My Experience Getting 50,000 Club Carlson Points at Radisson DCA

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Today was payday in my house – the Radisson Big Night Giveaway Payday!  If you are not familiar with the Night Night Giveaway, check out this post as it really is my favorite hotel promo of the summer.  Over the weekend at the Star MegaDo 4 launch party in Washington DC, I booked one night at the Radisson Reagan National Airport. The AAA rate was around $80 for the weekend night, and since there is no Radisson in Houston, it made sense to go ahead and pick up 50,000 points for a relatively inexpensive stay.

The hotel is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the airport, and is located in a area that is full of pretty much every chain of hotel you could find.  When we arrived the line to check-in moved very slowly, and it made me wish that they had a check-in kiosk like Hyatt often has available.




I was given the king bedroom that I reserved and it was adequate.  It was not an overly memorable hotel one way or another.  I don’t say that in a mean way, as it was a fine place to stay, but it certainly didn’t have any “wow” factor.  Not that I expected any “wow” for $80 per night!  It did have a bathtub, which is always something I look for as I find it much easier to give little ones a bath than a shower.




I did appreciate that the hotel had a complimentary bottle of water in the room – especially since I have recently hit several hotels in a row that didn’t even have water for purchase available in the room.  I booked the room through the website and my 10% rebate of $8.01 for booking via their site is already showing as pending in my account.  That is my referral link, but feel free to post your own in the comments section.  That brought my actual cost for the 50,000 points to about $72.  That is a fantastic deal considering I can now use those points to stay at a room that would cost $300 – $500 per night, or I can use them for up to five nights at a Category 1 property that costs 9,000 point per night.

I will add that I did not actually check-out in person the next morning, and my points posted just fine about 72 hours later.  I’m not advocating anything one way or another by saying that, but just wanted to share my experience with the check-out process since it has been a question from time to time.  😉

Is this promo still going well for you?  Have you had success with TopCashBack and Club Carlson?  What has your check-in and check-out experience been with this promo?

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  1. Nice tip for future stays. Park on the street behind the hotel if you get there late and leave early (after they turn the meters off before they turn them on in the morning) for free parking.

    Saves on parking if you have a car assuming you are just running in and out for a quick night stay

  2. My 44K for the Country Inn & Suites arm of the promo have posted without a hitch for a stay in Asheville last week. Looking forward to getting the 50K for a Radisson stay I have booked for next week in Raleigh that is only $ 48 total after following your tip on the best rate garantee. I don’t see a chance for me doing a Park Inn stay. None available in my area. Still, I’m very happy with 94K. Thanks!

  3. If you are worried about the Carlson stipulation to check in and out in person,I suppose if one is doing a mattress run, then checking in before midnight and checking out right after midnight should work.

  4. Checked out of the Country Inn Panama Canal on May 30th. As no points for the stay or promo have posted, I called Club Carlson. Was told hotel stay points post in 7 to 10 days and the promo in 6 to 8 weeks. I definitely see problems arising for this stay as ALL my Radisson stay and promo points posted in 3 days! Guess more will develop as I know I will have to call back on Monday (13 days after check-out) to follow up —-

  5. I did not check out in person either, just told the front desk around 8 pm in the eveneing to check me out by 8 am in the morning as I usually had a tendency to forget as I had several meeting scheduled early in the morning, and they told me they were glad to do that. Points poosted with no problems a week later. Great!

    Anyone has had an experience using the 30% off rate for Radison stay and have their promo miles posted? Thanks!

  6. How did you put in your log in info for the system to recognize you as a Club Carlson member after coming through TopCash back website?

  7. @Maury – you can simply go directly to the radisson webpage, sign in and then close the page without logging out. Then go through Topcash and once you are in the radisson page, your club carlson nr and info should be there from your last session (same thing for the counrtyinn webpage).

  8. At a Country Inn stay earlier this week, I asked the morning desk clerk to do an official “check out.”

    She asked if I had gotten the printed receipt under the door, I had, she said I was therefore officially checked out.

  9. What credentials do they ask for when checking in besides the credit card you used for booking? Driver’s license?

  10. 2 rooms at park inn love field. Aaa rate $85 out the door per room. Free upgrade to suites. Free breakfast vouchers. Front desk extremely well trained to conquest SPG, etc during this promotion. Saturday night stay, points posted Wednesday night. 99k points.
    Suites are large, clean but dated. Breakfast was highlight.

    Carlson non-responsive re: Status match from Spg gold. Two separate emails unanswered.

    Purchased via topcashback. Have not received “cash back” in account yet. Does anybody know if tcb is in form of account credit (and how to redeem) or rather an actual account credit to card used for purchase (doubtful).

  11. Chris(from comment 10): They will ask for a photo ID when checking in. A drivers license, passport, military ID, etc. should work.

