Park Inn “One Plus One” Promo Launches in Two Hours (CET not CDT)

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Oh what a difference a letter can make.  The Country Inn and Suites and Radisson promos launched a week ago today at 12:01AM CDT, but (just to throw me off, I’m certain) the Park Inn promo today launches at 12:01AM CET.  That is seven hours earlier than midnight CDT.  Not that there is a need for a mad dash to register, but you can do it much earlier in the day (assuming you live in CDT and not CET) than you otherwise would be able.

So, in roughly two hours, at 5:00PM Central Daylight Time (aka the time zone of Houston and Chicago) registration should be live.  Perhaps I should bookmark the websites that help me convert time zones around the world!  Or perhaps I should just notice an E instead of a D in the time zone and not miss that detail assuming that the promo would be on the same schedule as the ones last week.  😉  Either way, I know for certain it is now snack time in whatever time zone we are in.  Happy registering!

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  1. Remarkably enough, I have need of a Park Inn stay in a couple of weeks! So it’s going to be easier for me to get these points than the Radisson and Country Inn ones here in the US!

  2. Boo! I have a flight departing at 4:55 CDT…or whatever time zone you referenced. I’ll have to hope 15000 people don’t beat me to it the first 4 hours.
    I saw the Park Inn DFW on my way to the airport this afternoon, can’t wait to stay there 🙂

  3. Makes sense given most of the properties are in Europe. I’m going to have trouble making this stay, but the Fresno, Tulsa, and DFW locations might work out.

  4. @Larry, glad it will work out for you!
    @Mikes ha ha. That is a once a year thing. 😉 Still can’t believe I hit my daily Tweet limit.
    @Robert, you should be okay. 😉
    @Scottrick, I can see the logic – would have been nice if they used that time zone last week, too! You get around enough I trust you can make it work!

  5. Oh Mr. Deals is going to be so excited that the promotion wont be keeping him up late again! Not as much fun though 🙁

  6. I love it when the planets align like this – positive proof once again that Fresno and Tulsa are, indeed the center of the Universe…

  7. Question- Is it the first x people who register or people who complete a stay? If I register but then do not stay until July 14, will I maybe miss out on the bonus since other people completed their stay first?

  8. I’m taking my kids to see their grandparents in Houston in June, so may do a fake stay at the Park Inn IAH… at the cost of making the grandparents think that I’m completely nuts.

    Hey Mommypoints, are there any other Houston points-oholics? Wanna organize a group stay / drinks / flash-mob thing at the Park Inn, around June 15-22? 🙂

  9. I have no upcoming vacations until November and not staying at any hotel, should i just find a lowest priced RADISON, COUNTRY INN in IL and pay for a night just to get the 44k to 50k points ? I know many places in RADISON but COUNTRY INN is in very few states and very few outside US. How many night i can get with 50k CC points? transferable to airline ?

  10. -It is the first 20K who register, so no worries if your stay isn’t until July.
    -That would be kinda fun to do a Park Inn meet-up in North Houston! My June is kinda booked, but I am game if the timing works out! I would do June 16th (if the rates looked good)
    -As to whether or not this deal makes sense to do if you don’t already actually need a stay – it makes sense to me because I know I will find a good use for the pts in Europe, NYC, or for a cheap stay in Orlando. However, everyone has to decide for themselves. They do transfer to airlines – not at a great rate, but 50K points would get you. The rate isn’t great, but it is a decent back-up plan if you don’t actually use the points for stays. You can get up to 5 nights with 50K points – or you could just get one night, all depends when/where.

  11. hi, mommypoints, do you know if the elite bonus will be awarded for elite status at time of booking or stay? I still didn’t get my status match request granted.

  12. In for the trifecta, all in one work trip! My admin assistant is gonna freak when I submit the reimbursent form. What’s the best way to explain hotel hopping?

  13. I’d also be up for a Park Inn Houston meet up! Let us know if we can pull it together. Hey, maybe we can get Club Carlson involved and get some free swag! 🙂

  14. I didn’t know registration was earlier and just registered now – 7am CDT .. I got the congratulations message but what I did not get was an email confirming I am eligible for the 44,000 bonus (which I did for the other two). Just wondered whether those who registered earlier did get the “44,000 eligibility” email (and therefore I may have missed the boat)?

  15. i signed up for both radison 50k and country inn 44k deal, if i stay a night at country inn, do i get 50k points?
    is there a way to this?

  16. Thanks for the updates on these promos! I am just starting to get into hotel points. I am moving across the country in a truck and just booked a Country Inn in OK City and the Park Inn in Albuquerque!

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