Club Carlson “Big Night Giveaway” Promotion Updates

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As expected staying up late to register for the three Club Carlson “Big Night” promotions wasn’t necessary (but it sure was fun), however all three promotions from Radisson, Park Inn, and Country Inn & Suites are now at capacity, and aren’t accepting additional registrations for the 44K – 50K point version of the promotions.  I think they actually have been at capacity for a little bit now, but I just hadn’t gotten a chance to write about it until now.

I am choosing to write about a promotion that is at capacity for two reasons:

  1. I want to congratulate everyone who registered on time!  These promos still have several weeks to go, so I am very glad so many of us took registration seriously and did it ahead of time.  With almost any promotion, it makes sense to go ahead and register even if you aren’t 100% sure you will be able to participate.  Much better to be over-prepared than to be left out of a major points haul when travel plans pop-up at the last minute.
  2. I also don’t want anyone getting their friends and family super excited about this promotion only to have them find out that it is too late to get in on the action.  They can still earn an extra 15,000 Club Carlson points for their stay with the various Club Carlson hotel chains by registering for the promotions, but that isn’t quite the same as 44,000 – 50,000 points just for staying one night.

Also, I wanted to report that some of my TopCashBack dollars have moved from being “pending” to the “payable”.  So far it is just three referrals I made to TopCashBack that are payable and not my actual Club Carlson reservation dollars, but I have received a couple emails from readers who said that their Club Carlson reservation dollars are now payable as well.  By the way, thanks to the five readers who used my link to sign-up!  You get $10 for every referral once the person you refer earns $10 in payable money in their account, so be sure to get your family and friends to sign-up using your link!  I am sure there will be some kinks with TopCashBack (in fact, I have already heard some of those stories), but I am happy to report some movement with the credit in my account.  I am by no means going to get rich by using this service, but every little bit helps.

The bonus points from my recent Park Inn stay have now credited to my Club Carlson account.  I did not check-out in person and the points posted after about three days.  One more stay at Country Inn & Suites and I will have completed the Club Carlson trifecta!  This is absolutely my favorite hotel promotion of the summer.  How are you doing with this promotion?  Is TopCashBack working for you as intended?  Have you decided where you are using your Club Carlson points?


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  1. TopCashBack hasn’t worked for me so far. It still shows as pending with that blue icon that says the merchant might have declined the commission. Points posted just fine. I did receive a special rate from the hotel, which earned me the bonus points, but I wonder if such a cheap rate might have triggered a denial of the topcashback 10%. I put a claim with them to see if I have better luck. Awesome promo either way.

  2. I am going for the trifecta as well. I will finish park inn on July 6th. The wife and I are planning a trip to paris and italy in March. I will probably use my points for 3 days at the champs elysee. Thoughts? Is that the best raddison in Paris MP? Finding out about the triple dip was awesome! Thanks for taking my comment seriously. I posted the same thing at Flyertalk and they called me a newbie. I’m glad you listened though, thanks MP.

  3. I had the same experience as Michael with TopCashBack. It was “declined” for whatever reason. I think I am sticking with ebates, never had an issue with them. Over these two weekends I would have 5 out of 6 done. Not sure I will get in the last Park Inn stay before July 15.

  4. My TCB posted for 2 of 3 stays at the end of May. Already used 100,000 points for stays in Stockholm this summer. One hotel was $260 a night the other $570. My cost was about $170 so I got $660 in value out of this promo. I got my family in on the action as well and had a lot of fun with it. I have a little one and enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!

  5. same result declined at topcashback on 1 for me, and 1 for wife. I have submitted claims. Here is to hoping they do the right thing.

  6. No Radisson hotels in Houston, where I have travel regularly for work. But there is one of the few Park Inns, as you know. Booked a Sunday night Park Inn and Monday night Country Inn & Suites stay for earlier this week. Work had to reschedule and push to July 16-20. I pushed the dates so Park Inn was Sunday, July 15 and Country Inn & Suites was Monday, July 16. Scored a Radisson stay next week in Detroit, using 5,000 Points and Cash to bring the cost down $50 for work. Now I need to call and switch my Park Inn and Country Inn & Suites days so that my CI&S stay happens on July 15 to qualify the terms of the promotion — hopefully I can check-in on July 15 to qualify.

    It’ll be tight, but we’ll see how it goes!

