Important Club Carlson “Big Night Giveaway” Updates!

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We are now a few weeks into the three Club Carlson promos with the Radisson, Park Inn, and Country Inn & Suites brands and there are some updates to report.  In case you are new to these promos, you stay one night on any points earning rate (which is most of them) and you earn 44,000 – 50,000 Club Carlson points to use on future reservations.  That is enough to get you one night at the brands’ respective top tier hotels or enough for as many as five nights at their lower category properties.  I have a one night stay booked on a “Best Rate Guarantee” that will cost me $39 out of pocket and I can get five nights at a resort right outside of Disney World as a result.  Are you paying attention yet?  You can go here for more details on this promotion. (limited to the first 100,000 registrants) 50,000 bonus points (limited to the first 35,000 registrants) now limited to 15,000 bonus points as # of registrants has been met (limited to the first 20,000 registrants) 44,000 bonus points

  • First, it is very important to note that one of the three promos, the County Inn and Suites Stay One Get One promo, has already reached the maximum number of registrants.  You can still register for that promo, but you will only receive 15,000 bonus points instead of the full 44,000 points.  What is interesting is that the Park Inn promo allowed for only 20,000 registrants whereas the County Inn & Suites only allowed for 35,000, and the Park Inn registration is still open.  That promo did launch one week later, but what that says to me is that if you have not already registered for one of the two remaining deals and you would like to, do it now!

  • Next, there are now reports on Milepoint and Flyertalk of bonus points being awarded for existing reservations and “Best Rate Guarantee” reservations.  Neither of these is a huge surprise, but it is nice to see reports of the points posting.  Most points seem to be posting within a few days instead of the stated 6-8 weeks, so that is great news for those who want to put their points to good use for some travel this summer.
  • I will be hosting a small gathering in Houston in honor of the Park Inn promo at a Mexican restaurant near the Park Inn Houston North property on June 16th.  We will meet for a late lunch around 1:30PM.  Appetizers are on me!  It is a pretty inexpensive Park Inn to stay at, and is one of only ten in the country, so let’s have a margarita and enjoy some good company while earning 44,000 bonus points!  You can get more info or RSVP on Milepoint.
  • I have read numerous reports that the 10% off from TopCashBack seems to be working as expected with this promo, so consider making your reservations through that portal to get some cash back!  If you have not yet joined, you can use my link above and I get $10 once you earn $10 cash back.  You can also leave/use a referral in the comments section as well.  No matter how you sign-up, just make sure you aren’t leaving cash on the table – literally.
  • Finally, remember that there are many Club Carlson properties that are going up or down in category after May 31st.  If you hotel of choice is going up in category try to lock in the points rate ASAP.  Of course, if the hotel you want is going down in points price then I would sit tight just a couple more days and take advantage of the new lower points price.  You can read more about those changes here.

My first stay is still a couple of weeks away, but I would love to hear how your stays have been going!  How was the hotel, how quickly did the points post, did your 10% from TopCashBack post, etc?

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  1. over the long weekend, i checked in to a Country Inn and Suites and stayed at a Radisson. Gold status match via free Accor Hotel Platinum, give me a suite upgrade and breakfast for 2($30) at the Radisson. the first set of points already posted!

  2. One night at a Radisson = 5 nights just outside Disney OR 5 nights just outside SeaWorld & Universal. Orlando redemptions are stellar.

  3. I’ve completed 2 of my 3 stays and points posted within 4 days after the stay. Both properties sent questionnaires. And within days after completing the questionnaire I also got emails from the managers of each property thanking me for my comments.

    Additionally, I got emails today from Radisson and Country Inns letting me know (as if this miles and points junkie doesn’t obsessively check her account balance everyday) that the 50K and 44K points have posted and I can now book my reward.

    I did not do the TopCashBack thing so I can’t remark on that aspect.

  4. MP:

    A question for you, if I book a night, getting the “booking early” rate, would that still count as a night towards the free night? Or would that be considered combining promotions?

    By the way, my points posted the very next day! When. I stayed at the Radisson.

    Thanks for your input.

  5. Is it known yet if you need to check out in person? I booked a few rooms (for myself and family members) at a Radisson about 20 miles away. We will check in and go to dinner but would hate to have to drive back to check out in person if we don’t have to!

  6. My wife & I are using the short haul Avios points to go to Salt Lake City & ABQ (separate trips). We are taking advantage of inexpensive Radisson DT Salt Lake City & in ABQ, we are staying 2 nights in a Park Inn and 1 night at a Country Inn & Suites. Also, I am staying 1 night in a Country Inn & Suites in Kalamazoo, MI on a trip.

    Note: I signed up for my wife & I so we will get 138K times 2 points which we will use for a later Europe trip where hotels are expensive.

  7. I stayed at a Radisson on Friday night. My topcash posted 3 days after my stay and the bonus points were 4 days after. It’s pretty impressive how fast they are posting the bonus points.

