What You Need to Know Tonight About the Club Carlson “Big Night Promo”

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As I write this we are about six hours away from the “go live” time for two of the three Club Carlson “Big Night” promos.  The three promos provide at least 138,000 Club Carlson points if you do all three.  That is a ton of points!  The Radisson and Country Inn & Suites promos launch tonight at 12:01AM CDT.  Yes, the whole world should be on “Texas Time”.  😉  The Park Inn promo will go live exactly one week later at 12:01 AM on May 22nd.

RadissonBigNightGiveaway.com – 50,000 points after an eligible stay at a Radisson or Radisson Blu (limited to the first 100,000 registrants)

SOGOCountry.com – 44,000 points after an eligible stay at a Country Inn & Suites (limited to the first 35,000 registrants)

ParkInnOnePlusOne.com – 44,000 points after an eligible stay at a Park Inn (limited to the first 20,000 registrants)

So, what do you need to do/know before the registration goes live tonight?  Technically, nothing other than get a Club Carlson number (use code NSB2K12 to get 2,000 bonus points instead of the expired code it defaults to), but there are some other things you can do in advance that should make the experience a bit more rewarding.

1.  Read this post to catch-up on all the ins and outs of how the promo is speculated to work.  Many of the details in the post are confirmed from one source or another, but some of it is still speculation since the actual terms and conditions are not yet public.

2.  Request a status match to Club Carlson if you have elite status with another hotel chain by sending a screen shot of your status with another hotel chain to goldpointsplus@carlson.com .  This will result in more points for your online bookings and stays, among other things.

3.  Research some hotels you might want to stay at either on a “real” trip, or just for the purposes of this promo.  If you are making a trip just for the purposes of this promo, just do the math to make sure it makes sense for you.  Be sure to factor in your time.  The rumored terms indicate that you will have to check-in and check-out to in person get the points.  I have Tweeted Radisson to get some clarification on the “check-out” clause, as I know some people will want to “check-out” right after checking in if they are just participating in the promo for the points.  As long as your stay earns points, it should work for this promo – that includes cash and points stays.  To see if a rate earns points, just click on “rate details”.  If it is ineligible it should look like this.

4.  Research where you might want to redeem your points.  There are many very nice Radisson and Radisson Blu properties that go for the equivalent of $300 – $500 USD per night (especially in Europe), so this promo can be very lucrative as you get enough points for a free night just by staying once.  However, not everyone is going to redeem their points in Paris, so just be sure to have some idea of the value you will get when it comes time to redeem.  Personally, I think redeeming for 5 nights at the Radisson International Drive in Orlando at 9,000 points per night is a pretty stellar redemption value for many families!  Just think, have a stay with this promo for about $70 and get enough points for 5 nights in Orlando.  That is a spectacular value.

5.  When you do make your reservations, consider going through TopCashBack for 10% cash back (big thanks to Frequent Miler for that!).  It is currently at 5%, but should go to 10% tonight.  You can also use Membership Rewards portal for 3x points, if you would prefer.

6.  If you want to play it very safe and register when the promo goes live tonight, then stay up Tweeting with me @Mommy_Points I don’t normally stay up until 12:01AM Central, so this is a stretch for me.  I’ll be giving away American Airlines miles on Twitter to pass the time.  Should be fun!  Help keep me awake.  😉  Last time there was no need to stay up late and register, but I’m doing it again just in case.  Don’t stress too much if you don’t want to stay up late.  Just register when you wake up in the morning.

I’m ready – can’t wait to get registered and see the full terms and conditions.  Will you be staying up to register?

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  1. […] Don’t forget that tonight is the beginning of sign-ups for the great Club Carlson promotions, in which you can earn up to 138,000 points (or even more, with status matches, etc.) without spending much more than $300 for some hotel nights you might have needed anyway. Still, Carlson doesn’t exactly have a lot of aspirational properties, I don’t plan to redeem these points for even more Carlson hotel nights. I discussed earlier how to turn these points into enough airline miles for a free domestic ticket and still have some left over for a US Airways Grand Slam transfer later this year. Mommy Points has some last-minute tips. […]


  1. Wait, 12:01 CDT?! The world-revolves-around-us-east-coaster in me assumed EDT 🙂 I’m staying up anyway… well, if this coffee lasts me! I usually turn in 10pm EDT.

