Club Carlson “Big Night Promo” Bonus Points Already Posting

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I got an email from a reader yesterday that his 44,000 bonus points from the Country Inn and Suites “Stay One, Get One” promo have already posted from his 5/15 stay (thanks for the email, Brad!).  While the terms say 6-8 weeks, the bonus points posted within a few days for many last go round as well, so this isn’t overly surprising.  It is good news though since now you can put those bonus points to good use quickly if you want to.  Remember that some Club Carlson hotels are changing categories at the end of the month, so lock in the hotel you want at the current points rate if it is one that is going up in category.

Also, I submitted a “Best Rate Guarantee” claim for a Country Inn and Suites reservation I made last night – I found a lower rate on than on the official Country Inn and Suites website.  Submitting the claim was pretty easy, but so far they have not responded in the 16 hours 4 minutes and 52.6 seconds since I submitted the claim.  😉  Hopefully they will respond before the rate I found disappears!  If successful, I will get 25% off the lower rate that I found.  That will knock the cost of my stay down to $46 (not counting the 10% back from going through Top Cash Back).  I’ll post more about that process once it either succeeds or fails.

Also, remember that registration for the Park Inn “One Plus One” promo starts today at 12:01AM CET – unlike the others that launched at 12:01AM Central – this one is launching much earlier in he day.  Since the other two promos are still allowing registrations, I don’t think there is any reason to register the second it goes live, but I would do it at some point in the near future as there are only 20,000 registration slots available (fewer than the other two promos). In case you aren’t familiar with the promo, all you need to do is register and have one points earning stay at a Park Inn before July 22nd and you will be awarded 44,000 bonus points – enough for a Park Inn stay anywhere in the world.  You can also use those points toward any other Club Carlson hotel including Country Inn & Suites and Radisson/Radisson Blu.  You can read more about the three Club Carlson promos here.


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  1. It starts at 5 p.m. CDT. It launches at 12:01 a.m. CET which is European. The count-down clock is correct, and nobody needs to stay up late!

  2. How funny – they go with Central time the last go round and Central European time this time. Good catch, Mike! So, at 5PM Central here in the US you can register.

    To answer a few others questions: yes, you have to book the hotel first for the BRG. You also have to submit the claim within 24 hours of booking and more than 48 hours before the stay. I’ll post more details as soon as my does or does not work. I’m not posting the hotel right now as I want to see if it will work without drawing more attention to it. I’ll email it to you if it works.
    Stays for this promo need to be at a Park Inn.

  3. Well my cashback from top is showing 5% for my country inn, but 10 for my radisson..even though booked both through the 10% radisson link.

  4. Any report of bonus posting for the person checking in as a spouse of the Club Carlson account holder vs the account holder being physically present themselves at checkin?

  5. Signed up for Park Inn about 45 minutes ago. Signed up for all 3. Need to figure out stays at all 3. Got two reserved so far.

  6. Signed up just now successfully:


    You are now registered for the 1+1 Offer. To receive your 44,000 bonus Gold Points, be sure to complete a qualifying one night stay at any Park Inn hotel worldwide by July 22, 2012.

  7. @mommypoints Just FYI to you and everybody else doing a BRG with Club Carlson (I’ve done several and found myself in a bit of a lurch, so I’m passing along a warning!):

    From their BRG T&C: “If a Best On-Line Rate Guarantee claim is approved, full prepayment will be billed to the credit card you provided on your reservation. Advance payment of $25.00 USD is non-refundable. Cancellations made within 3 days of arrival will be charged 1 night plus tax.”

    I take that to mean that instead of just locking in that rate and paying upon check-out, you pay the matched+25% off rate up-front like an advanced purchase rate; if you cancel, you’re out at least $25.

    I had made a whole bunch of reservations with BRGs as I was trying to strategize what the best hotels were for me to visit; I wanted to have options, and then cancel the ones I decided I didn’t want when I settled on a plan. When I found out about the above terms, I freaked out and called them to make sure I wasn’t out $100+ in non-refundable deposits. According to the CSR I talked to on the phone, the full advance BRG rate and the $25 fee is up to the individual hotel to charge, which I thankfully wasn’t.

    Just an FYI for those of you who are making BRGs but may cancel them later–be careful!

  8. I stayed 5/18 at a Radisson and my stay points and bonus points just posted. This doubled my Club Carlson balance. Looking forward to CI&S and Park Inn stays.

  9. Are there any good sites that let you look at prices over time? I wanted to do a mattress run but am very flexible on dates – is there any way to see an entire month at a time versus doing a search for each individual day?

    • @Jay, Travelocity let’s you do this. I select the hotel and rate for a night and then select “GoodBuy” rates and can see a couple months at at time.

  10. I’ve booked my Park Inn and Country Inn stays, and now I’m trying to figure out how to get my Radisson stay without paying alot.

    Does anyone know if a booking through a discount site counts? I’m looking at $120 on versus $200 on

  11. Thanks for the tip on the BRG. It prompted me to check on a Radisson reservation I had made and, sure enough, the published Priceline rate was less. BRG claim was approved and I saved $ 20. Final BRG rate is $ 48. A nice cheap way to snag my 50K bonus points.

  12. I called in to verify if “best rate guarantee” rooms are eligible under the promos and they said they do not. Which was hard to believe because you will earn points through them. So, to make sure, I asked to speak to a supervisor just to verify and the supervisor indeed said that “best rate guarantee” rooms will not qualify under the promo. I was going to price match an upcoming stay and save a lot of money, but I am staying clear from using this option and just going to use points+cash or the AAA rate.

    • @jedijood, interesting to know. I guess I will be the guinea pig then. It is hard to believe that those would not earn the bonus points, but thanks for the info!

  13. I just spoke with the Best Rate Guarantee department and they assured me that a successful BRG claim will not affect eligibility for the Big Night Giveaway and related promos. I also learned that a BRG claim on a Park Inn stay is MUCH more involved than at the sister chains…I now know how to send a multi-page fax to Dublin, Ireland.

  14. mommypoints – thanks for the response. How do you select Goodbuy rates? When I bring up a hotel, I see a GoodBuy icon a few lines below the hotel name but it’s not clickable.

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