.  I’d love to hear about some of the ways you have redeemed your Choice Privileges points!


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  1. Mommypoints,

    I want to add a point regarding the value of these choice privilege points transferred to Southwest Airlines. There is one option of value that was forgotten. Right now you can transfer 19,200 Southwest RR points to Airtran A+ to receive a roundtrip voucher in Airtran network. That includes Mexico and Carribean (as well as Nassau Bahamas for one of your items on your bucketlist). To add to that, 19,200 RR points is valued at $318, if there is a Southwest itinerary that is over that amount you can transfer it to A+ and then back to RR as a roundtrip voucher under the old system making it a great deal to combat high priced southwest parings. You need about 66,000 chouce points to do this which is about $276 worth of points. Correct my math if I got some of it wrong. So, there is a lot more value to these points.

  2. @jedijood, first love your name. Second, you are absolutely right. New Girl in the Air has a great post up about that here:

    These points really are pretty great. I’m very happy with the 80K that I decided to buy. 5K for a GS hit and 75K for three nights in Nassau….at least that is the plan as of now. 😉

  3. Thanks for the review of the Comfort Inn-Manhattan! I think I will be offering the daughter a Spring Break shopping trip to NYC during her freshman year of college. I think it will beat Spring Break at Gulf Shores or whatever beach.
    Got 2 32,000 points and 1 40,000 points. Had planned to use some points to top off the SWA Companion Pass. So got lucky today.

  4. Thanks. I really love your blog. My wife doesnt understand why I do some of these things, but she will thank me when we celebrate our anniversary in Envoy seating next year to Europe and using Choice Hotels to boot all thanks to you. This is our first trip without our 4 children who our youngest is about the same as yours. For 8 years we have been tagging them along on all our trips because it’s been our “weakness” to leave them home and it has been great experience travelling as a big family. Now we need some alone time. Thanks again for this blog. It has been a valuable help to my family travel at least.

  5. Mommy, you’re the awesomest! Thanks for all your work. Got in at 1pm and picked up 36,000 points. Ready for the Grandslam and some free nights!

  6. @lcsmom, you are welcome! I would not hesitate to stay there again. It isn’t overly fancy, but it got the job done just fine and was in a pretty good location. Sounds like a great trip with your daughter! I hope to do something similar when mine is that age. Congrats on getting three good packages today!

    @jedijood, that is great! Family trips are great, but “alone” trips are fantastic as well. Sounds like we have similar Europe trips next year. 😉 I’m so happy to have been a small part of your miles and points journey. Thanks for reading and the comment!

    @Michael, great job! Very excited you were able to grab some points 😉

  7. Yes, I got in when you first posted about US Airways redemption. I could not believe the value we got. Got the barclays card for my wife and I and topped it off by transferring over SPG points. Doing an 8 day openjaw entering Rome and leaving Paris. We will be backpacking via rail from Rome to Paris hopefully stopping in Florence, Milan and Zurich. Hopefully there will be some choice redemption 60 days out in Rome and Paris when we plan to stay more than 2 nights each.

    The trickiest part was getting babysitting during that time. I convinced my parents and my sister in law to share the duties in return for not money, but for award tickets on a future trip of their choosing (from a list of course). How great is that! Points has been a great equilizer in budgetting.

  8. Ryan, this is so weird. Now when I click a hyper-link it takes me to someone name Kelvin’s account and earlier today when I was on the Choice website it took me to someone named Tiffany’s account! I made Choice aware of the Tiffany problem, but their issue is way more widespread than that. Yikes!!! Everyone be aware that someone crazy is going on with the Choice website. I have tweeted them again with the issue.

  9. Got one 36,000 points package. I plan to use it for a trip to South Dakota at the end of June.
    I wish that I got another offer to use for the GS and Southwest transfer although I am glad to get what I did considering how I could not get in on other offers.

  10. Thanks so much for your blog! Sorry if I missed it above…how long does it typically take for these points to post?

  11. Still waiting for e-mail confirmation. In my excitement, I closed the windows with the confirmation numbers.

    Do you know if tax is included in the point rate?

    Scandinavia offers great value even at 16,000 points/nt.

  12. Hi, MP… I don’t often buy points or miles, but your analysis of these Choice points helped me decide that this was a very good value… I paid almost the same amount for 64000 points as I would have for a 2 night upcoming stay… What I would like to do is cancel my upcoming paid stay and use 32000 points instead, leaving me with an extra 32000 for some future Southwest transfers, US Air Grand Slam hits, or hotel stays. I am very pleased with my purchase! Thanks for sharing the info! Also, can you tell us from your experience how long it takes for these points to post to our accounts? I know that the T&C’s say within 10 days, but I was just wondering how long it has taken in your experience.

  13. I saw Tiffany’s Choice account too, weird.

    Comfort Suite Atlantis guests are allowed access to Atlantis facilities, nice. Where can I verify this info?

    I bought over 100k points today with plans to use them at Barcelo All-Inclusive resort which will come out to be about $100/night for 2 adults and 2 children.
    Has anyone used the points this way?

  14. MichaelP, Atlantis owns Comfort Suites. You can check the Comfort Suites website. Also, if you go on tripadvisor, the reviews will tell you everyone has had access to Atlantis abnd enjoyed it. I have been to Paradise Island(but did not stay there). Comfort Suites is indeed right next to Atlantis and has access to the facilities from what I was seeing.

  15. Regarding to the Clarion Collection Hotel Opera Pavillon, it’s very interesting. I indeed see it costs 8000 points to redeem before July 1st. But now, on their website, it somehow costs 25000 points even for period of April – Jun.

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