Club Carlson “Big Night” Promos are Stackable – Up to 138,000 Points!

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Apologies for the multiple posts on the Radisson promo today, but every few hours the promo just kept getting better and better (or rather we just kept learning more and more details), so I am continuing to share the good news.

This time we have learned that the three different Big Night promos for Radisson/Radisson Blu, Park Inn by Radisson, and Country Inn & Suites are all stackable!  What this means is that if you have an eligible (points earning) stay at each of those brands during the promo period of May 15 – July 15 then you will end up with 138,000 bonus points (50,000 for the Radisson promo and 44,000 each from the Country Inn & Suites or Park Inn by Radisson promos)!  This is clearly the best hotel promo of the summer in my book.  What makes it even better is that this is a world-wide promo this time, so no one should feel left out!

Thanks so much to Indulge the Wanderlust for getting some clarification on this today from Radisson on Facebook.  Here is what they had to say:

Hi everyone! This promotion is very exciting! Jeff, you will have to register for each promotion separately on each participating brand. Great way to earn even more points! Scott, this is part 2 of the Radisson Big Night Giveaway. Register and stay between May 15, 2012 and checking out on or before July 15, 2012. Please remember if it’s the Radisson promotion you need to stay at a Radisson property. Mark, this is valid for non-US members! I hope you all enjoy this promotion and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions! We want to make sure everyone earns all their points! ~Dana

To catch up on the other Big Night Giveaway posts I had from today, go here and here.  I promise to put together one comprehensive post soon.  Needless to say, I am thrilled to see this deal come back.  Busy families need simple deals with big payouts, and this promo clearly fits that criteria.  While it was unnecessary to stay up late to register last time, I’m likely to do it again this time, so pencil in next Monday night (May 14th) if you want to stay up with me to register at Midnight Central.  You lucky West Coasters.  😉

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  1. […] Mommy Points was first to report on the return of Club Carlson’s “Big Night” promotion.  The deal came around at the end of 2011 for the first time, and seems to be even bigger this time around.  I’ll write more about it when the official registration comes out, but basically you’ll need to be one of the first 100,000 people to register for the promotion.  Those travelers will then have two months to complete a paid stay at select Club Carlson brands in order to earn 44,000-50,000 points.  Considering I’ve stayed at Country Inn & Suites hotels before for under $70 including tax, this is a much cheaper way to acquire a ton of Club Carlson points.  If you don’t have any Club Carlson properties easily accessible to you, this could become a headache (or an opportunity for a short getaway!), making the Daily Getaways a much simpler solution.  Staying in person, though, also yields standard points for your hotel spend (20 points per dollar), an extra 1,000 points for booking online, and maybe an elite bonus.  You’ll earn 4,500 points just for joining. […]


  1. So, one question I haven’t seen answered. If you received the bonus from the last Radisson giveaway are you still eligible to participate in this one?

  2. Is it only me, but I don’t see anymore special rates (AAA, government) in Radisson hotels (for example, in Orlando, FL)? When I make search, the only option is “lowest rate”.

  3. Just read someone’s comment on the Radisson facebook asking if Points + Cash fares were eligible for the promo again this year. If that is the case this would be an even better deal for those with points from the last promo.

  4. Great stuff! What’s still not entirely clear to me though is whether stays at for instance European properties will count towards earnings points this time. They confirmed that the promotion is open to non US members, but that of course doesn’t necessarily include non US hotels. Oh well, wait and see 🙂

  5. Do you know if prior reservations made via Hotwire will count towards the stay requirement? The actual stay will occur between May20-24. Thanks!

  6. Not too many Park Inns in the US and the rates are high compared to the ones in the EU. Looks like I will only go after the Radisson and Country Inn promos which should be enough for two nights at a Cat. 6 property since I have 5K from a recent sign-up bonus.

  7. if anybody does have an upcoming stay at a park inn anywhere, i’d gladly pay $50 toward it for the points. i know most people would value having the points for themselves more than that, but if you have two upcoming stays or would rather have the $50, message esquish on flyertalk.

