Club Carlson Hotel Category Changes

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I know some people probably had their blood pressure momentarily increase when they saw that Club Carlson was changing hotel categories after just hyping everyone up about the “Big Night Giveaway”.  At least I know mine did.  However, it really isn’t that bad overall.  Sure, some hotels are going up in category, and that stinks if one of the hotels you frequent falls in that category, but there are plenty of hotels that are also going down.  For example, the Country Inn & Suites Universal Orlando is going from a 3 to 2 and will now cost just 15,000 points per night.  The Radisson Resort Orlando Celebration took a free-fall from a Category 3 to a Category 1 and will come in at just 9,000 per night.  That hotel is just 1.5 miles from Disney World, has a water slide, is a “Disney Good Neighbor Hotel”, and looks like a real strong choice for a budget family vacation to Disney World.  Heck, one night at a Radisson with the Big Night Giveaway and you can now have enough points for 5 nights at a resort less than two miles from the “Mouse House”.  One $80 stay = 5 “free” nights at a resort near Disney.  I like that math.

You can still book rooms at the previous levels until May 31st.  This can be relevant to reservations you were making to earn the “Big Night” bonus points if you were planning on using a cash and points reservation to qualify, since those rates will vary based on the category of the hotel.

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  1. Was looking for any radissons or country inn and suits hotel in BUFFALO NY but only found this closest (6) miles and am not sure if it is even a club carlson hotel. “soon to be joining club carlson” Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Buffalo South I-90, NY
    164b Slade Avenue, West Seneca, NY 14224 | 716-259-8520
    Soon to be joining Country Inn & Suites By Carlson .

    My wife is the one going and staying in buffalo for 3 nights. Can I book a room/each night separately using my and wife’s club carlson account so we get total of 88k points vs booking all 3 nights with her account only and just get one 44k club carlson points?

  2. The category 1 list is going to become pretty sparse. 🙁

    From a business prospective, inflation of redemption rates on a regular basis, whether for hotel rooms or flights, makes a lot of sense. 1) Entice customers with your currency, 2) devalue that currency after customers buy in, 3) book profits. Genius!

  3. pete, you dont get any bonus points, you first have to stay at any of those hotels and PAY IN FULL with cash/card, only after that, you wil get the 44k or 50k points.

  4. I notice to reserve a room you just need a credit card to hold the reservation on Monies are not actually getting charged until the day of the reservation or when cancellation period ends, whichever comes first. Is topcashback giving the rebate with just reservation holds?

  5. @Tom, if a room is in your name, you would have to be there to check-in (and possibly check-out), so that is a good plan, but it would theoretically require you to be there to pull it off.
    @jedijood, I would doubt that it is just when you reserve the room (otherwise there would be a huge opportunity to “work the system”, though I am not the expert with using that site.)
    @Asen, from my perspective the good news was that no properties are going over 50K. Though in truth, If I were a regular user of the Club Carlson program (like I am with Hyatt and SPG), it might have struck me as a worse situation. I am glad to see a family friendly property like the one near Disney drop though!

  6. OMG…thank GOD you posted this link. I wasn’t even aware that there was a Radisson in Colorado still until I glanced over this chart for the changes. I thought there were just 2 country inn’s, and then I realized that there was a Radisson in Colorado Springs! Only 1 hour away from Denver!! This is AWESOME because now I can do both the Radisson and Country Inn promotions!! (I’m also pissed that when I was glancing at their map of “locations” it doesn’t show CO Springs until you zoom in REALLY closely…grrr)

  7. Stayed up late last night to sign up. Today decided to make a last min trip to Orlando from Jacksonville. Booked the Country Inn and Suites for $76 with tax! Reviews weren’t too bad. Hope so!

  8. In the last line, Did u say that a stay booked with points & cash will be eligible for bonus points?? Or is it just me interpreting that ways??

  9. the 2 homeless guys near my place are lucky, COS I AM LOADING THEM IN MY CAR AND DRIVE THEM TO WHERE EVER I CAN FIND CHEAPEST RADISON HOTEL FOR ONE NIGHt, i can do it up to 50 miles within IL and i have hybrid so no need to worry about gas. they will check in with me but they stay one night at the room that is around $60, and buy them mcdonald food with my chase sp card. I get 50k bonus points.

  10. i dont have hilton but have priority club 80k bonus points and the card.

    can i get matched to club carlson platinum or silver or whatever that is?

    just send them link of my 80k pc club?

  11. Where would I find a list of all the Club Carlson hotels with their category listed? Does such a thing exist?

  12. Hey Mommy!
    Was looking for any radissons or country inn and suits hotel in BUFFALO NY but only found this closest (6) miles and am not sure if it is even a club carlson hotel cos it says “soon to be joining club carlson” Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Buffalo South I-90, NY
    164b Slade Avenue, West Seneca, NY 14224 | 716-259-8520
    Soon to be joining Country Inn & Suites By Carlson .

    you think if i book a stay here paid with card, i will get the 44k points?

  13. Can *anybody* confirm in the non-refundable 20% rates work? I’m a bit leery since the T/C say “Can not be combined with any other promotional offer” underneath “FEATURES”. I’m not sure how they define “promotional offer”.

  14. Thank you for the warning, MP. My wife and I hadn’t gotten around to reserving a Carlson hotel in Zurich for an upcoming trip; when I saw that it was on the category-increase list we went ahead and reserved at the old rate.

  15. Last time I screwed up and stayed a day late! ha ha Now, I can make up for it! Hopefully we will make it to Orlando next winter!

  16. I am struggling hard (hours) spent in trying to figure out a cheap place to stay in the PA, VA, MD area. Cheapest is $79 plus tax on a weekday, I looked up 9k pt hotels but that does not mean their rates are lower than say a 15k pt night hotel, which is so odd.
    Also I compared with other hotel sites and find the exact same rate, bummer so no price match.

    Any suggestions??



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