2012 Grand Slam Preparations Part 2: Cancel 2011 Subscriptions Now

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Time for Part 2 in my series about preparing for a potential 2012 US Airways Grand Slam.  I did not prepare in advance  for last year’s Grand Slam and still earned about 120,000 miles from the promo (and that was just counting my account), so while preparation isn’t necessary, it can make the Grand Slam a bit less expensive and a bit easier.  To learn more about the Grand Slam, or to catch up on Part 1 about hotel point preparation, go here.  The 2011 US Airways Grand Slam had a requirement to keep all subscriptions that counted as a hit active until at least May 14th 2012, six months from the end of the promo on 11/14/11.  Some such subscriptions included newspapers, Netflix, wine subscription services, and more.  Failure to keep the subscriptions active until the six month mark reportedly could result in a reversal of the hit – and thus a reversal of the miles.  This requirement was presumably in place so that people would not “subscribe” to something just for the hit only to cancel it days later.  Though none of us would do that – right?!  😉

So, today’s 2012 preparation tip is pretty short – since the May 14th 6-month requirement has passed, go ahead and cancel any subscriptions for the 2011 Grand Slam that you don’t actually want for the long haul.  I didn’t get any subscriptions for last year’s Grand Slam, but I know many others did.  Not only will you save some money by not continuing with a service that you didn’t actually desire to have forever, but you will increase the chances that you could subscribe for the service again for this year’s Grand Slam and get the hit.  I can’t guarantee that will work for all of the retailers, for example Netflix keeps pretty good track of sign-ups, so not everyone has been successful in double-dipping with them (though some have).  However, odds are that a double-tip from 2011 and 2012 will work for some companies.  Of course, we have no idea what a Grand Slam would look like this year, but it makes sense to be ready. 


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  1. My penny stock picks did not make me a million dollars yet with Sharebuilder (in fact the are down to almost zero even after $25 match deal but I just wanted it for the GS hit anyway).

    I had an account with them before GS and both the old and the new one show when I log in.

    So, have you looked at the T&C as to if we should cancel these as well to get a new hit if they come back and do you think we can as if not I will let them ride.

    Thanks for your time and effort on this as I get lazy and just do what Mommy says to do on this one. 😉 René

  2. Well, we would never cancel a subscription service we just signed up it. Except if that service prorate the fee and put you on the opt-out list for credit card offers. I guess Life Lock didn’t like its 2010 GS customers (paying under $2 for 750 miles).

  3. Double dipping with Netflix is easy. To sign up for a new trial and more miles:
    1. Switch your browser to incognito mode.
    2. Find the right Netflix offer.
    3. Find a credit card number you haven’t used with Netflix before. Most Amex and MasterCard gift cards don’t work, but some visa gift cards seems to work. But seriously, our kind of people shouldn’t have a problem finding a new number.
    4. Sign-up and wait.

  4. @Rene – I am with you. My $5 investment is down to $1.10 🙂 Didn’t have much hope to become a millionaire off od Sirius anyways.

  5. @Delta Points, I have no idea what the T&Cs will be for this year, so I have no clue as to whether it will work again this year for that hit, but I think there is a better shot if you don’t have an active account (though I think I remember a couple posts where people with an active acct did get the hit again).
    @Carste Varming, I guess they didn’t like that. 😉 As for Netflix, I know there are some “tips” for the Netflix double-dip (thx for outlining them!), but it is harder than some to get a hit from again.
    @deals, too bad!

  6. @Maury
    NO !!!!!!! don’t cancel Emiles or Erewards. In the past these have counted as a hit when you deposit miles. You don’t need a new account for these each year (unless they change the rules).
    I’m worried about Sharebuilder. Too much trouble to cancel but yet maybe I should. Hmmmm.

  7. @Maury, no, I am talking about subscription services like Netflix, Lifelock, USA Today, etc. Keep adding to your emails and erewards accounts. 😉
    @DaninSTL, thanks for helping out. Correct, don’t cancel emiles or rewards. Sharebuilder may be too much trouble to cancel for some folks.

  8. Regarding Sharebuilder, I have gotten the bonus multiples times. First I closed my previous account and opened a new one using my same username and password. Then I make a $5 trade and cash it out after the miles post. Usually there is nothing left after the trading fee. Eventually they caught on and didn’t let me open any more accounts but I was able to get the bonus 7 or 8 times before they stopped me. Now I am working on the bonus using family member’s names. 😉

  9. NOTE: I was checking e-Rewards redemption options today after completing a survey, and they no longer list US Airways as a redeeming partner. In fact, United is the only airline redemption. Don’t know if this is temporary or not. They’re still listed as a partner on the US Airways website…

    E-Rewards still lists several hotel loyalty programs (though I think fewer than before? Carlson, Choice, Hilton, La Quinta, Priority Club), so can still be useful to top up your hotel programs for a points>DM exchange hit.

    E-Miles is still good to go (just added a few miles to mine yesterday).

  10. Re: Carste Varming “Find a credit card number you haven’t used with Netflix before”

    My bank has a feature when you use a credit card online that you can generate a 1-time use number, give it a short expiration and a low custom spending limit. I know some other banks do this as well and I’m pretty sure that the merchant does not know that multiple 1-time use numbers resolve to the same card. Might be an easy way to re-up with NetFlix without having to track which cards have been used before, open up a bazillion accounts, etc.

  11. Thanks for the reminder, you scared me thinking that all my families points with e-miles would have been lost because I haven’t visited in months. But they are still there.
    Going to top up all the accounts now.
    Thanks again,

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