  2. I’m with Jeanne. I thought everything was based on east coast time! Well if you are up and on twitter, I think I’ll join you. I want to get in on the country inn and suite’s promotion!

  3. I’ll likely stay up, as I did for the first one . . . or set my alarm to wake me back up. 😉 I figure between the wife and I we can earn about 300K Club Carlson points for $500-600 including 3 nights we already planned to spend on hotels over Memorial Day weekend.

    I’ll see about following Twitter.


  4. Everyone is promoting signing up for all 3 promotions at the different hotels. Does that mean that this year I can’t just sign up once for myself, once for my dad, once for my mom and stay at the Radisson 3 times and just pool the points afterwards for a full 150k? Why would I want to go for 3 different chains and only get 138k points? Am I missing something here?

  5. @ pete: Yes you can. You just call up member services, have handy both account numbers, names, and addresses (and possibly phone number just to be safe). Tell them you want to transfer from one, to the other. Simple as that, its instant.

  6. If I am not mistaken the points collected can be used on any reservation so if you only get the Radisson points you can use them at Country Inn. Am I missing something? @Everett-I am doing the same thing! Someone tell me if I am missing the boat. I am rather new at this.

  7. .
    Yes, you can sign up for any or all of the three promotions, each is separate. Yes, anyone can sign up and if you don’t have (or they don’t have) a Club Carlson account they can register for free. Yes, Club Carlson points are transferable without cost. No, you would each need to each stay at a Radisson, a Park Inn, and a Country Inn.

  8. @Christine: Yes, points for each promotion need to be earned at the corresponding hotel but can be used at any Carlson Club hotel brand once earned.

  9. what a nice and sweet mommy you are.

    you are so awesome, please don’t forget to spend more time for your childern and your family

  10. Hey, did anyone contact Carlson to find out what it means to have to check out of the hotel? Hopefully someone did so they have the opportunity to alter the terms and conditions just before launch and close all the loopholes to make this an easy points opportunity like the last one was.

  11. -Sorry I haven’t been able to answer all the questions, but thanks for helping each other! I’ve been on Twitter hosting the unofficial #antislumberparty – but now I hit my Tweet limit. Ha ha. Who knew there was such a thing? -Also, points don’t expire as long as there is activity at least once every 24 months.
    -@awac, I asked and was told to wait until the terms come out. Hopefully they will help, if not we can ask again tmrw.
    -and @tim, no worries. They get more than their fair share of time with me these days. 😉

  12. i registered , do i have to book the hotel room now to get 50k offer or i can do later?
    You are now registered for the Radisson Big Night Giveaway. To receive your 50,000 bonus Gold Points®, be sure to complete a qualifying one night stay at any Radisson or Radisson Blu location around the world by July 15, 2012

  13. They’re verifying that you qualify for the big bonus immediately this time. The screen says so and I just got an email.

    (Last time they left it in doubt if you were one of the first 100K. They finally sent out emails.)

  14. please answer this

    i registered , do i have to book the hotel room NOW to get 50k offer or i can do later?
    You are now registered for the Radisson Big Night Giveaway. To receive your 50,000 bonus Gold Points®, be sure to complete a qualifying one night stay at any Radisson or Radisson Blu location around the world by July 15, 2012

  15. Question ? My wife and I each registered with our separate account for the 50k and 44k deals, although each of our separate emails revealed just one offer verification. Mine had the 44k, and hers had the 50k. When I tried we tried to reapply for the opposite offers, the sites say we are already qualified. Sounds good to you ? Thx

  16. Details say that previous reservations are ineligible. I was hoping they’d count since I’m already booked for a business trip in a Country Inn next week. Oh, well. Thanks for all the information.

  17. Got up super early (7am here in France) and signed up for both. Now waiting for the Park Inn sign up in 6 days time 🙂 Not had an email confirmation yet but got the on-screen ‘Congratulations of 50k”, maybe their mail server has crashed.

  18. @dinfrance… I actually just received the second confirmation email (from radisson). It took a while, but it made it into my inbox. I am sure same will occur for all. Good night Mommy P. thx

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