New Park Plaza (Club Carlson) 50,000 Point “Ultimate Night Giveaway”!

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Update: I’m not sure if this is an error or is real, but it says that 20,000 registrants have already been reached and now only 15K points are available.  I’ll keep an eye on this and update if anything changes.  If it is already full then that was crazy fast!

Update #2: It seems that was an error as it is now saying 50K again, however my email still says I registered for 15K points.  Who knows, but it seems safe to register now for the full bonus.

Holy moley, just when I thought we were almost done with the Club Carlson promos, their fourth type of property has come out with their own “Ultimate Night Giveaway”!  This is fantastic news as registration for the “Big Night” promotion is full with the other three Club Carlson properties, but registration just opened with this promotion!

Here are the details taken from their site:

The first 20,000 people to register for the Park Plaza® Ultimate Night Giveaway will be eligible to receive 50,000 bonus Gold Points® – that’s enough for a night at any Park Plaza hotel worldwide.

Here is how it works:

  • Register for the Promotion by clicking on the “Register and book your stay today!” button below, you’ll need to be a Club CarlsonSM member to register. Not a member? No problem, it is free to join. Just follow the “Join Club Carlson” link after the video.
  • Watch a short video showcasing Club Carlson and complete the short online form.
  • Complete a qualifying stay at any Park Plaza hotel around the world between 28 June 2012 and 28 August 2012.
  • The 50,000 bonus Gold Points will be deposited into your Club Carlson account within 6 – 8 weeks of completing your qualifying stay. That’s enough points for a night at any Park Plaza hotel around the world.

AND, the 50,000 bonus Gold Points are in addition to the number of standard Gold Points awarded for your stay. PLUS, if you book your stay on you will earn at least an additional 1,000 bonus Gold Points with our online booking bonus. How would you spend your Ultimate Night? Invite your best friend on Facebook.

Here’s the bad news (for US residents)………there appears to be just one Park Plaza in the entire country.  It is in Minneapolis.  Great if you live in or are visiting Minnesota, but not so hot for the rest of us.  Of course, if you are in Europe or another part of the country with many Park Plaza hotels then this is a great promo for you!

I really would love to get my hands on 50,000 more Club Carlson points, but I’m not sure that a Park Plaza night will be practical for me given my current travel plans.  If you think a Park Plaza stay may be feasible for you, be sure to register for the promotion since it is limited to the first 20,000 registrants.  Thanks to @TheInfamousDX for retweeting this info!

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  1. […] Every now and then a hotel or airline offers a huge promotion that is too good to pass up.  The biggest so far this year has been the Club Carlson variations on the “buy one, get one” promotions.  Basically, these promotions were setup to give 44,000 or 50,000 bonus points (depending on the hotel brand) to people who first registered for the promotion and then stayed a night in a corresponding hotel.  This is so lucrative that I’ve gone out of my way to qualify for these bonuses.  While my family as a whole has earned much more than this, I personally have earned approximately 150K Club Carlson points from these promotions this year (see “When 138000 points is not enough”).  Now I’m trying to figure out how to qualify for the new, but more elusive, Park Plaza promotion. […]


  1. It is already saying that the first 20000 people have registered. The offer is now 15000 points after the stay.

  2. Thanks – I updated the post to show that it is saying only 15K points now. I am having a hard time believing it went that fast since the others took much longer (weeks) to hit their targets, but who knows! Maybe it is an error, maybe 20,000 people jumped on that quickly.

  3. I would think it has to be an error. Given that there is only one Park Plaza in the US, it seems unlikely that it could have filled that fast.

    • I really think something is up. I know that there are Park Plazas all over the world, but to hit 20K within 45 minutes of it being announced when the others took weeks seems very strange.

  4. The home page gave me the “we hit 20k participants,” but when I got my confirmation (both on the website and the email), it says I’m eligible for 50k points. Guessing error? I hope so, since I live in MSP, hurrah!

  5. Ignore the message. I agree with KK, and somethin’ doesn’t smell right.

    I went ahead and registered and – voila – confirm of registration says 50km GoldPoints!

    Good luck to the rest of you….should be fine: jump in!

    • Mine confirmation said 15K though the landing page said 50K. I am doing it again now to see what happens. I knew this didn’t smell right!

  6. Really not happy. I registered right when it was posted, got the 20K people have already registered thing. My email confirmation which was about half an hour ago says only 15K. I tried to call Club Carlson, but their offices are closed. Tried to just register again now that it isn’t showing the same message anymore, but it says I am already registered.

    • @MSPTraveler, I have the same issue. I am assuming there will be a fix to this though…..just probably not tonight.

  7. Let’s hope so. I already sent them email messages from both my account and my wife’s account. Will call them tomorrow and update you. Thanks for all the helpful info on your blog. My wife and I have already completed the six stays for the other three promotions (Country Inns and Radissons in the MSP area; Park Inns in Berlin). So thanks your info we are already about 300K points richer and hoping for another 100K for this promotion.

  8. This has been my problem with all the Club Carlson promotions — there are precious few properties in the Northeast, and those that exist have poor reviews on trip advisor… I wish they would up their game in Yankee territory so there would be more incentive to participate!

  9. This is awesome…I have a trip to Beijing in August, and (entirely coincidentally) was already booked at a cheap Park Plaza. Another 50k points for my trouble.

