Club Carlson Does the Right Thing – Pre-Existing Reservations for “Big Night Giveaway” Will Count!

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Woohoo!  I posted yesterday that while I really like (ok, love) the Club Carlson Big Night Giveaway, I was very disappointed that they had posted on their Facebook page that existing reservations would count before the promo launched, only to then delete that post and say that only reservations made after the promotion started on May 15th would count.  This means that some folks now had non-refundable reservations that wouldn’t count toward the promotion.  Somewhat surprisingly, there was actually a fair number of folks who were upset that I had posted about Club Carlson going back on what they said.  However, as I said in that post, I feel if I am going to post good things about companies and promotions, it is only fair to also post the negative things.  Additionally, some folks didn’t know that the “rules” had changed and that their pre-existing reservations no longer counted.

I was also somewhat hopeful that if enough attention was brought to this issue that Club Carlson might do the right thing and at least make some exceptions for folks who had made reservations based on what they had read on the official company Facebook page.  Deals We Like and Loyalty Traveler also wrote similar posts about the issue in the last 48 hours.  Other bloggers and upset customers have also been emailing, Facebooking, and Tweeting them with this same issue.  I want to be able to trust the social media presence from a company, and I wanted them to do what was (in my mind) the right thing after some incorrect information was communicated.

I have no idea what caused Club Carlson to reverse their position, but I am very glad that they did.  Here is what their Facebook page now says:

We would like to apologize for some confusing information about the terms of the Big Night Giveaway. The promotion was intended to be for new reservations only, however we inadvertently communicated it would be valid on existing reservations.

Guest satisfaction is a major priority for our brand. As a result, we have decided that all existing reservations as well as new reservations for stays completed by July 15th will be eligible for the promotion. Thank you for your feedback and continued loyalty. Please visit to learn more.

In my mind, they have now gone above and beyond in counting all pre-existing reservations.  Mistakes happen, and I firmly believe it is how someone responds to the mistakes that really matters.  In this case, Club Carlson has responded very well to the accidental error, and that is what matters to me in the end.  Though it did seem to take a bit of pushing from unhappy customers…… 😉

Thanks to Club Carlson, and for all of you who voiced your concerns to them.  Let the bonus points start coming in for everyone!

Thanks to @JeffTheWanderer (aka Indulge the Wanderlust) for Tweeting me with this good news!  Though as he points out, the official terms have not yet been updated, so let’s hope the FB page is correct.  😉

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  1. Now, I feel bad for not risking the points for a $20 saving.
    Just kidding, great result! Nice move Club Carlson.

  2. I was on the phone with them all day yesterday and finally gave up because at that time they said it was a no go. But it looks like they changed their tune! I love them more now!

  3. Thanks! I was able to rebook my old one at the same rate, but I was very nervous about that. I’m glad this works out for everyone who was stuck with prepaid reservations.

  4. Just rebooked a bunch of stays. Thats fine, I’m pleasantly surprised they changed their policy and others are helped. It says a lot about the company.

  5. Good move Radisson.

    I probably know the answer but just wanted to ask. My wife and I signed up for Radisson promo. Could we book two rooms under each of our names the same night?

  6. congratulations to club carlson for doing the right thing. Many copnanies don’t always do this. I will be using this chain more as a result

  7. .
    This is excellent news! I already had one Park Inn reservation (jik), but now have two for next week plus a Country Inn. So $300 gets 132K CC instead of $155 and 45K HH gets nothing. That works. 🙂

  8. @Benny, yes! My husband and I did that last year. Does anyone know if you get the 50,000 points by staying on points and Cash at a Radisson? for instance, I can book a hotel we will stay in for 5000 club carlson points and $73. Or do you only get the points on strickly a cash booking?

  9. I booked my stay on the 14th, just hours before the promo opened, then stayed on the 16th. My points for the stay have now posted, but not the bonus points for the promo. I am wondering if this will now follow through automatically or if I need to contact them? I guess I’ll wait a few days to see what happens with the welcome change in policy.

  10. How long will it take for the 44k miles to post? On a related note, I’ve found the response time for Club Carlson e-mail support to be really bad.

    Any ideas/confirmation?

  11. Bigtex – I concur. They are slower than my usual experience with e-mail support for FF/hotel program, but they might also be facing a barrage of status match requests. That’s why I e-mailed, and I’m now silver in Club Carlson into 2014.

  12. Thanks for this post. I did a stay (existing reservation) at Radisson on 5/15/2012 – points other than big night giveaway have been posted. When I called the CS this morning, they confirmed that I have registered for this promotion but however they are asking me to wait until July 15 for the points to post through the automatic system. What should I do?

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