It’s a Saturday Giveaway!

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Happy Saturday!  This is the first weekend in a long time that my family has all been home for the whole weekend.  It is completely wonderful.  It also has given me some “down time” to dream up some more trips I want to take.  Hi, my name is Mommy Points and I am a travel schizophrenic.  While being home, I have done a little bit of cleaning, and came across some things I got with the intention of giving away, but have yet to do. So, today is dubbed “Giveaway Saturday”.  These are not the most valuable prizes of all time, but I think there are some folks out there who would appreciate these goodies, so here is your chance if you fall into that category.

First up is the Bag ‘o Swag from the Freddie Awards.  This bag includes a neck cushion, passport holder, and more!  It’s actually some pretty nice stuff for a swag bag.

I also have some goodies from last month’s Austin BBQ Do.  Most of this swag came from the Starwood Preferred Guest program.  There is a (very large) t-shirt, hats, some SPG pens, two SPG 50% off Rack Rate coupons that are valid until 2014, some coasters, and more.

While we are on the topic of giving things away, I want to give a shout out and thank you to both Kids Fly Safe and the Traveling Toddler for donating prizes that I gave away at my “Family Travel Made Easier” session at the Frequent Travel University last month.  The winner of both of these items was a dad of a toddler who was about 18 months old, so hopefully he will be able to get some good use out of both of those items.  In case you aren’t familiar with the Kids Fly Safe FAA approved CARES harness, you can check out my review here.  I have not yet reviewed the Traveling Toddler, but I plan to after our next trip with my little one next month.  It uses your car seat’s LATCH system and top tether straps to attach to your roller bag so that you have a make-shift stroller and less stuff to carry through the airport. I have seen it used by others in the airport and it looks quite handy!  There are other ways to attach your roller bag to your car seat, but this $15 contraption seems to work pretty well.

For today’s contest, just enter a comment on this post if you would like to win one of the two bags of goodies.  I will enter you for both “drawings” with one comment (two winners in total), but in case you only want one or the other swag bag, just note that in the comments and I will make sure to not send you a bag of goodies that you don’t really want.  😉  I will select the winner from all comments entered before 11:59PM on Monday May 14th.  Good luck!



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  1. Thanks for all you do. I travel a bunch with my 2 small kids and love having a blogger that really gets what that’s like.

  2. I love reading your tips. Already have a trip to Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/Sequoias/Las Angeles planned with your tips! Keep up the good work!

  3. I miss the old 50% SPG coupons from the AMEX. Not that we ever got the full 50%, but it was nice anyway.

  4. Really enjoy reading your blog, thanks for all your efforts in finding and passing along great deals and info to your readers! And thanks for a chance to win as well 🙂

  5. Hi Mommy Points!

    I’m definitely interested in the Starwood Goodies. I also enjoyed your family travel talk at the Frequent Traveler University. I have one recommendation if you give a similar talk: focus more time on the family specific topics or the unique topics you love to talk about such as the Grand Slam. You shouldn’t need to cover credit cards, earning miles, and other general topics that are typically discussed in other forums. Just a suggestion.. 🙂

    • @Brett, thanks for coming to the session! Thanks for the feedback, and I pretty much agree. It was the first time doing a presentation with that type of material, and it was hard to decide what to include and what to skip and assume is covered elsewhere, but I think next time it will be more focused on fewer topics as the presentation as it stood could have easily been several hours long if I went through all of it! The one in Chicago will just be on the Grand Slam (assuming it comes back!). 😉

  6. My husband and I adore your blog. We read it daily and feel like you are a family friend! Thank you for all you do away from your family to help all of us expand our ability to make amazing family memories! We spent our morning tracking down the Spirit Airlines bus that was giving away free miles and now are planning my 4-year olds first trip to DisneyWorld with our miles! We continue to rack up miles in every way and your website is so helpful to us! Thanks again for all that you do!

  7. Toddlers all have the greatest toys now. Where was this when I was a kid? I would have loved to be half luggage, half human.

