2012 US Airways Grand Slam Preparations Part 4: e-Rewards

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If there was an audio introduction to this blog, it would go something like this: e-Rewards, dun dun dun (you know, in an overly dramatic, suspenseful, and ominous sort of way).  e-Rewards is the US Airways Grand Slam hit that I love, and I hate.  Before I get into how it works, and why it holds such a special place in my heart, I want to cover a few basics since these posts can be confusing if there is no basic knowledge to start from.  If you are new to the US Airways Grand Slam and have no clue what hits I am talking about, I highly encourage you to read through Parts 1-3 of this series.  Part 1 in particular gives some background about the US Airways Gland Slam, how it works, when it historically happens, and how lucrative it can be.  We still don’t know for sure if there will be a Grand Slam this year or not, but I want to be ready just in case it does make a triumphant return.

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In I love the e-Rewards hit in the Grand Slam because it is free.  Some hits are free, some are cheap, and some are kinda pricey.  Free is almost always better than pricey.  However, we all know that things don’t cost you monetarily, often cost you in other ways.  In this case, the currency is time and your opinions for market research.  e-Rewards is similar to e-Miles in that you are getting rewarded by filling out surveys.  However, there are some major differences between e-Miles and e-Rewards.  With e-Rewards you have to be invited to participate.  There is no way to just sign-up or be referred by a current member.  I have received invitations before from airline and hotel partners such as Delta, Priority Club, and US Airways.  There is a decent chance you have received those sort of invitations before as well, and just not paid attention to them.  I recommend doing a search for “e-Rewards” in your various email accounts and see if you have an invitation sitting around that you might be able to utilize.  Make sure that US Airways is a transfer partner before you start accumulating rewards for the purposes of the Grand Slam.  Not all invitations have US Airways as a transfer partner.

Another difference is that the e-Rewards surveys are often much longer than the ones with e-Miles.  They can also be more lucrative.  I have had single surveys get me about 1/5 of the way there to the minimum transfer threshold.  With e-Rewards you have to accumulate $25.00 worth of credit by completing the surveys before you can redeem that credit for 500 US Airways miles.  That was enough to get a hit in last year’s Grand Slam.  Don’t think that you can just cash out your $25.00 and run if you don’t want to transfer to US Airways.  There are many redemptions options, but last time I checked it took $70.00 in credit to redeem for a $25.00 gift card to a retailer.

Last year I started pretty strong with e-Rewards and completed a number of (time consuming) surveys online.  I got to $14.60 and then about half-way through the Grand Slam I stopped getting surveys.  This wasn’t a slow-down it was a full and complete stop.  Now, nine months later, I still have yet to receive another survey.  I actually contacted e-Rewards a few weeks ago to see if there was some technical glitch that was preventing me from receiving surveys and I received the following response:

We have reviewed your past participation in the e-Rewards program and have determined that your particular demographic and consumer profile may not be in high demand for our clients at this time.

As e-Rewards serves a vast array of clients in a myriad of industry verticals, it is not unusual to have market research needs change abruptly and frequently.

I have updated my interest and answered surveys truthfully, but I still have received no additional surveys.  It was indeed abrupt, as they put it.  I guess educated, middle class, married, female, American, 30-somethings are not in high demand.  😉  Needless to say, this probably won’t be a hit for me in this Grand Slam, just like it wasn’t last year.  I will possibly be stalled at $14.60 for eternity.  The upside is not devoting the time to the surveys!  However, I do wish I was able to get the rest of the way to $25.00 and get this free hit.

There are some limits about the number of transfers you can make to partners.  Some have quarterly limits, some have limits based on calendar months, and some don’t have limits at all.  I don’t have much experience with those limits since I have never even reached the $25.00 threshold, but you can read some about those limits and other issues on this helpful Flyertalk thread.  For those who are fortunate enough to actually receive surveys, this can be a useful way to build hotel point balances with the intent of using those points as hits in the Grand Slam as well.  If you fall into that camp, just keep an eye on the transfer limits with the hotels partners you use since we are coming to the end of a quarter.

The main takeaways from this are: to keep an eye out for invitations from e-Rewards in your email account(s) and to start building you balance back up if you already have an e-Rewards account.  Maybe one day I will be the targeted demographic again, but until then I’m happy for all of you who are able to get this valuable “free” hit!  e-Rewards veterans, please feel free to chime in with details and tips that I have forgotten to include.

