New Ultimate Rewards Bonuses: Lowes 10x, Staples 5x, Office Depot 10x, and more!

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I love how a new month brings new specials and deals to the world of miles and points.  I spent a little bit of time on the Ultimate Rewards site this morning and saw some new earning rates that caught my attention.  Here are some examples of where you can earn an increased number of Ultimate Rewards points by shopping online through the Ultimate Rewards portal with various retailers.  Remember that depending on which Ultimate Rewards earning card you log in with, you will see different earning rates and specials.  So, if you have multiple Ultimate Reward cards, make sure to log in to the Ultimate Rewards portal with the card that earns the most for that retailer.  Also remember that the New Ink Bold earns 5x at office supply stores, so the 10x that is listed for Office Depot is really 15x if you use that card.  That is huge!  Staples for a total of 9x is also really huge (and yes, gift cards purchased through the UR portal from Staples have still been earning points for me even after the terms changed)!  It is important to note that some of these earnings are only good through July 3rd, so if you have some purchases you are interested in making, then consider making them sooner rather than later.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Lowes 10x

Jcrew 5x

Staples 4x

Bloomingdale’s 10x

Kohl’s 10x 10x

Chase Freedom Visa

JCP 10x

Nike 10x

Staples 5x

Home Depot 5x 10x

Ink Bold

Office Depot 10x

Staples 4x

Lowes 10x

Naturally I just purchased a bunch of lawn equipment from Lowes right before the 10x came out, but I am still excited to see some increased earnings opportunities for everyone.  If you don’t yet have an Ultimate Rewards earning card, I strongly recommend adding one to your collection at some point.  Being able to earn up to 15x points for every dollar spent when those points can transfer 1:1 to Hyatt, United, and more is pretty fantastic (you do need an Ink Bold or Chase Sapphire Preferred Card to transfer the points to hotel and airline partners).  Also, keep an eye out for what new ideas and experiments the Frequent Miler will come up with over the next few days based on these new points earnings.  You can also see a very helpful full listing of earnings with the various Ultimate Rewards cards and partners at HikerT’s site.

Any of the new specials interesting for you and your family?


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  1. is back up to 10x on the Sapphire Preferred. I use the heck out of that with the Shoprunner free 2 day shipping that a lot of us picked up last fall.

  2. Checking HikerT’s table is the first thing I did this morning after waking up. I am glad that i pulled the trigger on Barnes and Noble yesterday itself.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on JCP being short term. Cardpool has been selling JCP for 30% off. If you can earn 10x from the Freedom mall using GCs for payment the cost for every $100 of JCP purchase is $70 (GC cost) – $70 x 2% (cash back from cardpool on GC purchase) – $70 x 5 UR (use vanilla reloads for GC purchase) + $70 x 0.8% (fee to purchase vanilla reloads) – $100 x 10 UR (from freedom mall). Valuing UR conservatively at 1.3 cents that translates to a cost of $51.61 plus sales tax on $100. My problem is cardpool refuses to sell to me. Tried 3 times last week and every time my order was cancelled citing “inventory error”.

  4. @Chris L, nice! I added that to the list since it is a helpful retailer for some as well!
    @Laura S, this “Ultimate Rewards 101” post should help: Basically, you do need a card that earns ultimate rewards to utilize the portal, but then you can unofficially use other cards while shopping in the portal. If you don’t have the Chase Sapphire or New Ink Bold I would make one of those your next Chase card so you can get in on this action!
    @Rasputin, good move on Barnes and Noble! His site is awesome and the first of the month is always exciting. 😉
    @HikerT, thanks for what you do on your site! That is an awesome plan for JCP! Hope you can get your hands on some cardpool cards soon!

  5. I’m not a Keurig person but a Keurig maker and/or k-cups might be one thing I’d purchase at JCP. No sales tax on the k-cups, at least here in WA, which minimizes the frictional costs of sales tax (which are double at 50% off). Might also be a good deal for kitchenaid mixers.

  6. Thanks MP. I am eyeing the Sapphire card..I’m waiting to see if I receive that 70k offer, but I don’t think I’ll be able to wait much longer. 😉

    • Laura, the good news is if you get targeted right after you apply they will likely bump you to the higher offer. It is a great card to have. 😉

  7. Are the Staples’s terms and conditions the same as before? I recall being able to receive 5x bonus on gift cards in the past…

    Current Staples’s terms and conditions.

    “Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Not eligible on promotional items, technology, software, and electronics. Shopping cart must be empty prior to accessing Staples through this site to be eligible. Discount reward certificates and Copy and Print shop orders are not eligible. Staples Business Advantage orders are not eligible. Contact with Staples for price matching, sales assistance, etc. will likely cancel eligibility.”

  8. Looking to spend some good cash (~$3000) on all Apple products. Best way to MAX points? e.g. Apple Store bonuses are low, so buy Best Buy gift cards at office supply store/Lowes/etc to then buy Apple goodies? B&H Photo bonus dollars? Other ideas?

  9. @Andy, they have changed, but so far I am still earning points the same as before.
    @Palm, the Membership Rewards portal is usually the best for Apple (at least in recent history). There may be better creative ways, but that is the best straight forward route.

  10. i used UR shopping portal alot last month. I did several large purchases from my ink card log in. however , i didnt get any points from chase. They stated that they do not see any activity. What the hell????
    i did everything correct as normal, but for the month of June, none of my UR shopping was posted.
    any ideas? anyone else has this problem?

    • @Iana, I heard a similar issue from theinfamousdx, however he called and got a manual adjustment. I know it says Safari users aren’t having their activity tracked, so not sure if that is relevant for you. I didn’t have any problems in June, but I have heard that at least once before.

  11. So I buy staples g cards i get a ton of points but if I go back And purchase something through chase portal using stapes gift cards such as a camera I get no more extra points since gc used and since I bought electronics?

    • @T, I can’t say for sure how it works now. I can say I have earned points on gift card since the terms changed when purchasing the gift cards. I have not tried using any gift cards at (the ones I bought were restaurant gift cards). I would look at Frequent Miler’s laboratory to see if there are recent tests that might answer your question. Or, you could try it out with a small purchase and report back!

  12. I have not bought anything from UR Mall before. Do I have to use Chase card to make the purchase to get the bonus point? Can I use some other non-Chase credit card?

  13. We’re looking at getting a new credit card to use for miles/points. We currently have a Chase card that we’ve had for over 10 years, good deals on flights (25,000 points gets a $400 Continental U.S. flight on any airline, 50,000 points gets an $800 flight to Europe, etc.), but there’s very little opportunity for double, 5x, and 10x points, etc. If we wanted to get a new card that we could utilize for flights and hotels, is the Chase Sapphire Preferred the one you’d recommend? If not, which one do you think is best if you were only going to use one card? Thanks!

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