Star MegaDo 4 International Business Seats Released Shortly!

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I have really struggled about whether to go on the international portion of the Star MegaDo 4, and whether to sit in coach or business class for that portion of the trip.  I have gone on two MegaDos, but have only done the domestic portion in order to keep costs down, as well as to avoid being away from home for too long.  However, I do want to experience the full MegaDo at least once, so this was going to be the trip where I did just that.  In fact, while still at the launch party I booked a night at the Park Hyatt Zurich on Hyatt Gold Passport points (actually my laptop was used for that purpose by many at the event!).  After talking with my husband and others on previous MegaDos, I had decided to do a “once in a lifetime” splurge and fly in business class for that portion of the trip.

The West Coast to Zurich and back is a very long flight, and I had little desire to do that flight in coach.  Flying from here to Florida, or some other domestic destination in coach is fine, but that flight is a totally different story – especially when there are still several more days of events and travel once you get back to the US.  However, today it looks like the price of the business class seat has jumped to $4000.  Ain’t no way, ain’t no how.  That is never going to happen for me, so I am now officially on the wait list for a coach seat……from LAX to Zurich.  Ouch.

If you happen to have $4K in your account to use for this purpose, tickets are about to go on sale (PS, if you have an extra $4K in your account, and want a new friend to sit next to you, just let me know……kidding, kidding).

Head over to Milepoint to wait for the official starting gun to sound to secure your seats.  Someone will have to tell me how those international business class seats are, since I won’t be finding out on this trip.  😉

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  1. “PS, if you have an extra $4K in your account, and want a new friend to sit next to you, just let me know……kidding, kidding”

    I seem to recall Just Another Points Traveler reviewing

  2. @Deals, maybe so!
    @Stacey, yeah that is one word for it. 😉
    @Gary, ha ha. Not that kind of friend!!

  3. When Tommy was talking about $3K fares from the west coast, I was pretty surprised. To be fair, he only said that $3K was the floor. $4-5K is what I was expecting.

    Sorry to hear you’re on the wait list. But coach aint so bad! I’ve done it nonstop a few times on similar routes. The biggest annoyance is running out of things to do, and the new IFE should help.

    And btw, these little “once in a lifetime” trips of yours seem to have become a more regular feature 😉

  4. @Scottrick, paying several grand for a seat will not be a regular feature – ever! The MegaDos themselves have become pretty regular for me, but if they remain annual I will miss some of those as well (at least the non Star Alliance ones). I really never expect to be able to do some things I have been able to do again, but I am overjoyed when it turns out that way. 😉
    @canucklehead, either that or we won’t be on the trip at all! 😉

  5. Glad I signed up for the Economy international portion waitlist… I just need to clear it now 🙂

    Hope to see you in person MP soon!

    • Tim, I hear what you are saying and have thought about that. 90% + of my trips are family trips, but I do some leisure travel on my own as well. It is very different travel than the family trip to Grandmas (which I love), but it is also a part of what I do. Kind of like wearing an outfit from Target, but pairing it with fancy shoes from Nordstroms (which I also do).

      I’ve been a MegaDo fan since I started blogging and continue to enjoy them. Fear not, most of my travel for the forseeable future will be family oriented adventures with a few other tidbits mixed in here and there. 😉

  6. My concern is that family travel and children are somewhat mocked in the points and miles world. Your increasing number of childless trips seem to reinforce the stereotype that children dont travel well, and are too much of a hassle or burden.
    I have to doubt that 90% number, unless you’re not reporting a lot of family trips. Off the top of my head, you’ve gone sans child to NY (twice), DC, SF, two MegaDos, and are planning Vegas, UK/IE, Japan, another Do. Sounds like a great time, dont get me wrong, and I guess it’s now your job, but to me it just seems crazy that going full time as a family travel blogger means you travel less with your family.

  7. @Tim that’s what I like about @mommypoints blog…there is a useful balance that is struck between miles and points AND traveling as a family. I don’t have any children so it might seem at first glance that this would not be a blog for me. I come back daily because @mommypoints has one of the best presentations in travel blogging.

  8. @Tim I agree. Also, Don’t forget that there was a trip planned to Bali as well using the BA 100,000 miles promotion.

    • @David, someone should have told me I was going to Bali using the BA 100K promo! I missed that one. 😉

  9. @Tim, I guess I should have been more specific. 90% of my leisure trips include traveling with my daughter. My “business” has changed, but I consider business trips a beast of their own. No doubt I am traveling more with my daughter now than In was before, but I am also traveling more in general….if that makes sense. Little C and I average about a trip a month these days. It isn’t really fair to her to try to bring her to a conference or work meeting or something like that. I had frequent solo work trips at my old gig as well.

    I hate to think that taking at least one trip a month with your two year old reinforces that family travel is too hard. I would hope it does the opposite. I love traveling with my daughter, and do it quite frequently (as in at least monthly). However, not all trips are appropriate or geared for a two year old.

    I do understand where you are coming from, and I am a mom and family traveler first and foremost. That said, I do have work and leisure trips that are either solo trips, or trips just with my husband, so I would never pretend that I only take trips with the three of us all together. There are things you can do with a two year old, and things that you can’t. As she continues to grow, the balance will continue to evolve and shift.

    @IPBrian, thanks. 🙂 It certainly is not exclusively a family travel site, nor is it exclusively a MegaDo/biz class travel type site (esp since I have yet to take my first biz class trip!). I guess (like most of us) I have several sides to myself, and thus my blog has a few different sides to it as well. My life and travel patterns with an infant or toddler will look very different than my life with a school aged kid in a few years. It’s all about evolution and balance – or at least the attempt to have balance.

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