Club Carlson “Big Night” Updates and the Twitter Anti-Slumber Party

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As the launch date for the Club Carlson “Big Night Giveaway” promo creeps forward, we have learned more details about how the promo will work and some ways to maximize the promo even more.  I have several posts on this promo already, but now that we know more, I’m going to put it all into one (hopefully) easy to read location in the form of a FAQ.

What is the Club Carlson “Big Night” Promotion?

There are essentially three separate, but similar, Club Carlson promos that will launch in the coming days.  I will break down each one individually.  According to the Radisson Facebook page, you can participate in all three promos.

Radisson Big Night Giveaway:  There is a Radisson promotion that will award 50,000 Gold Points if you stay at a Radisson or Radisson Blu hotel between May 15th – July 15th.  This promotion is dubbed the “Big Night Giveaway” as it awards enough points for a free night at any Radisson or Radisson Blu hotel in the world.  After the 100,000 registration spots for this promo are exhausted, people who register for the promotion will earn 15,000 bonus Gold Points after completing an eligible (ie points earning) stay during the promotion period.

Country Inn & Suites Stay One Get One: Country Inn & Suites is doing a similar promotion with the same eligible dates as Radisson, only you must stay at a County Inn & Suites hotel in order to get the bonus points.  In this case the number of bonus points awarded is 44,000 points.  That is enough to stay at any Country Inn & Suites hotel.  After the first 35,000 registrants, additional registrants will be awarded 15,000 Gold Points after an eligible stay during the promotion.

Park Inn by Radisson One Plus One: This is the Park Inn by Radisson promo that is very similar to the previous two described.  The only difference is that registration is limited to the first 20,000 people and they will be awarded 44,000 Gold Points after staying at a Park Inn between May 22nd – July 22nd.  The people who register after the first 20,000 will be awarded 15,000 bonus points after the first 20,000 registration slots are taken.

When do I register?

Beginning at 12:01AM Central on May 15th, registration will the Radisson and Country Inn & Suites promotion.  You will be able to register for each promotion individually at: (limited to the first 100,000 registrants) (limited to the first 35,000 registrants)

Then, a week later on May 22nd, registration will open for the Park Inn by Radisson promotion: (limited to the first 20,000 registrants)

Thanks to Loyalty Traveler for much of that good info!

What?  I go to bed at 9PM Central, how do I stay up that late to register?  Do I really need to stay up late?

Who knows how long it will take for the slots to fill.  I’m not as concerned for the Radisson promo with 100K slots as I am for the other two.  Last year when they did a similar Radisson promo, registration stayed open for weeks (if not the whole time).  I stayed up late to register when registration opened last year, but it was not at all necessary.  However, this time hotels world-wide are eligible, more people know about the promo, and there are fewer spots for the Club Carlson and Park Inn promos, so the spots may fill up faster.

So, if you happen to live in a time zone (like me) where 12AM Central is pretty late, here is some incentive to stay up.  I’ll be Tweeting on Monday night some questions about Club Carlson hotels and other random stuff and giving away ten 1,000 mile American Airlines codes to those who answer.  I got these codes from participating in the American Airlines Facebook “Expert Travel Tips” contest.  They were going to select the top 10 tips, but only like 5 or 6 people entered, so we all won.  Anyway, they gave me 5,000 miles to keep and 5,000 to give away, but it is much more fun to share than to keep for myself, so all 10,000 miles will be given away via some Twitter questions on Monday night!  I plan to start around 9PM Central and ask 10 questions off and on until midnight.  Should be fun and should keep me (and hopefully you) awake.  Follow me @Mommy_Points to join in the fun!

Is there a bonus for joining Club Carlson?

Update:  According to the InfamousDX, using code NSB2K12 will get you 2,000 points when you sign-up.  Thanks!

If you asked yesterday the answer was yes.  However, right now the answer seems to be no.  This link was working for 4,500 points when you register, but it seems to no longer be working.  Maybe it will come back, but I’m not holding my breath.  Congrats to those who used it in time!

Can I book a room in Middleofnowhere America and get a friend to check-in for me so I can get the points?

According to the terms that were briefly semi-visible on the website, no.  They seem to want to tighten up on “phantom check-ins” this time saying you must check-in and check-out in person.  Of course, that doesn’t mean some savy individual somewhere won’t find a hotel willing to work around the official rules, but that info probably won’t be publicly available, so make friends with each other and share that info privately if you find it.  Or, better yet, just find a good reason for a night away at one of these hotels.  Some cities have all three – Dallas and Fresno are two I have seen with all three brands.  Make it a long weekend and hotel hop your way to 138,000 points!

Is this promo really worth it – where should I use these points?

