Little C is Asleep, I’m Finishing Work for the Week, MP in DC. Oh. And Winners!

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Another Post from The Man–


Often when Mommy Points is out of town for work, I get the breathtaking opportunity to spend quality time with my daughter.  It may seem patronizingly cliche, but every moment she and I spend together, just my child and I, is a blessing.  No matter how miserable of a day I’ve had, if we get to play and laugh together, it improves.  MP left for DC yesterday, just after I brought C to school in the morning.  She returns late afternoon tomorrow.  For her, that’s one day away from Little C.  Well, okay.  As she describes it, she sees her before school Thursday, and eats supper with her Saturday.  One day, right?

I picked my daughter up Thursday night and we played toys and watched a Mickey or two.  I ordered pizza (given the chance, I’d surely rather have served fresh salad with fruit puree dressing and Cedar-plank Salmon (Alaskan only, mind you)), but my career requires quite more than 40 hours per week (loving it) which has recently reduced my home-cooked inspirations significantly.  In short, we eat out and get delivery more often than I’d prefer.  I’d rather be a farmer.  We took bath and read books well, and she was out.  I went back to work, and spoke with MP briefly before crashing to the very first episode of An Idiot AbroadKarl Pilkinton is utter genius.

This morning I woke at 5AM to get started on a proposal and hopefully get a workout in.  Batting .500, if you consider the workout.  C reluctantly rose (and by that I mean I scooped a boneless infant from her crib and dressed her as she soft-serve melted onto BeBe).  Our neighbors are a wonderful mother and daughter (90ish and not quite 90ish) who feed cats in their driveway.  As a result, every trek from the front door to one of our vehicles accompanies a discussion of one or more of said cats.  We drank Choc on the way to school, continuing our feline dialog.  Meow.

I had four minutes today away from either the phone or keyboard, during which I swallowed the fatted calf on my way to a restroom break.  I picked up Little C as soon after 5 as I could muster, and we merrily discussed swimming the entire drive home.  Having donned our swim suits, we made our way to a tiny spot of paradise.  My in-laws, near whom we moved when C first had trouble, live across the way from the best neighbors one might hope for. When their children were young, they renovated the existing pool in their backyard, and created the very first staycation, a tropical oasis in East Texas to rival the Caribbean, Maui, or Fiji.  C is the age of fearlessness, when no matter how many times she goes under and inhales lungfuls of non-air, she’s swimming, and enjoying every minute of it.  A section of the pool is a rock waterfall with plentiful moss, ferns, and shade, so every time we go swimming we take at least one “jungle safari”.  It even has a song.  Juhnkle Sa-Far-Ah-Ree, Junkly Sahf-Ree.  Grandpa and Little C and I got buffet dinner at Luby’s, all the while battling over a bite of broccoli versus a bite of Jell-O (it’s WIGGLY!) or corn bread.  Once again bedtime routine was bath, brush teeth, brush hair, nighttime diaper (potty training hasn’t yet reached 8 straight hours), rocking, books, and lights out.  Which brings me to this note to you, dear readers, and the morning.

When I finish this post, which includes selecting the winners and proving the randomness of the selections with screenshots, I have about one more hour of work.  Glancing at the upper-right of my monitor, it now reads 9:53PM CST, so assuming this post takes another half hour and I really rock on my work, I’ll be asleep by midnight.  Anyone remember the day when getting to bed by midnight on a Friday meant you were lame?  BRING ON THE LAME.

Tomorrow I get real uninterrupted time with my progeny.  Plans include a visit to the doughnut shop (no more than twice a month, because, well, pink donuts) then the park.  I had to tell Siri to book an oil change for MP’s car since, as a task, it was severely low on the totem, so by noon I have, “I might be car” as a definite to-do.  Some time around the oil change, we plan to swim again, grab some sushi, and a nap.  Only after all is said and done, will we strap in and journey to the airport to pick up Mommy Points.

For MP it’s only one full day away from Little C.  For me, it’s a rigorous engagement that elicits serenity, smiles, and servitude.  I am grateful for the times I get alone with C.  I am equally grateful when MP returns and we can resume being our complete family once more.  I hope this post finds you well.  On to the winners.

Prior to Mother’s Day, MP proffered some swag as giveaways.  Out of the 231 entries, one indicated in a comment that neither prize held interest, and the final comment on the thread (as of this writing) was after the deadline to enter.  So with 229 eligible posts, comment 206, Candice W., wins the Austin BBQ Do SPG gift pack.  Candice, MP will send you an email for your address, and no, you are not required to provide shipping and handling (in response to one of the comments).

The Freddies swag goes to comment number 117, CU, who declares happiness at winning either prize.  CU, please send an email including your address.

Thank you to everyone who entered, to all of MP’s loyal readership, and to those of you who are new and just getting a glimpse into Little C’s world.

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  1. @wijomas, I know. The two trips to DC came up at different times but it is hilarious how close they are to one another!
    @Anon, not this time, as I got a $39 Country Inn stay in Houston. I may do the Radisson DCA next week though!

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