  8. First check in tonight (about 15 min ago) in a Country Inn in Scottsdale, nice place, but drove home! Can’t wait for points to post, 2 rooms cost me $80 with the topcashback offer and will net 88,000 plus 2000 for booking online thru , so 90,000 Pts for $80. Found 2 rooms for 2 nights in Quito for 30,000, so 60,000 left over and the Quito rooms were $150 per night. amazing deal. Will book the other Radisson and park inns this month.

  9. I recently stayed in the Orlando Celebration on cash and points and already received my 50k. I highly recommend that hotel. Thanks for the heads up MP!

  10. Hi MP…I made accounts for my family and we were able to stay at CISuites 3 time last week. Does anyone know if I can pool those points into one account?

  11. @Amy – one of the best features of Club Carlson is the ability to transfer points from one member to another member free of charge. Call customer service.

  12. The parkinn promo isn’t full yet because of the lack of hotels in many areas. Still a great deal. Didnt chance a registration for the parkinn because I doubt that I’ll get a chance to stay at one. Wanted to leave it open for others I guess you’d say.

  13. MIF1961: I had a stay on Friday and my points posted Tuesday. 2000 on line booking bonus for gold elite + 1920 base pts + 960 for 50% gold elite bonus + 44000 bonus pts. Total = 48,880. My daughter who is not gold received the 44000 + new member 1st booking of 2000 + 1000 online booking + base pts of 1380 for a total of 48,380 for a points & cash reservation (I transferred 5000 pts to her acct). So, pretty good earning either way.

  14. Got 30% off promo code from Radison today, 30PCTOFF not good at all locations or for all dates but try it anyway

  15. When I checked in at CIS they did not ask for ID, just to see CC. Did not ask to check out in person, just leave keys in desk they said.

    I am annoyed that I am HH/SPG gold and got matched Silver, and not Gold. I have Accor PLAT, never stayed there, I should have submitted that to get Gold. MAD!

  16. For the past holiday weekend I had a Thurs night stay at a Country Inn and Suites and then a Saturday night stay at a Radisson Hotel…all points posted already -including 2@1000 for online booking, the Welcome Next Stay 2000 Bonus Points and some other misc things for a total of 104,736 miles already in my new Club Carlson account!

    Oh were to go next?!

  17. My Radisson and Country Inn & Suites stays coming up tonight and tomorrow at PDX. You saved me $40 a night at the Radisson, as I did a best price chsllenge when was having a 25% off holiday sale. As a great way to spend the 50,000 points, my wife and I just stayed at the Plaza on the River in London and it was fantastic. My Carlson silver status that I just got through a status match even scored us a bigger room. Thank you Mommypoints for keeping so well informed about this promo!

  18. So I think I’m gonna take the plunge and book a Radisson near DCA for about $80. I have no use for this room though. I hate to just waste it like this. Does anyone know of a way to somehow put a free room to good use?

  19. Luckily, I was able to book all three hotels in one city, Fresno, CA, so checked in all three, spent the night at the Radisson, then checked out the next morning at all three. Collected 162,115 points, including an extra 15,000 from the Park for their poor maintenance; heat not working in room, peeling paint in shower, and shower temperature from extremely HOT to very cold. All in all, a very lucrative trip.

  20. Stayed at the armpit of NJ CIS in Millvile. Couldn’t check in until after 4:30. Little girl urinated by the pool, sheets were pilling and bathroom moldings were rusting. Points posted today for both DH and self. @Jack – please share secret for more points. I was probably too nice in my complaint I also received questionnaire. Need to check DH’s email. This was not the type of property to get any upgrades, but it was cheap- about 73 with topcashback discount. Doing radisson in Baltimore in July then to Mechaniscsburg Park Inn. Taking the kid to Hershey. Will be logging lots of miles. Looking forward to my Freedom 5x points for 3rd quarter gas.
    Thanks MP

  21. I am new and need points to stay at the Radisson in Orlando…in October this year. I live 30 miles northwest of Chicago…how do I get these points? PLEASE HELP
    Thank you, Jan

  22. So excited – leaving this week for a weekend that will get us 150,000 points – 3 Radisson stays, one in Santa Maria, one in San Jose and one in San Francisco at the Wharf! Woo-hoo!! Thank you for bringing ths promo to our attention…

  23. 197,000 Carlson points in a weekend!

    Since we don’t have Carlson properties at a reasonable rate near us (San Francisco), my wife and I took a weekend getaway, flying from OAK to ONT on Southwest (points and free Companion), booking 2 rooms for one night each at the Radisson and Country Inn properties near the airport at $77/room all in (30% discount rate).

    We spent time at the pool, shopped at the Ontario Outlets, drove to Newport Beach for an afternoon; basically, had a good, relaxing time together. I’m not sure what housekeeping thought about the untouched beds in the rooms we did not use. Oh, and we rented an Avis car for $46 for the 3 days/2 nights, good for 9,000 Carlson points. Altogether — $344 for 197,000 Carlson points (along with a few extra $$ for some good food and a good time)!

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