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  1. I sometimes get emails for 2 or 3 surveys a day. I think if one is it in the “IT” field and also is a “decision maker” it will increase your odds. I’ve ready for the 2012 GS and earned a ton of hertz points in the last year.

  2. How can I be sure that US Airways is a transfer partner? I recently received an invitation from Hilton. When I click through, it lists US Airways as one of about 24 “program sponsors” but only has Omaha Steaks and Zales as “reward partners.” Is it the “program sponsor” or the “reward partner” that matters?

  3. I also get two or three a day, and have already accrued $25+ in anticipation of the grand slam. They can be somewhat tedious and time consuming, however, especially if (like me) you actually try to answer thoughtfully.

  4. @Gabriel: program sponsors. To be sure, click on rewards tab at the top and see if US airways is in the dropdown menu for transfer.

  5. I am sure they make sense for some with the patience and time, but I would find root canal more pleasurable than taking these surveys.

  6. I’ve used e-rewards for a few years and had one account out of three that our family has go bad. I think what happens is if you let it go dormant for some odd period it shuts it down and eventually your left over points or reward $’s expire. It’s odd. I have tried like crazy to reactivate my dead account with no luck. It just sits there with $0.01 in credit.

    Make sure to do at least 1 survey per month is my advice. Now if someone could help me figure out the Delta Whitehboard site my world would be complete and I could spend all my time on survey and trivia sites.

    By the way does anyone know what weird audience reward poetry reading in north Carolina we are going buy out and not show up for this year. It was like an anti-flash mob last year 🙂

  7. I have two e-rewards accounts. One of them has transfers to U.S. Airways. I already have the $25 needed for the transfer and I’m just sitting waiting for the grand slam. Earlier this month I did transfers to La Quinta from both accounts so I could have the 5000 points needed for a La Quinta transfer during the grand slam.

  8. I already have an account that gives me Delta points. I tried signing up a few years ago to get a second E-Rewards account linked to USAirways. Even though I used a different email address, it wouldn’t let me have a duplicate account. Assuming that I ever get a second offer, do I need to use a different home address as well as a different email address?

  9. Any ideas on how to get an invitation? I checked my email and I can’t find one. Thanks for the post. I’m getting ready for my first Grand Slam (hopefully).

  10. It shames me to say, but I have multiple e-rewards accounts. My main one, which I used last year for the grand slam hit, no longer has US Airways as a reward partner. It just disappeared. E-rewards is a great way to keep accounts from expiring or getting you to that next level. Both Hilton and Priority Club give you more points when you redemn at a higher level. (ex: $25 = 1000 Hilton points, whereas $100 = 7000 Hilton points

  11. i agree, if you are the sole decision maker, you are likely to get 1 survey a day….i am amazed at the amount I get. I have gotten 35,000 hilton points this way. I try to save the surveys for when i am traveling and just do them at teh airport–excellent time waster!

  12. I do not get the survey emails often (or ever), but most times when I go into my account I have a survey waiting for me to take. So do not only rely on the emails, just check out your account often. I’ve been doing them since 2005 and found them to be a great way to procrastinate at work 🙂

  13. -Glad so many of you get surveys. I log-in and check and there is never a single thing. Maybe one day. 😉
    -There really is not trick to get invited other than to belong to hotel and airline loyalty programs and opt-in for emails from partners and such.
    -You can always try contacting e-Rewards if US Airways isn’t a partner and explaining that your travel patterns have changed and you would really appreciate them being a partner. Not sure it will do any good, but you can try.
    -Thanks for everyone chiming in with tips!

  14. Great preparatory series, MP! Hopefully, we can all score another couple of trips when the promo returns. I did manage to get a hit from e-Rewards last year, but just like you, once I converted the $25 credit to USAirways miles, I stopped receiving surveys altogether. It was not just you, so don’t feel bad :D! TravelWhimsy did not have enough credit to score a hit, but she is still getting plenty of surveys via email (surveys being ignored for now).

  15. Until I can get an invite from USAirways, I’m trying to stock up on points in as many of the hotel chains as possible. That way I can get hits by transfering miles from chains that I normally don’t stay in, like LaQuinta and Choice, and keep my SPG miles.

  16. I recently cancelled an account from 2006 that came via Golfsmith. Searching old email, I don’t think I ever got a single survey beyond the welcome surveys. I’m hoping that by cancelling I will be able to legitimately sign up for a possible GS12 (GS13???) hit at some point.

  17. @Mikes: Same here. The one I got from e-miles does not have US Airways as a partner. My wife got an invite from Gamestop and it has US Airways as a partner.

