Daily Getaways Day 20 (Friday): Great Deal on Hertz Points

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Happy Friday and Happy Birthday Weekend to my husband!  Think he would be mad if he got Hertz points for his birthday??  Okay, Hertz points probably wouldn’t make a great birthday present for him, but they are still a very solid deal.  Today there are three different Hertz packages for sale on the Daily Getaways website ranging from 5,000 points to 15,000 points.  Free rentals start at 500 points for a free weekend day rental.  My family has successfully used Hertz points a couple times.  The best time was when the going rate for a SUV in Colorado during ski season was hundreds of dollars per day.  We were able to secure a two weekends days specialty rental for 1,500 points as opposed to several hundred dollars.  Let’s say that you purchase the smallest Daily Getaways package with an Amex card for the 10% discount – that would cost you $252 or roughly 5 cents per point.  That makes that a 1,500 weekend SUV rental just $75.

In the interest of full disclosure, that awesome deal I got on the SUV went a bit belly-up when we kept the car an extra day and ended up owing a huge amount as a result as the extra day was charged at a very high rate and they would not accept points for that day or make that reservation at a lower rate.  Also, when you make an award reservation using points, you will see that you owe a hefty amount of taxes and fees.  In most cases this will mostly come off when you actually turn the car in, but it may give you a mild heart attack until then.  😉

To give you an idea of some other “prices”, at 5 cents per point a one-day weekend rental of 500 points will effectively cost you $25, and a week long standard award rental at 2,500 points will cost you $125.  That is a stellar deal!  Be aware that there are standard awards and anytime awards (kind of like with airline award tickets that have the “saver” level and the higher priced “anytime” level), so if the standard award isn’t available when you want it, you will end up paying double points for the anytime award.  So far I have not had to do that, but I’m sure it happens.  Here are the available packages:

5,000 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® points – $280 (45 available; 10 available during pre-sale)
Advertized as a 1-Week Hertz® standard vehicle

 9,000 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® points – $430 (50 available;10 available during pre-sale)

Advertized as 4-day weekend rental of a Hertz® Prestige Collection vehicle (such as a Cadillac CTS or Mercedes Benz E350 Convertible, or a Volvo C70 Convertible).

15,000 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® points – $720 (50 available; 10 available during the pre-sale)

Advertized as a 1-Week Hertz® Prestige Collection (such as a Cadillac CTS or Mercedes Benz E350 Convertible, or a Volvo C70 Convertible).

Terms and conditions:

  • Max Quantity per purchase: 1 set of points may be purchased per offer per Hertz® member number. Up to 3 sets of points may be purchased in total for any Hertz® offer in this promotion per member number. If more than 3 sets are purchased in total, then the first 3 sets purchased will be credited only.
  • There are no rental blackout dates at the Anytime level.
  • Points do not expire as long as member has any Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® program activity in the prior 24 months.
  • You must have a Hertz #1 Club® or Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® member number before purchasing the points. If you are not a member, please enroll and obtain a member number. Enrollment is free. When enrolling, you will be asked to fill out a member profile and will be provided a number immediately. Make sure to request Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® points on the Membership Details page. Member number will be required when purchasing this offer.
  • All Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® Program terms and conditions apply
  • Offer open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.
  •  Certain counter discount programs (“CDP”) do not permit individuals whose Hertz #1 Club or Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® profiles associate them with those CDPs to participate in Hertz®marketing promotions.
  • Offer applies to time and mileage charges only; governmental surcharges, taxes, tax reimbursement, airport related fees, and optional items, such as refueling or additional driver fees are extra.
  • The car must be returned to the original location of rental.
  • Advance reservations required. Subject to availability, this offer is redeemable at select Hertz® locations in the U.S. and Canada. Not all vehicles, vehicle equipment, and services are available at all locations.
  • Minimum age for this offer is twenty-five (25) (exceptions apply).
  • Points do not expire as long as member has any Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® program activity in the prior 24 months.
  • All sales are final.

If I am around a computer for the pre-sale at Noon Eastern, or the public sale at 1PM Eastern, I will try for a package.  I don’t expect to have much luck considering the small number of packages, but it is too good of a deal for me to not try.  We have some car rentals coming up that are much more expensive than they would be if we were able to use these points, so might as well give it a shot.  Remember to like Hertz on Facebook so that you will have access to the pre-sale code just before Noon Eastern.  Good luck!


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  1. Wait a second…one of the terms is that the car must be returned to the original rental location. How can they substantiate this if we get 5,000 points deposited into our accounts? Can they segregate points somehow?

  2. @mommypoints – I just e-mailed Daily Getaways and will let you know the result. Essentially, I’m trying to hedge the cost of an EPIC honeymoon road trip! This deal has been in my cross hairs for some time now! It would be a deal breaker if the points were somehow segregated.

  3. Rentals with same pick up and drop off location are part of a highly competitive market in almost every large US city. So I am left to believe that this promotion is only of significance if you often end up driving a rental car when your last flight of the day gets cancelled (a fairly common thing in the north east). Or perhaps these points are more valuable in Europe?

