What Happens When You Re-Qualify for Hyatt Diamond Status

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My (travel-resistant) husband travels quite a bit for work. Fortunately for him, most of that travel doesn’t involve flying, but it does require hotel stays. Lots of hotel stays. So many hotel stays that he re-qualified for Hyatt Diamond status for all of next year in May of this year. He did hotel hop every night so that he could re-qualify quickly on stays as opposed to nights. In case you are new to that concept, Hyatt Diamond status requires either 50 nights in a calendar year, or just 25 stays in a calendar year. A stay can consist of one night or multiple nights, but any number of consecutive nights in the same hotel will count as a stay. So, he would go from a Hyatt Place to a Hyatt Regency (and occasionally a Hyatt House) every night he was on the road so that he could re-qualify as quickly as possible. He doesn’t love changing hotels, but he totally understands that the benefits outweigh the PITA factor.  So, he stayed just 25 nights by the end of May, but since they were all individual stays, it was enough to re-qualify for Diamond status.

He was on the road again this week (at more Hyatts!), so I called to congratulate him when this arrived in the mail………


For my family, I think that the benefits that come after having 25 Hyatt stays in a calendar year are better than the ones that come with the Starwood status you get after 25 stays in a calendar year (though I am curious to find out for myself!), but I must say that I got more when I re-qualified for mid-tier Starwood Gold status than he did when he re-qualified for top-tier Hyatt status. With Starwood I got a $25 Starwood gift certificate, but with Hyatt he got a letter and a new Hyatt Diamond card. I don’t actually think this is a big deal in the slightest as the elite benefits are more than enough for me, but I just want to help manage expectations in case you obtain Hyatt status and are used to getting little goodies from Starwood. 😉


I know my husband is not the only parent who has to travel a lot for work, so I am a big proponent of all parents maximizing that type of business travel so that the vacations you take with your family can be that much more enjoyable.  I know I am very appreciative of his hotel hopping so that our family can have very comfortable family vacations where we enjoy the perks that come with elite hotel status.  His next goal is a Starwood Platinum challenge that he will likely start in July.  I hate that the has to be gone this much, but knowing that we will get some nice family vacations as a result is a decent consolation prize.  I’ll write more about his Starwood Platinum challenge soon.  For now, congrats on re-qualifying for Hyatt Diamond status before the year is even half-way over!  Now, when are you coming home??? 😉

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  1. @Jimmy, thanks – glad you liked it. Business travel does have its perks for sure, but it also has its downsides. 😉 I’ll pass along the congrats!

  2. this is silly. you sound like the extra-comfortable factor is terribly hard to get. Why go all the trouble? just pay for a club room/ suite. and you get all the perks of a diamond member.

    Cash burns. Money talks.

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