    I emailed them asking for a match to my Hilton Gold Status. It took about 10 days, but they emailed me back and gave me silver status.

  12. These promotions have turned my hometown of DFW into a candy store with 3 Country Inns, 2 Radissons and 2 Park Inns all within a 30 minute drive from home. I’ve signed up myself, spouse and mother-in-law and have 149,000 points banked so far after 3 country inn stays at $62, $88 and $53 (last rate was through successful BRG claim). Have 6 one night stays left at Radisson and Park Inn. I have about $600 out of pocket (not including (TopCashBack rebates) and am on track for close to 450,000 gold points to use in Europe or Carribean. I really want to thank Mommy Points for fantastic coverage of this promotion. I now need to figure out how to generate AA miles for the vacation flights!

    • @BDM, aw, that is fantastic! Dallas is a gold mine for this promo. Get AA miles with the SPG card, buying teddy bears, or better yet, to get to the Carribean just use BA Avios (get up to 100K bonus Avios with the current credit card offers)!

  13. @Fauxblogger,

    what was the elite status you received?. I got matched as silver with Radisson. However, I didn’t get any upgrade or anything. I wonder it’s becuase I paid $48 after BRG. Well I stayed in the hotel for less than an hour anyway.

  14. Stayed two nights at Country this past Sunday and Monday. First night under my name and second under my wife’s. We actually checked out and back in since we didn’t want to take any chances even though we had separate reservations. My points posted this morning, so I’m guessing hers will post tomorrow. Doing the Radisson leg of the trip this weekend, two separate nights as well. Booked through TopCashBack and worked without a glitch.

  15. I stayed at both Country Inn & Suites and Radisson – and I’ve a pretty 100k points sitting in my account + 10% cashback from Topcashback ( – my topcashback referral link) was certainly a great add-on…
    in all it costed me around 220 bucks for 100k points.

    The points posted within 2-3 days after the stay…and the hotels overall were ‘good’.

    Similar to your experience, there were two complimentary bottles of water in the room @ Radisson.

    my $0.02

  16. by the way – I have silver elite status (thanks to Team Club Carlson – they matched my Platinum status on Hyatt that I got as I’ve a VISA signature card).

    So the Silver Elite status too adds a few extra points to your account.

  17. I was able to hit the trifecta for both my wife and myself, so we’ll net close to 300k points when it’s all said and done. We never officially checked out at any of the 6 stays.

    HOWEVER — the points from the Country Inn stay which we reserved in advance of the actual promotion sign-up have still not posted, nearly 3 weeks later while the other 2 from Radisson and Park Inn posted within just a few days.

    Anyone else waiting on Country Inn points or on reservations made before the promo which they were supposed to honor after all?

  18. @Telco,

    $48 a great rate. Where was BRG lower price source?

    I attempted to match SPG lifetime gold to an equivalent at Carlson by emailing Carlson 2x, to which they have yet to respond. My suite upgrade and free breakfasts for 3 were offered to me without my having to request. The check-in desk clearly had been trained to respond to those mentioning the Carlson promotion by offering such freebies to guests. I did not use BRG, although it’s doubtful that had any effect on your lack of suite upgrade

  19. for the topcash back thing,can you get it to the rebate to your account even if you book reservations at the rad for other people?

  20. Interestingly enough, due to the fact my husband and I were running late for a concert near the hotel I never checked in with an id. I called and asked if we needed to check in before the concert because we would be arriving very late if we waited until after the concert. A very nice lady named Pat asked if we needed to change the credit card I was using. I said no and she said to enjoy the concert and they would check me in and my keys were waiting at the desk. The room was huge and super clean. I am not sure about the freebies. I am gold thanks to a status match and know about the breakfast but what other freebies???

  21. I stayed at a Park Inn close to where I live last weekend. It cost about $63 plus tax for the night and I got the 44,000 bonus points in about 4 days. I use Mypoints to book my hotel stays (when I pay for them) so I get a few points with them which I turn into United miles once I hit the threshold to convert. I also got 2000 extra points for booking online (I am Gold Elite) and almost another 2000 points for the stay itself. Altogether I got about 48,000 points for about $70 plus 190 Mypoints (I will look into topcashback as it is seems much more generous than Mypoints).

  22. Got the same deal for the DCA Radisson x2 of us = $148 for 100k+ points.

    The hotel would’ve been completely forgettable, but my silver elite status got us an upgrade to a Business Class suite with a balcony and a jacuzzi ! The room was amazing and I’d definitely book one while travelling if the deal was right.

  23. Can I check in and check out the same day? I have a upcoming reservation at Radisson that I just want to check in then check out 1 hour later? Will I still get the 50k bonus points if I check in and out the same day?

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