  18. I saw this on my page, just to remind all that I may have to collect upto 25$ again after June 30th…

    Redeem Your Unused e-Rewards Currency Today

    Our program rules specify that any e-Rewards Currency earned and in your membership account as of June 30, 2012, must be redeemed by Midnight (CDT) on July 31,2012.

    Any e-Rewards Currency that is not redeemed before July 31,2012, will be subject to the Currency Expiration policy, which states that 75% of the e-Rewards Currency that you’ve earned prior to June 30, 2012, will be expired from your account at the end of your Membership Year. Click here to learn more about the Currency Expiration policy in our Member Agreement.

    Check out all available Rewards on your Reward Chart.

    As always, thank you for your membership. Continue to check your inbox and Member home page for future opportunities to earn e-Rewards Currency.

  19. You need to have an e-rewards account with a non airline partner, or with US Airways itself. If the invitation is from another airline program, it will not have US Airways or any other airlines as redemption possibilities.

  20. I’m fine with using this for a grand slam hit, but would repeat any cautions about the time it takes. Fortunately it’s usually not as long as they estimate when presenting the survey to you.

    I do have an ethical issue with them, though. They use the U.S. $ sign in identifying the value of a reward, when the points they give are demonstrably and substantially of a value less than $1.00. Can anyone just invent a currency for some purpose and label it with a dollar sign as though it were equivalent to U.S. money? This isn’t like hotel or air programs that label their rewards as “miles” or “points” rather than as “dollars”. I value an erewards “dollar” at about 30-35 cents.

  21. I have the same Erewards account as last year when I played the GS. I was able to transfer to U.S. Airways. Today I look at the transfer option and U.S. Airways is no longer an option.

    What happened? Has anyone else checked their account recently?

  22. @Sam I got an invitation from UNITED, but when you go to the rewards section, you can redeem your earned $ for US AIRWAYS points.

  23. A couple things I’ve learned about this program today.

    First go in to e-rewards and check your membership expiration date. Click on “my account” then “review account statement” (second from the bottom on mine). It will then show you a page with your membership dates. Make sure you spend the currency within 30 days of the expiration or you loose at least 75% of it.

    Second if you have an account that won’t allow you to redeem for US airline miles you may be able to use e-rewards to redeem for points in one of the hotel programs, etc. so you can in turn use that for a hit. For example I don’t have any points in Choice and few in LaQuinta so I may do that to save having to buy points in those programs for a possible US Air hit.

  24. E-rewards is so weird. I used to have US Airways and Southwest as transfer partners, I have transferred to both of them in the past. Now they have disappeared and the only airline I have is United, plus a bunch of hotels. Ugh.

  25. I foolishly signed up for the e-rewards invite in my Alaska air newsletter today, then thought to read this post afterwards. My bad, as there is no USAirways transfer listed. I hope I will be able to sign up to another one that has the hit in time to get one this year.

  26. Happily, I got an invitation from Club Carlson today which included U.S. Airways as a partner. Well, actually my 2 year old daughter got it! I have no idea why I signed her up for Club Carlson, but apparently I was way ahead of the game.
    Most interestingly: I was able to create an account for myself using my Club Carlson number using that link. I tried to use it for my wife also (in a different browser) and hit an ‘unknown error’. It looks like it *might* be possible to forward links, but they are one-use only.
    Maybe her twin brother will get one that momma can use. 🙂

  27. If you already have an e-Rewards account that does not have US Airways as a redemption option, it is possible to switch. Make sure you have a US Airways dividend miles account. Then hold out until they send you an invite (it might take a while). Once they do, change your email preference in you e-rewards account to another junk email. Once the new email is confirmed, cancel the account. Then go through the US Airways invite to sign up again with your original email address. Note: if you have money in your original account, you will lose it – no way around that. But they only way they track people having multiple accounts is by email address, so you will be good to go for the Grand Slam.

    I learned this process from a flyertalk thread, and it worked.

  28. For the people asking if they can have a referral or invitation it is not possible. You have to be invited by an E-Rewards partner. No one can refer you.

    I have two acts and in one acct I signed up through a hotel chain and I have 17 airline choices, 5 hotel partners, and 22 other choices for a total of 42 different partners I can redeem on. The other acct I signed up through an airline and I have that airline and 25 other choices. Well if I had the additional 16 airlines that would also make it 42.

    I agree with the comment that being head of household and the SOLE decision maker gets more surveys. That is my case and I get a couple a week in each acct.

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