2012 US Airways Grand Slam Preparations Part 3: Join e-Miles Now!

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In case you somehow have not noticed, it is already summer, and we are well into June already!  That means we are coming up on a potential US Airways Grand Slam in a hurry.  Last year, the Grand Slam was announced in August and began in September.  I think the Grand Slam is the very best way (outside of credit card sign-ups) to rack-up large numbers of airline miles in a hurry.  My goal is to help make sure that you are ready for the Grand Slam, if it comes back, so that you can get as many miles as possible, for the lowest financial outlay possible.  Part 1 covers some Grand Slam basics, and is a good place to start if you think Grand Slam are reserved for Denny’s and baseball games!

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2012 Grand Slam Preparations Part 3: Join e-Miles Now (this post)

Oh e-Miles, how I love you and loathe you at the same time.  I’ll start with why I love e-Miles – it was a free hit in last year’s Grand Slam.  Free is good, especially since some of the hits can get a bit pricey.  However, we all know that most things that are “free” do have a downside.  In this case, the downside is the time investment that is required to get the free hit.  If there is one thing I have less of than money, it is time.  For those unfamiliar with e-Miles it is a site where you view ads and fill out surveys in exchange for points.  When you reach 500 points, you can “cash out” for a transfer to an airline or hotel partner.  In the case of the Grand Slam, you will turn your 500 points into 500 US Airways miles.

Some of the opportunities are for 5 points and some are for hundreds.  Typically the ones that are for hundreds cost money.  However, this hit can be done for free, it just takes more time to knock out the 5 and 10 point opportunities.  You can get over 100 points just by completing the initial e-Miles surveys where they learn more about the things you are interested in (so that they can send you more surveys and ads related to those topics).  This goes without saying, but if you aren’t interested in very many things, then they may not send you very many opportunities.  😉

If you are only going to go for the free opportunities, it may take a couple months to go to 500 points.  If you are very dedicated to it, perhaps it could be done in a couple weeks.  It is going to depend in part on which surveys/ads are sent to you for review.  I have to admit that this year I just don’t have time to chip away at this in 5 and 10 point increments, so I spent some money to get this hit done in a hurry.  I donated to an organization that will help feed children in America.  It was a $15 initial donation that netted me 350 points and just one subsequent month will get me the other 150 points I need.  I am happy to trade $30 instead of spending hours on e-Miles.  However, I did go the free route last year, so if you have a little free time then I recommend giving that a shot!

According to the e-Miles website:

  • e-Miles miles not deposited expire one year from the month in which they are earned.
  • You must respond to at least one e-Miles marketing message per month for your e-Miles miles to remain active.

I have certainly gone more than a month without responding and didn’t lose my points, but just be aware of the official rules.  For those who are e-Miles pros, do you have any additional tips to share?  Do you go the free route, or do you spend some cash to save some time?  Regardless of whether you want to try to make this hit truly free or not, I recommend signing up sooner rather than later!


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  1. I’m very interested in the Grand Slam – 100,000 without signing up for a card? I’m in. However, I don’t have a US Airways card and I don’t have a frequent flyer account. Should I sign up for a card now or wait until I know the Grand Slam is on. ???? Hoping it is not a Chase card.

  2. $30 for 500 points is a lot of money. That is $.06 com. What is the potential gain from one free hit, i.e., 2nd top tier to 1st tier bonus? Perhaps those miles can. Be added to the equation to increase the value proposition.

  3. @Up&Away: I’ve never seen any e-Miles sign-up bonuses, but as MP said, the initial surveys can net you around 100 miles right off the bat. That’s similar to a sign-up bonus.

  4. Funny, I was just thinking about the Grand Slam today and loading up my e-miles and e-rewards accounts in anticipation of redemptions!

  5. also, didn’t realize your emiles may expire if no activity within a month. i haven’t had any activity for at least 6 months and I still see my 390 emiles….lucky me

  6. @Patty: If you are planning to sign up for a US Air card, it would be really good if you can wait for few more months keeping the Grand Slam in mind. Also, the US Air Bank of America Debit card is going to RIP soon. I would wait for the Grand Slam 2012 official rules to roll out.
    Also it is free to sign up for a Dividend Miles account, US Airways frequent flyer program.
    You can sign up here:

  7. @Patty, last year you just needed to use that card during the Grand Slam for a hit, but you didn’t even have to have it if you didn’t want to.
    @The Weekly Flyer, with the Grand Slam, you can’t really look at the miles you are getting directly from the purchase, you look at the overall big picture from the Grand Slam bonuses. It can be thousands or tens of thousands of miles when you go from one tier to the next. $30 for a hit in the Grand Slam was not unreasonable at all last year. Of course, who knows what this year will look like. 😉
    @Up&Away, I couldn’t find any other than the initial survey bonuses.
    @JivePicnic, thanks for weighing in. I see the same thing.
    @sil, I have no confirmation. This is just speculative preparation on my part.
    @JuiceBox2Go, yep, great deal!
    @canucklehead, ha ha. Great minds……. 😉
    @sil, I didn’t realize that either – seems to not really @Ram, who knows what the rules will be this year. Last year you just had to use the card for a hit, but it could always be different this year. FT is a great resource for all things Grand Slam!

