Time is Running Out for Two Great British Airways Avios Deals

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As we are all hopefully enjoying this long weekend, I wanted to throw out a reminder about two very good deals for British Airways Avios that will soon be a part of miles and points history.  The first has to do with the 100,000 Avios credit card offer, and the second is related to the 50% transfer bonus from American Express Membership Rewards.

There is currently a limited time offer for the Chase British Airways Visa card that awards up to 100,000 Avios as a sign-up bonus.  These days we are unfortunately seeing more and more sign-up bonuses either decreasing or moving to a more targeted model, so to come across a 100,000 point offer that is available to the public is pretty awesome.  The way this offer works is that the first 50,000 Avios are awarded upon the first use of the card, 25,000 bonus Avios after you make $10,000 in purchases within the first year of account opening, and an additional 25,000 bonus Avios after you make a second $10,000 in purchases also within the first year of account opening.  Assuming you put the full $20,000 on the card in the first year you would end up with 125,000 Avios!  If you wanted to look at it this way, that is 6.25 Avios per dollar spent.  Or, if charging $20,000 on one card in a year isn’t realistic or interesting to you, then just take the 50,000 that come with the first purchase and move along.  😉

This card has no foreign transaction fees, has a chip for chip-based purchases (though is not chip and pin), earns 1.25 Avios per dollar spent on purchases, and has a $95 annual fee.  I find Avios to be extremely useful for short to medium trips on American Airlines and other British Airways partners.  I do not plan to use Avios to actually fly on British Airways flights as the fees can be extraordinary high.  There are no last minute booking fees to use Avios and I have found availability with many partners to be quite good.  In fact, I am about to book a flight from London to Dublin for just 4,500 Avios.  That is not a very expensive ticket to begin with, but it is nice to have a quite affordable points option as well.  I have also used Avios domestically many times.  Houston to Chicago round-trip is only 15,000 Avios, and is just one of many good redemptions we have had with Avios.  You can read more about some of my favorite family-friendly Avios redemptions in this postThis offer is set to expire on June 7th, so you have about another week or so to decide if this is an offer that makes sense for your family.  There is also a different offer for 100,000 Avios that you can learn more about here.

Application Link: British Airways Visa Signature Card

The other Avios related deal that is about to expire is the 50% transfer bonus from American Express Membership Rewards that ends on May 31st.  While this is not recommended for everyone, my family plans to transfer pretty much all of our Membership Rewards points to British Airways to take advantage of this offer as Avios are so useful for us.  However, if you do that you are losing the valuable flexibility of Membership Reward points, so only do this if you know you want to use the points on British Airways.  In recent years, Membership Rewards has offered a couple of good transfer bonuses each year with British Airways and Delta, but we are overdue now for a Delta transfer bonus, so who knows if that is a fluke, or if transfer bonuses may become less frequent with some partners for a while.  Thanks to Lucky and Gary, we also know that Cathay Pacific is a new airline transfer partner with Membership Rewards, so fingers crossed they have a nice transfer bonus soon to celebrate their arrival in the Membership Rewards family.  If you are interested in getting a card that earns flexible Membership Reward points, you can go here to learn more about some different cards that earn Membership Reward points.

Consider yourself reminded about some top Avios deals, so you may now return to sitting by the pool, drinking a cold beer, and eating a hamburger while wearing red, white, and blue.  Happy Memorial Day!


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  1. Cathay has been a partner of Membership Rewards NZ for a while. Sucks that we can’t transfer to BA or DL.

    We do get some other transfer partners though: Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Australia (which can be used on DL flights), Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines.

  2. @wijomas, too bad all MR accounts can’t have all partners regardless of where they are issued!
    @JettyBoy, no offer is for everyone, but I think 50,000 points after first purchase is a pretty great deal. Not many cards are still at that level. For those who can spend an additional $20K on it in the first year, the offer gets even better, but unless you just don’t like Avios (and there are tons of great uses for them), I’m not sure why that would be hard to swallow. I guess we can’t all agree on all the deals though. 😉

  3. @mommypoints – Tell me about it!
    @JettyBoy – I love Avios. Admittedly, MP did get me hooked on those after being a skeptic for a while. But they really are fantastic value for short haul stuff for me, both in the US on American and in Australia on Qantas. They’d be much better if I had some kind of status with BA though, I think. Or I could just be a status-fiend. Actually, maybe both. 😉

  4. The “other” offer mentioned is much better for the average spender, I think. If you’ll be using Avios for their maximum value, which is short haul flights, you probably don’t need all 100k of them right away, and 50k now, 50k in a year works great, without any spending requirement.

  5. @wijomas, ha ha. I think you are hooked on status!
    @atxtravel, the other offer is a great deal if you are okay with getting it to work. I encourage anyone who wants to know more about that deal to follow the thread to FT to learn all about it as there are some “tricks” to it. 😉

  6. I’m thinking this card would be good for our daughter.She will be studying abroad this fall and needs her own credit card, although a chip and pin would be more useful I like that there are no forgien transaction fees. Don’t know if this would be a reasonable first card for a college student. Do you have suggestions for a better card for her?

  7. I dont disagree with Avios being a good currency (I currently have over 400K myself and am putting them to good use) – I just didnt quite agree with burying the “better” 100K deal (lower spending requirements) in the details of your post, while prominently touting the offer which has a much higher minimum spend bar. I dont intend to start a flame war here like on FlyerTalk – I respect your work ethic and your enthusiasm but on this topic, I wish you had been more up front about the better offer being available, even though it does involve some tricks.

  8. Hi Mommy, I enjoy your Blog. I asked this question of another Blogger–I thought it was Marshall Jackson, but can’t find my comment on any of his BA blogs. I used 20K of my AmEx MR to get 30k Avios. I have 22K MR on my Pen Fed AmEx card which for some reason does not merge with those on my Gold Premier card. Can I use the Pen Fed MR’s to get a 50% bonus from BA?

  9. I got it to work, and approved on the spot. Card is on the way!

    The one trick I noticed is that there’s a checkbox on the last page before payment screen where you confirm that the person paying will be the one on the flight you’re pretending to buy. Without that box deal doesn’t show up, with it you see it.

  10. @JettyBoy, I just asked the question on 2 FlyerTalk threads “if I could bump the Bonus” somehow because I just got my BA card with the high spend required to get that second 50K Avios points and had paid my $95 fee and made a couple other spends on the card but no offer points had yet posted to my account and I wanted the better deal. I’m pobably stuuck with what I get. I mentioned that none of the Bloggers have mentioned the better offer this time around; something which had created a firestorm on FlyerTalk for “spilling the beans” and potentially destroying an opportunity in previous instances. I don’t agree with those criticisms but I don’t blame Mommy Points for not wanting to go there.

    • Rushing to the pool right now so will reply more later, but David is 100% right on why I’m not going into more detail on the alternate method at this time. #1 I am not 100% okay myself with going that route to get the offer as that really isn’t how it was intended. #2 (and more important) with the way things are right now, I am okay with pointing the direction to that offer without going into too much detail. That said, I have done an entire post on that offer in the past, but think it is better to just leave a trail of breadcrumbs this time around. Both are good offers – just different.

  11. MP, here are the last 5 United MileagePlus Club Card codes I have for the “first year free” deal. Hopefully, they will be used by your readers:
    I picked these up on my way out of the United Club in IAD. Readers should remember these expire May 31!

  12. I got the other deal- and just traded 25k MP plus points into BA. As a newbie, I am excited to have already done these deals – I’m getting the hang of this!

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