Is it worth it – heck ya!  50,000 points will get you more than enough for five nights at the Radisson Hotel Orlando at 9,000 points per night, or three nights at the Country Inn & Suites Panama City at 15,000 points per night, or one night at any Radisson in the world.  As I pointed out in this post, there are some beautiful Radisson and Radisson Blu properties that go for over $400 USD per night in Europe.  I just checked a Country Inn and Suites property in Houston and it was going for about $40 plus 5,000 points for a cash and points reservation.  So, for $40 I will net 39,000 bonus points with this promo.  Is that worth it to me?  Absolutely.  Without cash and points I think the rate was in the $70ish range, which is still very much worth 44,000 points in my book.

Do existing reservations count?

The official leaked terms said no, but the answer on the Club Carlson Facebook page today says yes – previously booked stays during the promo period will count.  Thanks to InfamousDX for pointing that out! Personally, I am not making any non-refundable reservations at this point….just in case. 

What about “Friends and Family” rate reservations?

The rate booked has to be eligible to earn points, so no Friends and Family rates are excluded.

What about cash and points reservations?

These worked last time, so there is every reason to believe they will again this time since the cash portion earns points.  In fact, I think these rates are probably the most cost effective way to go in most cases.  Like I said, in Houston I will be doing stays for about $40 plus 5,000 points.  That is a great value since “spending” those 5,000 points plus $40 bucks will get me 44,000 bonus points at Park Inn and Club Carlson.  I don’t have a Radisson close-by, so I have to brainstorm how I will get that bonus (or perhaps I will just for the Club Carlson and Park Inn promos).

Where are the cheapest Club Carlson hotels?

You tell me!  I have just checked Houston so far and can tell you that Park Inn and Country Inn & Suites can be had at or below $70 per night or 5,000 points plus $40ish per night.  Let me know what good deals you find around the world!  We can help each other out with this one.

I have Super Diamond Platinum Ultimate Crystal status with x Hotel Chain.  Will Club Carlson match it so that I can get the 2,000 point online booking bonus and other elite perks

Probably so, just email them at  You will need to provide a screen shot of your current elite status.  In the past, I have heard them match Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club, Hilton, and Starwood.  You can learn more about the status match process or the elite benefits on this post I did back in November. 

So, there you have it.  Keep in mind that the official terms and conditions are not out yet, so this is not all set in stone, but most of it seems pretty official or reliable at this point.  At least reliable enough to start making some refundable reservations.  😉  What other questions or info do you have to add?  Hope to hang out with you at the Twitter Anti-Slumber party next week!

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  1. I have find myself good excuse to get Radisson in Cleveland or Cincinnati and Country Inn in Columbus. Now, shall I do the Park Inn? Toledo, OH seems like a good one to finish an Ohio triangle trip.

  2. Thanks for the latest updates. You said that in places where all three properties are located, try to spend a weekend. Why the whole weekend? Why not just one night. Check in all three hotels and check out all three in the morning, so essentially just one weeknight or maybe one weekend night only. Am I right?

  3. Is there a bonus for joining Club Carlson?

    Yes you bet. My wife registered in the afternoon using the same promo code (ERWD2012) and got invalid code message. So she called the Customer service line at 888 288-8889 and explained the situation. The representative told her that he will overwrite and honor the request. Within minutes email came and she checked her account and sure enough, 4500 pts is posted in her account.

  4. I have an MR that leaves me at PHX for around 10 hours overnight in early July, it works out great because there is a $90/night Radisson just down the street from the airport. Hopefully I can get an $80/night Country Inn & Suites in this area.

  5. Do you know if pre-paid rates work? What about AAA rates? Thanks for all the info! My husband and I both did this last time. Probably only one of us will do it this time, but it will still be worth it!

  6. Points earned from country inn and park inn promos, are those allowed to use on booking any club Carlson properties? To be clear, can we stack these promos and use them the way we want?

  7. Mommy, something you didn’t post here (since maybe it isn’t out yet). For last promo you were able to confirm whether you got in on the 50,000 points as opposed to 15,000. The confirmation screen would display that. Otherwise if you think you’re playing for 50k and only get 15k then it isn’t really worth it as much.

    Also yes, I had Hilton Gold status and I contacted Club Carlson and they gave me Silver status as a result. Took about 2 weeks or so, so if anyone is interested, get started now before you make your reservations.

    Finally, I found that the best way to make sure the reservation qualifies is to see in the reservation details whether it will earn points. Last time I was eyeing a prepaid rate, which was lower, and before I booked it I called the property and confirmed with them that it would qualify for the promo. When in doubt, just ask.

  8. I showed a screenshot of my Platinum IHG (holiday inn, etc) status and was matched to Gold ClubCarlson. They were able to expedite the request while I was on the phone, just in time for my first stay. Also, last time I used my corp rate code which qualified for the promo. Other rates including advanced rate, AAA, etc also qualify….It looks like this time around, my favorite hotels are going for $20 to $30 more than last time..I guess it is a more peak season. Lowest I found was $65 corp rate.

  9. @Nadine and @Mark: Yes the AAA should work. I used it last time to get a slightly lower rate and more importantly a “refundable” reservation. Got all 50k points no problem.