  8. I have 4 different e-miles accounts with 4 diff. email addresses. I use them primarily so I can “reset” my account activity with different mileage programs. That being said, I always go the free route, but lately it has been a crawl to get to 500 points. I think I will still be there if and when the GS gets here, but if not I’ll do a small purchase to get me to the 500 points. Point being that at least for me, there hasn’t been many of those 5 point opportunities lately, so start now if you can so you can start chipping away before the GS starts.

  9. If the GS appears this year I plan to jump in and see what happens. Getting enthused. My e-miles account currently sits at 490, so the timing looks “good to go.” I am concerned, though, about how many tiers I can get to on the GS as I’m confused about Dividend Miles status of “preferred” vs. “non-preferred.” MP, could you clarify either in this Comments section or on your blog? What is “preferred” status, how important is it, and how does one get it? Also, if a person is not yet a member in DM, does joining and getting a new account number count as a “hit?” Thx in advance.

  10. Preparations part 4 could be signing up for every e-rewards partner, in order to get and invitation from them to the panel.

  11. If I had to pay to get e-miles, I’d go your route of supporting one of the charity options rather than buying more stuff that nobody needs. At least then you can deduct your contribution on your taxes.

    I’m crossing my fingers and toes that there will be a GS this year, though I’m having a hard time getting excited about buying the Biscoff and 1-800 flowers, etc… BUT I will keep the big picture in mind – “Family of Four Flies First Class to Hawaii for FREE”.

  12. How does e-miles differ from e-Rewards (which I have)? Does it makes sense to have both? I’ve never participated in a GS before, but recall reading on FT that e-Rewards can be used as a hit. Is that correct?

    Thanks for your blog, MP!

  13. AJM, they are two different programs and they both counted last year as hits. They both earn you points for filling out surveys. The main difference is that e-rewards has to be by invitation only, and it lets you convert points to many reward programs, whereas e-miles only lets you convert miles to one airline program. E-miles is free for everyone to sign up.

  14. How can I change the earnings parter on e-Miles. I have it set for United and I want to change it to US Air in preparation for the Grand Slam. But it will not let me change it.

    Can it be changed?

  15. E-miles is an easy hit that I think everyone with a little time should try the free route. I did the GS last year and realized it is time consuming, so I never stopped collecting since last year, which just became part of my morning routine. I recently received an offer for Pitney Bowes for 1500 miles which I had to pay like $30 upfront, but was able to call and cancel once I received the product and they refund full purchase and you get to keep 1500 miles…pretty awesome.

  16. I’ve been a member of e-miles for a while but not sure how it works with the Grand Slam. Should I be ready with 500 or more points in e-miles for a “hit”? And then it automatically becomes US airmiles?

    I’m really a beginner …. is there a “Grand Slam for beginners- everything you need to know!”

    and thanks everyone for your help.

  17. I’m thinking of trying for this and will sign up for e-miles soon. Did you track exactly how much you spent? I saw the number you wrote for your husband, but didn’t see your total.
    P. s. getting a little grief from DH about our upcoming mattress run to Mechanicsburg, PA. (we live in NYC) hopefully, when we’re sitting in our free hotel next year, he’ll appreciate it. Right now he’s a little annoyed that it will also entail a visit to Hershey Park. Lol

  18. FREE MILES? I noticed too late (enrolled yesterday) that I have an email from Southwest on May 17th. It contains a link where you’ll get 250 RR points by joining e-miles. I can’t tell if my information is encoded so I’m not going to post the link, but check your email.

  19. @Austin, I don’t believe you can change it. I just simply created a new account in hotmail and enrolled for a different e-miles account with that email address under the U.S. Airways program. I don’t know that there is another way.
    @Patty, yes, absolutely. I’m currently building up my 500 miles balance and I’ll be ready to go if and when the GS starts.

  20. I did not do the e-miles in last year’s GS (and have never used the program). I take it from what everyone is saying that it typically takes 500 points to redeem for miles? Can anyone generally explain how the e-miles program works?

  21. e-Miles has an offer for the Economist that nets 700 miles that pops up occasionally . It is a trial offer for 12 weeks for $12. I believe you can cancel during the twelve weeks and still receive the miles. Good for those w/o a lot of time or are running out of time.

  22. Remember “e-Miles miles will expire if a member does not reply to one (1) or more earning opportunities each month.”

    I don’t know how rigidly that is enforced, but if you earn/buy the miles now through a big opportunity you still should do something each month until the transfer to be safe.

  23. @Austin- You can change your account. It is not easy but I changed mine by writing them an email and telling them that I did not want to utilize the Airline/hotel that I was signed up for because of some lousy service. I told them that I will never use the company and if I had to I would quite there service unless they changed my account. They did with no problems.

  24. Wow, summer came early this year. How did that happen? Perhaps that means Grand Slam (if it occurs) will be coming early this year as well.

  25. Achievement unlocked! Just passed 500 e-miles in my account and close to doing so for my wife. Grand Slam here we come. Thanks for the prep updates.

    • Just saw the rumor was not until 2013. Crossing my fingers that is wrong…..though 2013 is better than never.

  26. I closed my e-miles account a while ago. I tried to open a new one with a new email address but they won’t allow me to use my US Air account number. Any idea how to sign up for a new account with a new email? I saw a 275 bonus signing up a new account.

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