Hyatt Lost Pines Delivers Again (Even Though the Resort Was Empty!)

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I posted a few pictures of the Hyatt Lost Pines earlier this week.  I pointed out in that post that we basically had the resort to ourselves, and that trend continued for the duration of our three day/two night stay.  Going in the middle of the week just before summer break was the perfect way to have great weather, affordable rates, and enjoy the resort without any crowds.  There were a good number of business folks there for a conference, but we hardly saw them.  I would occasionally see some groups of golfers, but there were very few people doing any of the activities that we were.  There were a handful of other very nice families, but I could count the number of kids we ran into on two hands.  However, the staff at the hotel was still on their A-game despite the sparse number of leisure travelers.

This is my fourth visit to this resort in the last year, and it has never disappointed me.  On this particular stay, Little C and I were by ourselves during the day while my husband was doing work in Austin.  This was my first time at the resort by myself with her for long periods of time.  She is a very active and opinionated toddler, but this resort just makes it almost easy to keep even a two-year-old happy.  Here are a few shots of the grounds of the resort that highlight how awesome it was to have the resort practically to ourselves.

In addition to just enjoying the peacefulness of the resort, we did a bunch of fun activities.  For families, the availability of activities is one of the core attractions for this resort.  Keep the kiddos busy!  We had planned a pony ride for C, but it was too muddy for the ponies so that was cancelled.  That was a bit disappointing, but we were more than occupied with activities like sidewalk chalk drawing, swimming, an indoor “game room”, and wagon rides.  In fact, she did three laps on the wagon ride due to the light load.

One of our big activities on this trip was a “Mommy and Me” pedicure at the Spa Django that was a Mother’s Day present from Little C and my husband.  For weeks C and I talked about getting our toes painted, and she was very excited.  Of course, it is a little ridiculous for a two-year-old to get her toes painted, but it was also ridiculously fun.  They even had sparking juice in “fancy glasses” for us.  Her pedicure just consisted of a brief foot rub and some sparkly pink polish (as that is all she was interested in), but I got a regular fantastic pedicure.  For those worried that a toddler would ruin the pedicure experience for other guests, there were no other folks there.  Normally they do have a separate “kid’s spa”.

For weeks she had said she wanted blue polish, but when she saw the vast array of color choices she quickly went for “pink sparkley”.

I certainly don’t plan on getting my two year old pedicures on a regular basis, but she did a great job this go round!  Many thanks for the patient and accommodating spa employees who went with the flow and made it a great experience for both of us.

While I was in the spa area, I snapped some quick photos of the adjacent gym.  Like most areas of the resort while we were there, it was empty.

We used one of our Diamond confirmed suite upgrades and had a junior suite.  It is the same type of room we were confirmed into last time we used an upgrade as well.  It is a true two-room suite and it was perfect for the three of us.

The only “hard” part of the stay was when it came time to check-out.  We got late check-out of 1PM and swam right up until it was time to go.  As I was loading up the room, I could not keep my toddler from passing out.  I knew it was nap time and I wanted her tired for the drive home, but I was really trying to avoid having her fall asleep before I could get her in the car.  It is really hard to check-out and manage bags with a passed out 30-pound toddler.  Luckily the bellman and valet helped get the bags and vehicle ready, but I still didn’t have enough arms to manage cashing a check at the front desk (for tips for the helpful bellman and valet as I had run out of cash) and finalizing the bill with a 30-pound sack of potatoes in my arms.  So, judge if you will, but here was the only solution I could find to the passed-out toddler problem.

Yes, that is my toddler on the floor in front of the check-in desk where everyone’s dirty feet go.  Oh the joys of traveling by yourself with a little one.  For the record, she slept an additional 1.5 hours in the car on the way home.  It made for 1.5 hours of peaceful driving – a great way to reflect on an enjoyable mini-vacation.

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  1. We made a visit in January based on your last review. We only stayed a night but had a great time! Loved riding the bikes around! My son got to pet a llama they brought in to the lobby. We didn’t get to go to the pool due to the cold weather but we did make smores out at the fire! It was the best one night stay we have ever had! Thanks for the review! We plan to go back during warmed weather to try out the pools!!

  2. @colleen, ha ha. That’s the assumption I went on. Two days later, she seems unscathed. 😉
    @Asen, ha ha. She does spend hours a day signing fan mail, performing in parades, and making personal appearances.
    @Grandma Points, youth is fleeting? Say it isn’t so.
    @Andrew, glad you liked it!
    @kelly, that is awesome! So glad to hear you liked it. We were actually originally scheduled for just one night on this trip, but we had so much fun we extended it one night when the rate got really low. You should def go back and swim!

  3. I like lost pines too but not so sure about the junior suite. The bed room is very small with only a queen/full size bed. And it’s always in a corner where the view is restricted. I would suggest not to use suite upgrade and just get a regular king room.

  4. Great post, though I have no idea how you manage to keep up with Little C! I’m more surprised that it wasn’t *you* zonked on the floor in the hotel lobby.

    Oh, and… cashing a check for tips? What is this, the 1950s? :p Don’t they have Square? 😉

  5. @Bgiagg, the bedroom is a bit small, so it does just depend on your priorities. For nap time, it is important for us to have a separate room, but you do lose some bedroom space. Here is a post from a few months back that showed the regular king room:
    @wijomas, I did feel a little silly asking to cash a check, but didn’t want to pay an ATM fee. The front desk wasn’t overly familiar with check cashing, but they did get it done. 😉

  6. I drove by the resort on May 10th from AUS to CLL and thought of your posts about this resort. Was tempted to drive in, but was short on time. Someday I will get back to this resort!

  7. @Kevy, ha ha. It is quite a long winding drive!
    @carwag25, I highly recommend you add it to your someday “to do” list!

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