  8. Along the lines of what Emily is saying… I live in a city with one Country Inn, and no Radissons. Can I book a stay, have a friend check in and out, and get the points? I would do a phantom stay, which seem like the go-to for most people last time. It seems like they’re patching that hole. Can anyone verify if there are alternate ways to “check in and check out”?

  9. can we check into two different hotels on the same day ?
    Like say a radisson and a country inn and take care of both promos at once ?

  10. Doesn’t matter to me. Even if it’s 1am my time I’m still staying up. I’m not risking being left out. Too many points on the table. But if you live on the East coast you could get a friend or a family member to do it for you if that works.

  11. Do you have to make the reservations after registering, or can I make reservations before registering for the promo?

  12. Three quetsions:
    1. When you say “register for all three programs,” what do you mean? Does that mean that at 12:01 Central time, I need to physically go to three different websites to get in on the promo?

    2. When you say “stackable,” do you mean that I would need to check in/check out at three distinct hotels? I.E. Radisson one night. Country Inn/Suites another night. Park Inn another night? Doing that would get me the full (138,000–assuming I’m one of the first registers)?

    3. Do I use my same Club Carlson Account for all three programs? I have not stayed at Country Inn and Suites or Park Inn before…

  13. This is such an awesome promotion and mommypoints is the blog to follow for it!

    What I’m wondering is if I can reserve/prepay a room now, then register on Monday and stay sometime between May 15 and July 15. Any news on that?

    I’d also be curious whether cash&points redemptions count.

    Keep up the good work!

  14. Probably after this starts we will have clarification making sure those who did this promo last time can do it again. There’s usually language about only one promo being allowed and it depends on how this will be worded and enforced.

    Until then I’ll be doing a Country Inn and a Park Inn first.

  15. So glad many of you are as excited as I am! I do not know all the details of these promos as they have not yet been released, but I’ll do my best to answer some questions as good as I can…..
    -Radisson has said you can register for and complete all three. I would assume you need to register for each one individually.
    -I would assume you cannot do them on the same night, though it may work. I wouldn’t try it.
    -You use your Club Carlson number of all three properties.
    -Last time it said you had to book your stay after registering, though I think I read on Loyalty Traveler they may have changed that term along the way last time and allowed previous reservations. Time will tell how that works this time.
    -I will be having a Twitter party on Monday night to stay up for this! (or else I would fall asleep). Probably unnecessary, but I’m not taking chances.
    -Who all is coming to the Park Inn by Radisson in Houston? We should have a party! 😉 It is one of only about 10 or so in the US.

  16. This sounds like a great deal, but… Has anyone stayed at a Radisson they would want to return to? I’ve been looking up Radisson locations in Europe on Trip Advisor, and it’s been pretty discouraging reading. So many “poor” and “terrible” ratings. I’d like to know if anyone has stayed in a Radisson they could recommend in the last year?

  17. I’m still curious if anyone has thought of a phantom booking route? I’m thinking about booking a room, asking the hotel to put a friend’s name on the room too, and let the friend check me in and out.

  18. Points are combinable in the Club Carlson program without fees, correct? What I’m planning on doing is booking a local room for myself, my wife and a friend and then having my friend and wife transfer the points to me so I can book a 3 night room @ a Raddison Blu somewhere.

  19. @Jonathan The TC I’ve seen, though not confirmed, say:
    “Guest must be present at the Participating Hotel at both the time of check-in and check-out”.

    My guess is “guest” means you, the one getting the points, not merely a designated companion. My understanding is they added this rule to prevent the very “phantom booking” you are trying to arrange.

    Perhaps if your friend had your credit card, pretended to be you, and signed your name on the bill? It seems to me most hotels don’t ask for ID on checkin, as long as you have the credit card you used to book the reservation with…

    Needless to say, you’d better really trust the person you give your card to, as you will be legally responsible for any charges they make, approved by you or not…

  20. What are the booking rules? Do you have to go through the hotel website? Can you use Hotwire or kayak and still get the points?

  21. Where are the links to register for this promotion?

    Are you actually providing us with details, or just regurgitating partial info you found somewhere else?

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