7x Points and Priceless Points From Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day to all you dads, granddads, stepdads, future dads, important male role models, etc! With a background in child welfare, I know just how important your role is for kiddos, so thanks for everything you do! In my house, today is about celebrating dad’s hobbies and interests (while keeping the toddler entertained). So, that meant earning points and capturing important points in time. Here’s what we did so far to maximize this day……..

Eat and earn 7x points:

None of us (except perhaps the energetic toddler) have quite recovered from our Vegas trip last week, so we didn’t quite have enough energy to actually cook or go out for breakfast, so I headed out to hunt points and food for the family. The first stop was a Starbucks stop for me that earned 7x points since you can use your “new” Ink Bold card to purchase Starbucks gift cards online from Staples for a total of 7x points (2x from Staples via the Ultimate Rewards portal and 5x for shopping at an office supply store using the new Ink Bold). I can’t even begin to tell you how important that caffeine was today. The points were a nice bonus, too. 😉 The next stop was to pick up breakfast for the three of us at a nearby delicious breakfast spot that is on the Dining Rewards network. I earn 2x points for using my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card for dining purchases, and another 5x United miles from the Dining Rewards network. Two eggs, hash browns, toast, and a side of 7x miles. Yummy.

Work on math skills:

Our “little bug” starts her summer preschool program tomorrow, so we are giving her a head start in math by working on adding, multiplying, odds, and more. She’s pretty advanced. 😉 Also, the “Vegas Bug” hasn’t quite gotten out of our systems. My husband loves craps, so we are teaching the next generation. I grew up playing blackjack as often as I played “Go Fish”, so while I am sure this looks quite strange to some, it looks quite normal at my house. She wasn’t happy when she would lose her chips, but that is an important lesson as well.

Yo eleven!


Relax and learn about outer space:

Continuing on the theme of “things daddy likes” we spent a few minutes lounging and watching Star Wars, or Empire Strikes Back to be exact. Little C likes the droids the best.


Entertainment and more points:

Next on the agenda is for daddy to go see a movie……alone. I am actually a smidge jealous! Again, it may sound strange to some to spend part of Father’s Day without your family, but if you are the parent of a toddler, it should make perfect sense. Daddy earns 5x points by seeing Prometheus and paying with the Chase Freedom Visa. We go shopping for Grandpa’s Father’s Day present while he is gone. Grandpa is getting a gift card to a restaurant he likes that will be purchased at the grocery store using the Freedom for 5x. We have two weeks to round out the bonus categories of grocery stores and movie theaters, and we should end right at $1,500 for the quarter.

The remainder of the day will hopefully include a nap, swimming, and grilling. Also three of daddy’s favorite things. Points for the family, fun for daddy, and a Happy Father’s Day for all!

How are you celebrating today?!  Did you find a way to earn points while making the day all about dad?


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  1. Hi.
    I am curious about getting 2x points via the UR mall for staples.com purchases.
    Just logged in and see this, seeming to indicate no points for gift cards:
    “- Staples.com Terms & Conditions
    Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Not eligible on promotional items, technology, software, and electronics. Shopping cart must be empty prior to accessing Staples through this site to be eligible. Discount reward certificates and Copy and Print shop orders are not eligible. Staples Business Advantage orders are not eligible. Contact with Staples for price matching, sales assistance, etc. will likely cancel eligibility. ”

    Are you sure you are getting them? Thanks.

  2. Although you seem to classify yourself as a niche travel blog, I find your blog and information to be about the most useful on the market, and this post is a prime example. Showing how you accumulate points in your everyday life is just as valuable as posting about the new big deal out there. Hoping to see a lot more posts like this one.

  3. @Mommypoints: I believe Toomanybooks has a good point. It seems Staples.com updated their UR Mall T&C to exclude gift cards among other items. This is a new change which must have happened within the last couple of days. THIS sucks! o__o

    • I’ll place a new order today and update. I have never had an issue with them, but we all know things change. Worst case scenario you can still get 5x and go through TopCashBack.

  4. Today while picking up a few things for dinner, I also got a Lowes gift card at Food Lion, which is selling the $50 card for $40 for Father’s day promotion through the 19th. Of course I used my Chase Freedom to also get 5X points.

  5. Spwnt fathers day in bed with a stomach flu after spending the night in the bathroom. Nothing exciting here for me>~< but i managed to pay my cable/internet bill with my ink bold and get 5x the points there;)

  6. As far as starbucks GCs, folks would be better off buying vanilla reloads at OD with Ink and using them for BIN Starbucks GCs on ebay at 92% of face, plus earn another 2% ebay bucks. Math skills => 10% cash back + 4x is betterr than 7x unless you value UR at 2 cents. Same for Sapphire Preferred at 2x. You are leaving 2x on the table. Then again, it doesn’t sell referrals, lol.

  7. @Andrew, thanks – that is one of my goals. Easy things to turn everyday activities into things that can earn lots of points.
    @silver springer, that’s awesome – well done!
    @Oliver, sorry to hear about the stomach flu – that is the absolute worst! Good job with the cable bill though, I love earning points for mundane things like that. 😉
    @HikerT, I think technically the referral issue would be the same as you still need an Ink Bold, so that certainly isn’t the reason to mention one over the other. I just try to keep things pretty simple, and that doesn’t sound simple to me. I’m more like gift cards 101 or perhaps 201 on a good day. I leave 301 and 401 for you and FM. 🙂 I do usually get 2 cents value out of UR points, but your way is a great alternative for those who want to use a different method.

  8. At my great aunt’s 100th birthday party last weekend, a group of us found a deck of cards lying and started playing 5 card stud. The group included my sister and I in our 40s, some 20-something nieces and nephews, my 11 year old daughter, and a distantly related young man of about 9 years old. He came to the table, pulled his hat down low, put on his sunglasses, and it was on. Great times 🙂

  9. Speaking as someone who has only ever extracted a single promise from his 10 and 12 year old daughters — that they will never draw to an inside straight — I like your math teaching strategies!

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