Daily Getaways Day 23 (Wednesday): Hyatt Points!

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For many folks, tomorrow’s (Wednesday) Daily Getaway deal will be the last “big” deal of the promotion for the year….it’s a good one.  It is for one of my favorite types of hotel points – Hyatt Gold Passport points.  This deal is pretty straightforward as the best use of these points isn’t to transfer them to any airline, or use for some single obscure hotel located far, far away, it is to just use them to stay at Hyatt Hotels.  Obviously you will often get more bang for your buck by redeeming the points at the top-end Hyatt hotels that run you 22,000 points per night, but Hyatt has such a fair award chart that there are good redemptions to be found in all 6 categories.  Just like with most of the other similar points deals in this promo, the different point packages are marketed as three nights at this type of hotel or two nights at that type of hotel.  Ignore that part and focus on how many points come with the package.

Two Nights in a Hyatt Premium Hotel for $260 – 24,000 points (100 available; 20 available during pre-sale)

  • 1.08 cents per point without an Amex – .975 cents per point with an Amex

Two Nights in an Elite Hyatt Hotel for $330 – 30,000 points (35 available)

  • 1.1 cents per point without an Amex – .99 cents per point with an Amex

Two Nights in a Hyatt Top Hotel for $415 – 36,000 points (15 available)

  • 1.15 cents per point without an Amex – 1.04 cents per point with an Amex

Three Nights in a Hyatt Suite for $775 – 69,000 points (15 available)

  • 1.12 cents per point without an Amex – 1.01 cents per point with an Amex

Terms and Conditions:

  • Dates of Travel: Anytime (Promotional blackout periods may apply due to seasonal periods or special events)
  • Max. Quantity per Purchase: 1 per package. No more than 1 set of points purchased through this offer are allowed per membership number. A maximum of 4 sets of points is allowed per membership number across all Hyatt offers.
  • You must be a Hyatt Gold Passport member to take advantage of this offer, so be sure to join now at goldpassport.com if you are not already a member.
  • You must provide first and last name and Hyatt Gold Passport membership number to receive bonus points associated with package.
  • Hyatt Gold Passport free night awards apply to standard available rooms only as defined by each hotel and are not subject to blackout date
  • Hyatt Gold Passport free night awards cannot be redeemed for packages.
  • In order to redeem Hyatt Gold Passport points for free night awards, members must make award reservations in advance via goldpassport.com or by calling their nearest Hyatt Worldwide Reservation Center.
  • Hyatt Gold Passport award reservations are subject to the reservation requirements of the individual hotel, such as length of stay, special packages and meal plans as well as the cancellation policy in place.
  • If the member does not follow proper hotel cancellation policy or if the member does not check into the hotel, the member will be billed for one night’s room and applicable tax at the Hyatt Daily Rate.
  • Please allow up ten business days after purchase is completed for Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points to be credited to your account
  • Hyatt reserves the right to alter or withdraw this program at any time without notice
  • Hyatt Hotels & Resorts® encompasses hotels managed, franchised or leased by subsidiaries and affiliates of Hyatt Hotels Corporation.
  • All sales are final.

As you can see, there are very few packages available, so don’t get too disappointed if you aren’t able to purchase a package.  By all means try, but be aware that luck will play into this equation somewhat.  However, any package that you can get your hands on is a great value.  Go check out Hyatt’s award chart to see various hotels available in each category.  Be ready at Noon Eastern for the extremely limited pre-sale (“like” Hyatt Hotels on Facebook for the code that will be released tomorrow) or 1PM Eastern for the public sale.  I will be busy during the sales, but I wish everyone who tries the very best of luck!

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  1. Kind of seems like a terrible deal considering you can transfer from UR to Hyatt. Maybe I’m the only person though that earns lots of 2x points on travel/dining and 5x points on the Ink Bold.

  2. @DavidAL, all depends on how much you value UR and Hyatt. Like you, I value UR closer to 1 cent, particularly when buying, so this is less attractive to me. However, many folks value UR much higher, at least 1.3 cents, so this might be attractive to them.

  3. @DavidAL & HikerT, agree it depends how you value points, and how many of them you have to burn. I actually have a nice stash of Hyatt points right now due to my husbands and my travel, so that is why I am not that upset to miss this deal, but if my Hyatt/UR balance was low I would for sure want to beef it up.
    @Michael, no not today. Driving out of town and presenting to a retired travelers group. Grandma is safely back in Kansas. 😉

  4. Having technical difficulty signing in for an account. I guess I should not have waited so long. grrrr

  5. presale gone in less than a few seconds. For the rest of them I’d use IE; had a glitch with Firefox and in the few seconds it took me to Alt Tab to my IE window they were all in people’s carts.

  6. After loosing out on Wyndham Points and Chrome browser crapping out on me in the middle of buying Avis points, I finally got in on the 24k Hyatt Package. It took a few failures and attempts to learn how to do it better. Too bad the whole deal is coming to an end

  7. @VR wow good for you. At least I know someone won. I lost out as I did with the Hertz one — and I got in immediately but must have missed it by seconds. Did you start early? I hit the button promptly at 1 pm; maybe that was my mistake!

  8. 30K for me!

    I started hitting refresh about 12:59 according to my computer’s clock and got in pret quickly.

  9. I watched the clock (grinwichmeantime site) and hit refresh (F5) after 12:59:59 but perhaps a moment before 1:00:00. Mouse is already in the position where the button would show-up, so no extra moves necessary. Gold Passport number is in the clipboard and credit card numbe memorized. Went very smoothly this time 🙂

  10. Deal sold out in less than one second. With every travel blog circle-posting about this for days and days, there was a lot of competition for not very many package. Meh.

  11. Hi, when I hit refresh it brings it back to the first offer in this case the 24,000 pts so once I see that then I click on the offer I wanted 69,000 pts but by then always way to late. Is there an easier way?

  12. I also tried for both the presale and the regular sale but with no success. Pretty frustrating!!

  13. So glad that some got in, but am sorry to those who didn’t. Sadly it is no surprise that many were left on the sidelines here. I didn’t get a chance to try, but that is probably for the best given the odds. 😉

  14. @karen
    You can open the individual package in a separate page and refresh that page. Sounds like you’ve been refreshing the main page, and this one will always reset the widget to the lowest package

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