  7. We are heading to Houston this weekend for a trip to Nasa with the little one and are staying at the Park Inn North Houston for 2 nights. While I am sure it will not be overwhelming I am hoping it is servicable (holding my breath). Thanks so much for your review of this hotel, the pictures helped ease my wife’s apprehension about staying here.

    On the Top Cash Back front, all three of my stays show as payable but only one shows an amount over $0.00. I ordered my one succesful $6.20 payment yesterday and am awaiting funds transfer. This brings my three Country Inn and Suites’ charges to $52 (after successful BRG claim), $56 after (TCB rebate) and $92 (reimbursed full anmount from family member who used the room)!

  8. We stayed at a Radisson in California and earned the promo points. It was a horrible stay. I won’t go into details but after I posted my review on Tripadvisor the general manager responded and credited my stay in full! I got so paranoid they would then take away my 50K before I could use them that I transferred them over to an airline! I still have to determine if I want to chase down the additional points from Country Inn or not waste my time!

  9. I don’t have too much faith in TopCashBack. I am the coordinator of the CC trifecta for myself, wife, MIL and FIL. I have used TCB for all bookings, 12 nights total. 4 nights at CI&S do show as pending, some Radisson show as pending, no PI show and then some duplicate entries

    12 nights is some series rebate $$. I have used a combination of regular rates, 30% off promo, Points and Cash and senior rates.

    Anyways, I more interesed in the CC points and so far those have posted correctly…bonus points, online points, gold bonus, and even gold ammenity, welcome bonus points 🙂

  10. According to the T&C, you have to check out by July 15 to qualify for the bonus for CI&S and Radisson and by July 22 for Park Inn.

  11. How and when did you checkout? I have a CI&S and Park Inn near my office, was planning to check in Friday but don’t want to come back on Saturday to checkout.

  12. You don’t have to officially check out in person, just like any hotel. I didn’t stop by the front desk for most of my checkouts (did 5 runs for this promo) and all bonus points posted.

  13. Hit the Radisson DCA and Country Inn BWI this weekend and the points have posted. I have 192,000 Radisson points, 144,000 of which have come from these promotions (last year’s and this year’s). It’ll sure save me some money in Paris next summer

  14. My TCB is not even showing I booked it thru them, so I will try sending them an email, thia is such a bummer if I have to follow up, this is my 1st TCB purchase.

  15. My wife and I brought her sister to India and Nepal as a graduation present, and this promotion worked perfectly for us! We stayed at the Country Inn and Suites in Delhi, Park Inn in Jaipur and the Radisson in Agra (close to the Taj Mahal). All of my wife’s points have posted and two of our nights have posted as well. We were especially impressed with the Radisson in Agra. We stayed there on my birthday, and they brought a nice big birthday cake (without us mentioning a thing to the front desk, they just noticed my birthdate of my passport). Nice surprise! The Park Inn was a very basic hotel, not too impressed, but it was cheap and well worth the 44K points.

  16. -Sorry to hear about some TCB problems. I am happy for what I am getting from them, but am not holding my breath for my Country Inn stay since it is a BRG.
    -Tim2, I can’t say which is the best since I haven’t stayed at any of the Club Carlson hotels in Paris. The one you mention looks very nice, as does the Radisson Blu Ambassador Hotel Paris Opera. I would look for reviews on line and see which one looks best for your needs. (then let me know what you think after you stay there!) 😉
    -Points and cash stays do count for the promo.
    -The Park Inn in Houston does seem quite serviceable. It isn’t fancy, but it seemed perfectly adequate for a weekend stay. Have fun at NASA!
    -Agree with infamouzdx, that you don’t have to check-out in person. The points will post just fine without that step.
    -Travis, that sounds like great service!

  17. I’ve got a stay lined up for next week that I booked thru TCB. Should there be anything showing up in my TCB account (similar to a tracking ticket on ebates?). Do I have to complete the stay before anything will show up on TCB?

  18. Between the wife and I are we are going for all 6 nights as well. There is some great summer rates here in Phoenix for both Radisson and Country Inn (<$60). A strategy that is working well for me is that I have a couple of trips planned where I have booked airport Carlson properties parking packages. Since I would be paying to park at the airport anyways this significantly drops the true price of the room and of course you get points on the total rate. And as far as using my points, I just booked the Galveston Country Inn for Laborday weekend @ 38k with a rate of $239 plus tax!

  19. off topic….getting my wife on board has proven to be difficult. She prefers to actually stay in the hotels we pay for, but with no time to do so before 07/15, I’m gonna have to sit out this promotion. Arghhhh!!!!