  4. I think the same pick up and drop off restriction is not actual a term of the offer but Hertz protecting itself based on how this offer was advertised. They’re advertising this as, for example, a one week Prestige Rental. You can only get that for the amount of points credited if it’s same pick up and drop off. So that term really means “you can only get what we’ve advertised you’re buying if it’s same drop off”.

    • @David, I agree with the pick-up/drop-off issue. In regards to the fees, I don’t have much more specific info there. I think you are on the right track with your assessment, but I truthfully haven’t paid a ton of attention when I used points. There have been some fees, but they weren’t overly significant in the end. That is consistent with what I have read from others as well, but I apologize that I can’t give you true specifics on what does and does not come off. I will pay more attention next time though. 😉

  5. Can you comment on what you mean by taxes and fees come off “mostly”.

    I’m curious as to how they charge that with rentals. I’d assume any fee that is charged “per day” without reference to the price of the rental would still be your responsibility but I would hope taxes and other fees which are a percentage of the price would be included (otherwise they can charge an outrageous price for the rental – collect an outrageous amount of fees – and then just credit you for the rental fee).

  6. @Kyle, better safe than sorry. 😉
    @Tracy, I would love them too, but my husband wouldn’t be quite as impressed with a points b-day gift. Ha ha.
    @Carsten, I think they would save you money in Europe in many cases. It all depends how you redeem both in the US and aboard. I would not redeem these points in cities where I can get a cheap rate for the type of car I wanted, but in the cases where I can’t then this is a great back-up plan!

  7. Failed to get any on the presale – we’ll see how the regular sale goes. Wish they had a little more inventory.

  8. Wooohoooo….I FINALLY got in on a purchase. 5000 points! I’ve never been able to actually buy anything until today! This is tremendous value!

  9. Got the 15,000 point package. Was going for the 9,000 point one but it was not available about 2 seconds after it went live so I switched over the 15,000 point offer. That too was unavailable but I hit try again a couple of times and it came available on my 3rd attempt (still only about 15 seconds after it went live!).

    It’ll take me a while to use them but I should recoup the cost in about a year based on my past rental costs and still have about 7000 points left over.

  10. Yay – got the 15K points for the same price as I was going to spend on our Hawaii trip – but will allow a bunch of future rentals.

  11. @Randy Heck yeah man!!!!

    My sister got through for me for 15,000 points…Here we come Hartford, CT – Ft. Lauderdale, FL 3 week road trip honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Oh no. Clicked right on time on 9k package. Prompted me for a Hertz Number and then just sat there for 6 minutes until kicking me out. Clicking ‘Continue’ would not do anything. 🙁

  13. wow!! hitting the try again button actually does work–I was able to get in on the 15,000 point offer this way. thanks mommy points!!

  14. I got the 15,000 point offer as well. This is such a huge value in New York City — weekend rentals are 1,000 points, but usually cost $200-250. Thank you!

  15. Yay!! So glad that several of you had success. You got a great deal. 😉 I tried for the pre-sale but didn’t have any luck. I was actually taking my husband out for his “birthday lunch” during the real sale so didn’t get to try for that one. Love hearing all the success stories though!

  16. Kind of amusing that about 10% of the people who got in on the 15,000 point deal have posted on this board!

  17. Another one here who got the 15k points! Not sure how I’m going to explain this one to my husband as it was expensive!! But, we have weeklong rentals coming up in Boston and Vegas this year and then Australia next year, so we should get some good use out of our points.

  18. @Jim, ha ha. I think I earned “good wife point” which are redeemable in their own way I suppose. 😉
    @David, I agree. Yay Team Miles and Points Blogs!
    @Jennifer, I’m sure you can explain the value. Congrats!

  19. I am now 0 for 3 on Daily Getaways. 🙁 That’s why I don’t plan trips to Vegas for myself! 😉

  20. Dang it — I was hovering and everything but couldn’t get in at noon or at 1 pm. Bummer! Good promotion, though.

  21. Got shut out, really needed the miles. Hard to believe so many of you got miles, more than one package in some instances. Wow! I even used three different computers and got shut out of all three.

    Does anyone out there want to sell me 5,000 miles for a small profit? If DailyGetaways deal was $280, I would consider paying $325… Please let me know (ficlp@yahoo.com).

    Really needed those miles for an otherwise horribly expensive rental this summer. Thanks.

  22. Did anyonone get their points to post? mine have not posted yet and I called I called Hertz at the number the confirmation email had stated–the agents at Hertz have never heard of this promo. I have been placed on hold for more than 30 min twice.

    Here’s part of the email i received with the confirmation:
    ” Once your points have been deposited, you may redeem them for rentals in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards section of your account on hertz.com.

    If you have not received your points within 10 business days of purchase or have questions on how to redeem, make reservations, or check your balance, please call 1-888-999-4900.”

    Can anyone suggest any course of action? Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

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