Delta, United, Air Canada, and More Matching the British Airways Business Class Sale

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In one of my posts yesterday I got nostalgic about the Olympics, Mary Lou Retton, and the wooden board I used as a balance beam in my back yard when I was eleven so that I could practice my own version of gymnastics.  This was brought on, in part, by a British Airways business class sale to London during the Olympics.  I started daydreaming about how awesome it would be to go to the Olympics and yada yada yada.  I knew no matter how much I wanted to go, I was never going to spend $2012 on a ticket to fly there on British Airways.  It is a good deal, assuming you have access to that amount of cash (certainly a better deal than burning a ton of Avios plus paying hefty taxes and fuel surcharges), but I knew I could resist the temptation since it was on a OneWorld carrier (since I am trying to build status with United).  That was yesterday.

This morning I noticed that Delta had matched the sale.  I knew in my heart I was in trouble.  I knew the chances that United or another Star Alliance carrier matching were very high at that point.  They did.  I am in trouble.

If you were hoping for a match on this sale to go to the Olympics (or just go to Europe), you’ve got it.  If you were hoping to watch me have a breakdown on Twitter as I try simultaneously to talk myself both in and out of finding some way to go to the Olympics, you got that, too.  I may forgo Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Arbor Day presents for myself from here until eternity if I do find a way to go, but how can you compete with the Olympics?  The part of my heart that is still eleven years old says you can’t.


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  1. I think the Olympics are overrated. Now, if it was the World Cup, the Euro, or the Super Bowl, it was a different matter. And it’s not just the plane tickets. The hotels, tickets to the events, the crowds, etc, etc… And you can watch them on TV even better sometimes 🙂

  2. The 2016 Summer Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro. Little C will be old enough to go with you and remember her own version of Mary Lou.

  3. @Julian, the Olympics aren’t for everyone. Just as the World Cup, Super Bowl, etc aren’t for everyone. 😉 However, I love them. They are my Super Bowl (though I love Super Bowl parties!)
    @Carsten, hotel availability is what started this whole crazy idea. Still lots of good reward nights available. Good advice!
    @Kadence, yep, did that and still tickets to one event I would love. 😉
    @deals, you tell me!
    @pianodude, I very much hope to bring her to that. That is absolutely on my list of planned trips. Of course, who knows what will be happening four years from now, but I hope that make that a reality!

  4. on the phone with Delta now to try and downgrade my existing reservation…they don’t know anything about this??

  5. Not much in terms of Olympics tickets is available at the official site anymore. A lot of boxing. And what’s available is comparable to BA Club World pricing…

    At this point I’m thinking to simply go to Europe via London. Thinking about Berlin, which has the added benefit of many Park Plaza properties to choose from! It makes sense to go for the points, right?

  6. Go! London is my favorite place in the world. There will be rooms available outside the central area but perhaps not in one of your preferred programs (think Thistle hotels.) The tube will get you anywhere you want to go quickly and on the cheap. You may even still be able to find a flat available in Chelsea or Kensingtom. Also worth looking in Bloomsbury. Go get a Lomely Planet London!

  7. Something definitely happened to the fares between yesterday and today. I had to book a business trip to England (Midlands) for the week of July 8. That is 19 days before the start of the Olympics. Yesterday I checked the business class fares and they were like $6K and higher. Today, I went online and bingo, multiple routes at $3.5K. Needless to say, I bought the ticket. As a bonus, I even got my preferred routing – no double connection extra long layover funny business. Grab ’em while you can.

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