  10. It let me register for 50k. Awesome!
    I have a stay at the Park Plaza Bangkok coming up in 5 days so this is perfect timing. I hope as with the other promotions, they will honour previously booked stays? I read the T&C’s but nothing seemed to disqualify a previously made reservation?

  11. just registered and received email confirming 50k points for lst stay. Any Park Plaza hotel in CA or Canada…anyone have a list handy.

  12. Registered around 10:30 Pacific time, confirmed for 50k. Even though there are no Park Plazas in California, or anywhere nearby, I registered hoping something might open within the next two months. Nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Already have 170k from the initial offering; did a trifecta in beautiful downtown Fresno, where only the Radisson was a nice property. For the other two, I’ve seen better Motel 6s, but I’ll still take their points, thank you very much. If they want to give, I’ll take.

  13. Just registered and got an immediate reply—- 50,000 offered. I am in the Ukraine now and leave tonight for Donetsk, where I’ll stay at the ParkInn-Radisson. They offered me early checkin and late checkout since I have SilverElite status……. they matched my HiltonHHonors “Gold ” status.

    There are no Park Plaza hotels in the Ukraine.After Donetsk, I head to Kiev for a few days and then back to IAH….that’s home… on July 6. Is there any way to book a Park Plaza room for 1 night in another country…ie Poland… not checkin, but receive the 50,000 points? I think the T&C say “NO.” Just wishing….!

    Thanks for the great info you provide!

  14. .
    Thanks MP! I had not seen anything about this, although I stopped reading the BigNightGiveaway threads on MP and FT a while back. Just registered and it showed 50K on website and in the email.
    We are going to be cruising in Europe this summer and staying over a night in Berlin for which I did not have a hotel yet, and we need two rooms. Park Plaza in Berlin goes for as little as €52 ($65)!
    It is as if it were made to be. This should get us to 200K points a piece, which will be useful on next year’s trip to the UK. 😀

  15. Probably a useless comment at this point, but just to note that if you’re not planning on staying at all since there is only one in the U.S., don’t register and take up somebody else’s spot if there is someone else who will really use the hotel and pick up 50,000 points.

  16. Being in Minneapolis I am so used to the short end of the stick on mileage runs, it is really weird to actually get an advantage on one of these.

  17. Does booking the room through Travelocity give you the 50k points bonus? I notivced the advance rate at travelocity is 15% where as at park plaza website it is 5%. Thanks!

  18. It’s a good day for those of us who live in the Twin Cities! Actually, every day living in the Twin Cities is pretty darn good.

    The Park Plaza is not too far from the Mall of America. Come on over, everyone!

  19. .
    @bexho2000 – No, you have to book through the Radisson (Park Plaza) website in order to get the 50K points. However, you can take advantage of the Best Rate Gaurantee (BRG) by purchasing the room through Radisson and then getting the difference + 10% through Radisson’s BRG.

  20. -That is great for those of you who will be in The Twin Cities! I would love to visit the Mall of America someday!
    -I agree with the advice that if you are sure you aren’t going to be able to use this promo then don’t take a registration spot. 😉
    -Ike is correct that you need to book via Club Carlson site, but you can use a lower price on another city to do a “Best Rate Guarantee”. You can read all about that process here:
    -You do need to actually check-in to get your points.

  21. I have a conference in the Twin Cities or an alternative location the last weekend of August for which I would be paying out of pocket (related to one of by business ventures). Looks like I’ll be choosing MSP, booking one night in my name and one night for my wife, and letting the family loose on the Mall of America. Good times.

  22. @mommypoints – Did you ever hear anything from Club Carlson on the registration glitch. I called them last week. They opened up an issue, but I haven’t heard back from them yet.

  23. Thanks! I just called them and ended up with a rep who seemed helpful, so we’ll see how that goes as well. It’s good that people are mentioning it on their social media sites though, so they are aware of it and more motivated to do something about it. It would stink if a number of the first people to register get shafted with a 15K bonus instead of a 50K bonus.

  24. Btw a simple question that may have been answered elsewhere but do you have to physically check at the front desk counter in the hotel, or since there is a no show penalty of at least the first night on most reservations, especially those made through, you will still get the associated Carlson bonus?

    Also I understand with most Carlson properties, you don’t need to check out physically at the front desk counter either as the staff slides the final bill under the room door on the last morning.

    Is that the case across all Carlson properties (Radisson, Country Inn, Park Inn, Park Plaza) and locations in the US and ard the world?

  25. For those who travel to Europe this summer Park Plaza hotels are located in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Croatia and Israel. In Croatia they are newly opened seaside resorts.

    You can also register for art’otels which are in Germany (Berlin, Cologne and Dresden) and Hungary (Budapest)

  26. I registered and received my 50k confirmation email. Since I live in WI this is a great deal since it isn’t that far from me.

  27. @mommypoints – I heard back from the Club Carlson rep today that both my wife and I will receive 50K after completing a Park Plaza stay even though our confirmation emails only stated 15K. He didn’t explain the glitch, just said that if the 50K points don’t post correctly to contact him and they would fix it.

  28. I just signed up for this – learned about it elsewhere and I happen to live in Minneapolis. So here’s the question – is 50,000 goldpoints worth a check-in and $70? I’m about a 10 minute drive from the hotel so that’s no big deal but I cannot recall the last time I stayed at a Club Carlson property.

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