Points, Points, and More Ultimate Reward Points

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As you may or may not know, the Ultimate Rewards Shopping Portal updates their bonus points offers monthly (though some offers are even more  “limited time” than that).  So, on May 1st I bee-lined it to their website to see what specials had appeared for May that might be useful for my family.  There are different specials depending on how you access the online shopping portal, so if I log-in with my Sapphire Preferred account I will see one set of points earnings, and if I log in with my New Ink Bold card I see an entirely different set of points earnings.  No one card is consistently better than the others with the points earnings, but each card seems to have it’s own strengths each month (another reason why I am glad I have the Ultimate Rewards Trifecta).

Here are some of my favorite current Ultimate Rewards shopping portal highlights.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card:

J. Crew – 10x

New Ink Bold:

Overstock- 10x

Sony – 10x

Staples – 5x

Chase Freedom Visa:

Sephora – 20x

I hope to do a “Mother’s Day Shopping” post very soon, but in case I don’t get a chance to, there are some good potential gift items from some of these stores right here.  I am a J.Crew-a-holic and gift cards have earned points in the past (though my current experiment testing that is either still pending or failed…..too early to know for sure).  Lots of my friends love stuff from Sephora (though admittedly make-up would be hard to buy for someone else unless you knew what they wanted), and of course Overstock has all sorts of stuff!

My Mother’s Day present is a “Mommy and Me” pedicure at a Hyatt resort that I love.  We will be staying there later this month, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do while we are there.  For the record, Little C wants blue toes.  I guess I will have to match her.  😉

As a final reminder/update about Ultimate Reward points, be sure that you are taking full advantage of this quarter’s 5x bonus with the Freedom card at grocery stores and movie theaters.  My mom activated her Freedom card today (and the quarterly bonus) and was about to go buy my husband a gift card at a local retailer for his birthday.  I screamed “NO!” the way that many people would yell something important like “FIRE!”.  I told her we were going to go and break her Freedom card in at the grocery store, as they sold gift cards to that same retailer there.  Only this way she earned 5x points for the gift card and fuel points though the grocery store.  I’m pretty sure I saw the light bulb go off over her head as we stood in front of the gift card aisle.  As an added bonus, we got to buy yogurt, eggs, milk, bread, and cereal to go along with our gift card instead of having to make two trips.  It’s all about the essentials in life.  Milk, bread, and points.


Disclosure:  I do receive a commission if you are approved for a credit card using one of my links in this post.  As always, thanks for your support.  Now go earn some more points!  😉

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  1. can i earn 5x bonus buying a gift card at grocery store through freedom card? I never thought about buying a gift card.

  2. Can someone explain to me how you guys combine all credit card views at one place. My wifey recently got Ink Bold on top of chase freedom. Since this is a business card so she was asked to make a different login and password. So now she has two separate logins. I just want to confirm if everyone else is doing the same way. Is there a way to combine both at one place?

  3. @caveman – I was able to add my Chase Ink Bold to my personal account login. I called customer service who conferenced us with a website representative who was able to add the business account.

  4. yeah just have her call Chase and they set it up into 1 account in the phone..It took my rep about 10 minutes

  5. Little off topic

    For Hyatt’s q1 promotion where you received 55k points if you stayed 16 nights and had a Hyatt credit card, what if I used my points for the 16 nights would I have gotten back 55k points or were they supposed to be paid stays? Thanks

  6. caveman, call Chase. They can merge the personal account into the biz account view. It only takes about 5 minutes to get it done.

  7. Dear Mommy points,

    Thank you for your blog. It is very helpful. I have a question about using freedom credit card to buy gift cards. If I just buy $1500 all kinds of gift card in Safeway in one day. Is it OK? There is no problem for chase as long as I buy it in a grocery story, right? If I buy target giftcard, and use it through ultimate shopping mall to pay for target purchase, can I get the points for this purchase?

    Many thanks!

  8. Just completed my mother’s day shopping, (and remembered to use Ultimate Rewards to do it thanks to your post a few weeks ago), a dyson DC41 vacuum at Home Depot.
    Which leads me to a question- Ultimate Rewards lists points bonuses as “an extra X points per dollar”. Just reading that led me to believe that you get the standard 1 pt. per dollar, plus the X points extra. However, when I called the Sapphire Preferred line yesterday they told me that it was only X points per dollar (not 1+X). Which is correct?

  9. @Liz, I often use the Sapphire Preferred UR portal to shop online with other (not even Chase) credit cards to meet minimum spend. I have always received the X points from the UR mall, so I would expect that you would earn the X points from the UR mall plus the 1 point from the Sapphire CC.

  10. Thank goodness you remembered to add the chocolate. Otherwise, I would have to argue with your list of life.

  11. @jason, yep as long as they don’t code the purchase in some strange way you should be just fine.
    @caveman, everyone is right, just call in and they can help you. 😉
    @Gary P, that is what I have heard most frequently.
    @adam, thanks for sharing!
    @UR Fan, yeah Chase and thanks for sharing.
    @amitdelia, it was based on paid stays unfortunately.
    @Carol, thanks!
    @steven in bay area, it should work just fine. I personally like to fly under the radar and not make any one large purchase (especially in a bonus category), but no reason why it shouldn’t work.
    @Liz, congrats on points on a great purchase! I have always received x points as a bonus plus the regular 1x. Unlike Membership Rewards where 5x means 4x plus 1.
    @Jivepicnic, that has been my experience too. Thanks!
    @Silvia, ha ha. I think that was actually my mom who commented from a computer I had used last. Though I do agree. 😉

  12. Is gas @ a 7-11 considered a gas purchase? Is groceries and gift cards @ a Wal-Mart considered groceries? Or do we have to go to more traditional gas and grocery stores?

    • @Julia, it did not work this time, but none of the purchases in the UR mall I made that day posted, so I don’t know if it really doesn’t work, or there was just a problem that day either with UR or with me. I will try again when I need another purchase.

  13. Have you called chase and see if they will post points for your jcrew transaction? Have other purchased you made on the same day posted yet?

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