    @MommyPoints: Here in the DC area you can get the Radisson Crystal City (near Reagan) for ~$80-$90 on weekends and the Country Inn & Suites Dulles for ~$60 on weekends.

  10. Also, it’s worth noting that Club Carlson should be coming out with a credit card later this year with US Bank. They aren’t a big travel card provider, so it’s worth considering planning your Fall churn accordingly. We’re going to Dublin for Valentine’s Day, and I hoping this promo plus a credit card bonus will cover our four nights there.

  11. Can I book a room in a Raddison, a Park, and a Country Inn in the same city in the same night? There aren’t Park Inns and Country Inns readily available around me, so I’d need to make a night of it about 2 hours away. I can’t find anywhere on their website as to whether or not you can earn points for multiple rooms on the same night.

    • @jcbtfw, I don’t know that answer yet. It seems they want actual stays, so it is possible they will prevent that, but it is also possible that it will work. I think we will have to wait and see for that one since that wasn’t an issue for the last promo.

  12. @Ryan, sounds good to me!
    @caveman, I have no clue if that will work or not since we didn’t have that issue last time around. I guess we will have to wait and see. It would be easier if you didn’t really want/need to stay in a hotel, but since presumably Club Carlson is wanting actual stays (by excluding phantom check-ins) they might not want that sort of behavior either. I guess we’ll soon know!
    @nina, you are most welcome.
    @RedHat, great! Thanks for sharing!
    @Kris, sounds like a very productive MR and mattress run. 😉
    @Nadine, those will work. It just has to earn points (ie not specifically state that it won’t earn points)
    @Kathy, I’m in the “better safe than sorry” camp.
    @Mark, click on “rate details”. For example, a points reservation will say that no points are awarded for this stay.
    @Kashyap, you got it! They all just pool into your Club Carlson account.
    @Michael, we don’t know that yet for sure but I would presume they will do that again this year.

  13. Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, St. Paul South, MN
    $60.43 All-in for Friday May 25th with 25% off sale
    Radisson Hotel Roseville
    $81.76 All-in for Sat May 26th with 25% off sale.

  14. What options are there for checking out? Am I am able to check in then leave and check out from somewhere else?

    Am I able to check in and wait a few hours and check out?

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Sort of annoying that it’s 12:01 Central this time instead of 12:01 EST. What’s that all about? Think I might risk it and try to sign up at 6 or 7am EST – don’t think I’ll make it till 1am!

  16. @Corridor!: Wondering the same thing. I’d love to check in and then immediately check out (or check out online somehow) instead of actually staying overnight.

  17. momma,

    i know you are saying that points + cash are eligible for the bonus-but have you seen this confirmed?
    rad seem to be ignoring this question on the facebook page

    • We will know for sure soon, but they worked last year just fine and they earn points so they should be okay. Hopefully all will be confirmed when the promo launches tomorrow night.

  18. @jcbftw

    I spoke with the Radisson I have a reservation with and they told me I could just leave if I have a credit card on the reservation. I asked a second time if there was anything I needed to do and they told me to just leave the key in the room.

    I called and asked what options I have for checking out as I don’t have time to stop by the front desk to check out. I was ready to explain why I didn’t have time but there was no rebuttal.

    This is going to save me gas and time!

  19. Has anybody checked the countdown ticker lately? We are in the Pacific time zone and it appears it’s set to end at 12:01 our time. Which makes it 2 hours off for the Central time zone. It’s 7:30am here and the ticker has 16:31 left on it. Am I missing something? What is everyone else seeing?

    • @Karla, it is showing 14 hours to go for me – which would be midnight Central. I saw your question on FB – hopefully they will answer for ya!

  20. Okay, I figured it out. It depends on what time/time zone your computer is set at! I changed my settings to central time, cleared my cache and cookies, and voila! The countdown is now correct. Looks like I’ll have to live in central time until I get registered!

  21. @Karla, ha ha. Yup, that is what I learned as well – based on your computer’s clock but registration opens for everyone at the same time.

  22. So, sounds like you got the offical word?! Maybe I won’t have to change my computer to central? Will it just go from 2 hours left to 0 at 10:01pm pacific? This could prove to be pretty confusing to people!

    • @Karla, I wouldn’t say “official word”. I would say I drew a conclusion that the time your computer said has no relevance to when you will be able to register for the promo. It should go live at 12:01AM CDT tonight for everyone. I agree it is a bit confusing for some. 😉

  23. Hey… I’m registered and as you suggested… “make it a long weekend of hotel hopping”….. thanks again for the tips. Keep it up!!!!

  24. I registered my husband as well. I guess I just add his Carlson Club # to the reservation. Still trying to figure out where to book. Not so many option in the northeast besides Phila and Harrisburg. Will have to do.
    thanks for all you do.

  25. Dear Mommy,

    Does the “Advance purchase” rates (like 7 or 21 days in advance purchase) qualify for the Big Night giveaway? I sent emails to Club Carlson several times, but didn’t respond.

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