Other Airlines Appear to be Matching BA’s Business Class Sale

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I browse online for clothes, home decor, and airfare that I don’t need/can’t afford (everyone does that, right?!), so while doing that today I found some info I want to pass along in case it helps anyone else out.  I posted earlier today about the limited time British Airways sale that involves business class round trip tickets to London from several US cities for less than $2000 in honor of the the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration.  I also mentioned that even if I found $2000 extra bucks in my pocket, that sale excluded Houston (my home airport).  Well, looks like others are matching this sale, as United is offering BusinessFirst from Houston to London round trip for $1947 for select dates in late May or early June.

In my imaginary world, it would be super fun to spend $1947 to go to London in BusinessFirst and earn elite qualifying and redeemable miles for the trip.  However, it was also fun just looking for the deal online.  😉  Okay, enough “fancy pants” talk, I will now go back to posting about how to get five nights at a resort 1.5 miles from Disney World for about $70 bucks. 

PS, if you do book one of these fares, let me know so I can live vicariously through your adventures!  Tell the Queen “hi” for me.

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  1. You’re not the only browsing online for things you can’t use. I find award seats to places I want to go, but don’t have the time off to visit.

    And while I’m at it, I also check for hotels!

  2. Love it! I do the same thing, but not all of us break out the Kurg regularly (or ever). That’s one of the big reason I appreciate your and @MillionMileSecrets blogs. Realistic travel is more regular in my life. The aspirational stuff only happens on rare occasion! Cheers!

  3. “In my imaginary world, it would be super fun to spend $1947 to go to London in BusinessFirst and earn elite qualifying and redeemable miles for the trip. ”

    I’m so with you. I frequently find myself constructing imaginary trips, both paid and awards. And I’m not even a frequent flier.

    In my imaginary world I’m trying to justify to my wife a quick trip to London. I mean, we need AA miles for that trip to Argentina that she wants… Nah, that won’t fly either 🙁 😉

  4. Ha ha – so glad I’m not the only one! It is actually fun to build “imaginary trips”. It’s like practice for the real ones. 😉

  5. Thanks MP. I just booked at AA business class to London and used an EVIP to upgrade it. Great rate. I was going anyway and this made it easier>

  6. I think this is one of those posts that stray away from your target audience of families. Instead, it gears itself more to the middle-aged man who likes to travel in business class.

    I love your blog, so please don’t become another one of those travel blogs.

  7. hi Mommypoints, London is a fantastic city. Perhaps get the grandparents in to look after the kids for a long weekend, burn some miles and get over there. I pass through London regularly on way to other places often and always try to take some extra time for a stop off. Done the miles return trip many times. Life is too short. Go!

  8. Yes, it’s nice for those of us with one or two kiddos to dream. Even a “bargain” at $2k is a little beyond the budget…

  9. I may be a SGND (single guy, no dependents), but I still love your advice & tips! I was poking around as well, and have found business RTs as low as mid-$1600s Memorial weekend for Seattle-Heathrow. Delta/KLM, United and US Airways are in the mix, plus AA/Iberia. I have friends there and am sorely tempted…..and 16k+ elite miles even for a non-status like myself is tantalizing. (Manchester, the other city on BA’s promotion, has fares down to mid-$1700s.)

  10. @Jim L, glad you were able to book it!
    @DrSifu, I hear you. No worries, this blog isn’t going to become all about business class travels. 😉 However, it is fun to daydream sometimes and there will be some business class trips that we take mixed in with our economy trips. That said, Row 21 will be far more familiar for us than Row 1.
    @greek2me, ha ha. I didn’t say I booked the flight. 😉
    @Levi flight, we are actually doing just that early next year using the miles we earned from the Grand Slam last year. I have been to London once before and loved it.
    @Theresa, I agree, dreams are fun….and $2K a pop is certainly out of my budget!
    @Archon, thanks for reading. Anyone is more than welcome here. I can see how it would be tempting for you to want to snag one of those fares. If you can afford it and want to see your friends, well…… 😉

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