  8. I love swag bags! Please enter me. What a great day, I’m sitting at gate 10 in Austin reading mommy points while waiting for my flight to Las Vegas..which I booked free with points for the DW and I. Gotta love this hobby! :-))

  9. Would love to win the SPG bag, and would be thrilled to have the SPG certs to use on my upcoming honeymoon, as my travels rarely allows me to stay at SPG properties. SPG has some outstanding properties that I’d love to spend our honeymoon at.

  10. The difference of the amount of comments in this post and the others really made me feel. I don’t know. I do not need any of the swag. Good luck to everyone else!

  11. Thank you so much for this blog. It is so nice to be able to read a blog that shares the family travel perspective! 🙂

  12. I applaud family travel. I took my kids all over the world. It was a priority and with miles , a little know how , I got it done. Son 1 is, at 22, getting a Phd in French at an Ivy and 2 will be spending Winter term in TanzanIa. Love your blog and love swag!

  13. Love your site, especially since I can relate easily…… I live in Houston. Also, I travel lots overseas, so your site offers great info for me. Just got back from a month in Kyrgyzstan and will leave again in 3 weeks for a month in the Ukraine. I am a retired teacher.Would love to receive the “Bag ‘o Swag from the Freddie Awards.”

  14. I love goodies! – As well as your blog, the advice to helpful for traveling with my 15 month old! 🙂

  15. Would love to win a bag of swag! Thanks for the information you provide on your blog and your down to earth interpretations and posts…

  16. don’t mind if i don’t win but what you are doing is something so great. being a mommy and posting all these useful infos for us! Thanks a lot for all the fantastic work you do here for us every single day and week!

  17. Great blog! Even though I don’t have kids, always interesting to read travels from a different perspective.

  18. As a new member of SPG rewards and fairly new to the traveling through points (and traveling in general) I would LOVE to win one of your great prizes. Thank you for all the information that you provide to us.

  19. me, Me, ME….
    Plz pick me

    thnx for all you do as I think I can speak for many when I say it is truly appreciated.


  20. Would love to win the SPG swag…the 50% coupons would be put to great use on our upcoming trip to Easter Island via Santiago. The W Hotel is calling…

  21. Please consider me for the SPG swag. Thanks for maintaining this website. It’s great information and a fun writing style. We have one of those toddler straps to attach the car seat and they rock!

  22. I would LOVE the bag o swag from the Freddie Awards. I was not at the Freddies physically (couldn’t since I am not “press”) but was DEFINITELY there in spirit.

  23. We have something similar – it’s basically wheels that clip onto the back of the carseat. I don’t know how we did without it!

  24. Thanks for the great blog. Your blog actually inspired me to start my own…it was hard getting over the “I don’t have time” barrier, but if you could do it, why couldn’t I? Happy Mother’s Day!

  25. The picture of that makeshift stroller on the rolling bag looks fairly amusing. I can’t imagine that working for my son at any age. 🙂

  26. Thanks for all the sharing of info on your site you have helped me attain some deals in the past. Kept it up.

  27. Thanks to all the Happy Mother’s Day wishes and entries. Since someone asked, no you don’t have to pay shipping and handling. I got that covered. 😉

  28. Your blog will become even more required reading for me as my first child was born last Monday! Thanks for all that you do, and count me in for the contests.

  29. Happy mothers day to you and thanks for all your work on this blog. I would love a chance for the SPG goodies bag!

  30. Manchester City are champions. I just watched an amazing soccer match, I am exhausted ! Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the moms in the world !

  31. Love the blog! I’d love to win the Starwood prize pack so we could use the hotel discount certificates for our honeymoon!

  32. In for a chance at the Bag ‘o Swag from the Freddie Awards.

    I have the travelling toddler. Gonna try it at our next trip. Want to try the Cares harness, but dont know if my toddler would like it.

  33. Glad your family’s able to have some chillax time! Happy Mother’s Day! Would love either or both bags (too greedy? :D)! Thanks!

  34. Getting ready to travel at the end of the month with a boy Little C’s age, and a 5-mo old girl. Wish me luck.

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