  20. -Gt, I can’t remember when things appeared in my TCB account as I wasn’t paying attention very closely. Perhaps someone else can give a better answer.
    -Branson, Great strategy with parking and enjoy Galveston!
    -DrSifu, that is frustrating. I totally understand where your wife is coming from, but the way I had to look at is just pretend you are simply buying the points (which, you are). Look at the price you are paying and what you get in return and just pretend the stay itself doesn’t exist. Of course, not every promo will work for everyone. Sorry to hear that!

  21. I booked through TCB. Some showed unqualified warning (normal rate, not discounted), and some even didn’t show up in the record at all! My feeling is TCB is like a scam. They do pay some people to keep their scam ongoing.

  22. I want to toss in a compliment for Radisson, and their handling of their “Best Price Guarantee”. I booked two nights at the Radisson in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, for $89, only to find the same hotel on Expedia for $61. Submitted my online form to Radisson, and two days later they matched that price AND reduced it by 25%. Now if only I could do the same in Boston!! Outrageous prices there.

  23. I haven’t seen a nickel from TCB. However, I have had tremendous success with combining the Big Night Giveaway and Radisson’s Best Rate Guarantee. I got a Country Inn and Suites and Radisson for tremendously low prices. My Park Inn was free after I argued back and forth with the Radisson Customer Service Rep over email about the BRG. All of my points posted within three days or so.

    This was my first experience getting into hotel points. Thanks to Mommy Points for all of the helpful posts (especially on the BRG, as I can almost always find a lower rate elsewhere)!

  24. mommypoints – when you click on the little blue “!” icon next to your $0 payable – what does it say? normally there’s a dollar amount in that column unless there’s an issue.

  25. I’ve been trying to become a TCB member for some time now and can’t get them to send me an authentication email. I’ve tried their suggestions to no avail. Any words of wisdom out there?

  26. This weekend my husband and I will each finish our trifecta. Stayed at the Radisson Lexington NYC last week – it was a fine place, good rate, and points posted in two days. This weekend the stay is in another state far from here but it just so happens that my sister lives less than 1 mile away from that Park Inn property and it’s noted on the reservations that she’ll be checking in first. She knows the drill – head to the room, use the bathroom, leave a tip for the housekeeper and go on with her day. I have our USAirways 55K off-peak envoy tickets to Paris booked for early next year and in a few days our Champs Elysees Blu stay will be reserved as well. Thank you Club Carlson.

  27. Tim2, I agonized for awhile over which Paris Radisson to pick, got distracted by the Accor 50% sale, but ultimately am going with Le Metropolitain. 3 nights for 0 Euros, thanks Carlson!

  28. DBest le metropolitain looks very nice. I am strongly considering it. I unfortunately/fortunately will have to decide after my points post July 6th.

  29. The park inn In Tulsa is nice. We stayed the first weekend in June. I checked in on Friday checked out after midnight, The husband checked in immediately for Sat, Never even changed rooms, No problems and both accounts have had the points posted.. Doing a train pub crawl next month to Fort Worth, staying @ the Radison and Country inn. Daughter and her friends did a Color Run in Tulsa this weekend, husband took them over there checked them in and left. We are almost finished with this trifectia. Its been the easiest promotion yet! Haven’t figured out how to spend the points yet, but I’m sure it will happen. Thanks Mommy Points for all the information and fun!

  30. I have not seen any cashback in TCB. I suspect Best Rate Guarantee will invalidate the cashback? (i did quite a few BRG claim).

    also, it seem TCB does not track Park Inn reservation made through their Radisson link? so basically no cashback for Park Inn?

    anyone can confirm these two observations? thanks.

  31. Jonathan, how did you get a free night after you “argued back and forth with the Radisson Customer Service Rep over email about the BRG”? Will a free night still get you the bonus points? thanks.

  32. So, i KNOW i registered for the promo before the deadline, but am now panicking since I didn’t get any confirmation email (no idea if they sent those). So I am going to stay at the Country Inn and Suites in my area this week just to get the points….any one know how to find out for sure? I tried to register for the 15000 points promo, but they said no need to register because I was…i am guessing that was for the mega promotion? just checking for those who have done it…thanks guys!

  33. Hey, I also registered for the Country Park and Inn promotion to for the 15,000 points but i have no idea if that is going to be in addition to the alleged 45-5000k points or not? can you tell i am a beginner? 😉

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