Two Airline/Credit Card Promos That Worked Well!

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There have been two different airline promotions I have participated in recently that have posted as expected without any intervention from me.  I’m not sure that it is normal to be excited when a promotion works the way it should, I mean it should work the it is supposed to, but we all know that many promotions don’t.  It is like a breath of fresh air when points that you are expecting from a promo appear in your account without an email, a phone call, or a semi-angry tweet.  😉

US Airways MasterCard 15,000 Mile Bonus:

A few months ago I posted about a targeted offer involving the Barclay’s US Airways MasterCard that awarded 15,000 bonus miles if you spent $1,250 on the card for three consecutive months.  For me, the bonus months were February, March, and April.  I know others have received a similar offer during other time periods as well.  Just as a reference point, I barely used this card before getting targeted for the offer, and had received the card about 3-4 months before being targeted.  I have also not used it once since the offer period ended, so maybe I will get lucky enough to be targeted again in the future.  It was nice essentially earning 5x on all purchases I put on this card (at $1,250 per month).  However, it was a little extra work remembering to use this card each month just until we got to that amount.

When the 15,000 bonus miles appeared in my account within the last couple weeks it was a very nice little bonus, and it certainly made the extra budgeting logistics worth it.  I’m more than happy to pull that card out for some use anytime they want to reward me with some bonus points for doing so.  If you have this card, keep an eye out for a similar offer.  At least in my case the offer was very straight-forward and posted perfectly.

United “Explore the World” 25,000 Mile Bonus:

Another targeted offer I participated in was the United “Explore the World” promotion that awarded me 25,000 bonus MileagePlus miles if I flew four round trips on United between 4/15 – 7/15.  Many were targeted for this bonus, but there were different version of the promotion out there.  I received the most generous of the available options.  I was the only one if my family who was targeted.  I fly United with decent regularity, but have no elite status.  My husband actually has a similar United flying pattern (though with slightly fewer flights) and was not targeted.  This promotion actually worked out more generously than I expected, so I have no complaints.  😉 The bonus miles posted quickly and painlessly.  This is in very stark contrast to the “Months of Miles” promotion that United ran last year.  I only wish this promotion was open to everyone!  You can get more details about this promo and the experiences others have had with it on Flyertalk.

I know I have a tendency to talk about some promotions or offers that didn’t work as intended, so I wanted to make sure and point out two that worked very well.  Have you participated in either of these promotions and had similar results?


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  1. […] Over the last few days I have seen reports on Flyertalk and Milepoint that some US Airways MasterCard customers were getting targeted for a Summer Promotion for 5x miles on their spending at gas stations, drug stores, and amusement parks – up to a 2,500 bonus miles.  I figured that since I had just recently finished my targeted promo of 15,000 bonus miles after spending $1,250 per month for three months that I had been left out on this promo.  However, a nice little email popped up in my inbox today that indicated I had indeed been on the coveted “targeted” list for this promo as well!  My only use of this card has been for the initial purchase to get the 40,000 mile sign-up bonus and then when I was targeted for the 15,000 mile promo (that posted without intervention and on-time). […]


  1. Thanks for the update! How long did it take for the United miles to post? I’m was targeted as well, and just finished a round trip on UA on Friday.

  2. For the US Airways offer, did the it come in email or did u see it in your barclays account? I did not receive this offer and barclays declined to extend it to me over the phone despite using “hang-up and call-again” trick. Probably a case of tough luck for me.

  3. @amnesiac, sorry I purposefully left that one vague. Head over the the linked Flyertalk thread or shoot me an email. 😉
    @Vinay, yeah I think you have to be targeted. My offer came for sure by email with the subject line “Earn 15,000 bonus miles with your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard®‏”. I think it also came by snail mail, but I can’t remember for sure.
    @Dustin, I think that was the same for me. Thanks!

  4. @MommyPoints: I was targeted by email for the 15k offer with USAirways. Did you or anyone use Amazon Payments for this?

    • @Mark The Shark, I’ve never used Amazon payments for anything other than actual payment to people, so I didn’t. However, I’m sure that someone out there has used that method. Sure would make things easier on some levels. 😉

  5. I was targeted for the US promo for June, July & August. This averages out to 5 miles/$1 so it make sense. I’ve delayed my current churn to focus on this promo since the good offers have died off lately anyway.

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