Start Using Freedom Card for Gas and Restaurants + UR Safari Tracking Issue

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If you have a Chase Freedom Visa card, this is just a reminder to start using that card now for gas and restaurants since the third quarter 5x bonus in those categories has now started as of July 1.  I am having a real mental challenge remembering to use it for restaurants for some reason, but hopefully I will catch on soon.  If you have not yet activated this quarter’s bonus category, then you can do so now online.  It is retroactive to the beginning of the quarter.  You can also request emails and/or text messages reminding you to activate the bonus every quarter.  Since the quarterly 5x bonus categories are capped at $1,500 (7,500 points) they aren’t the most exciting bonus on the block, but 30,000 Ultimate Reward points annually for spending just $6,000 on the card on expenses that we were going to have anyway is pretty nice.  It is more of a “slow and steady” wins the race sort of promo, but that works out just fine for me.

Hey Mom, if you are reading, activate your card for these bonus categories using the link about and start using the new blue card when you get gas or eat out!  😉

While we are on the subject of Ultimate Rewards, I have noticed recently that there has been a caution for Mac Safari users that there has been a problem tracking purchases made through the Ultimate Rewards portal with that browser.  However, today I noticed that the Safari warning is now gone, so presumably Safari users should now be okay to earn UR points using their browser of choice.  I have recently seen more comments and received more emails from folks who have had issues with some recent UR purchases posting.  I’m not sure if I have just seen those issues mentioned more recently, or if it has really happened more in recent weeks for Safari and non-Safari users.  Either way, it is probably a good time to double check to make sure that all of your purchases have posted as expected.  If not, just call Chase or send a secure message and they will likely credit the points as a “goodwill gesture”.

Have you had issues with your recent purchases posting through Ultimate Rewards?  If so, what has your response from Chase been when you requested a “courtesy adjustment” for the points?

Now it is time to get back to watching the US Olympic trials I have recorded.  Just a few more weeks until the games begin!


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  1. Put $700 worth of purchases on my Ink Bold via UR Mall using Safari and the points didn’t post. Had to fight to get the extra 3k points I was owed in the end. Their initial robo-response just sent me some generic instructions on what to do…c’mon Chase.

  2. Be careful with the instructions to use the “blue card.” My wife complained that all of the Chase cards are blue: Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, and United Club. (We also have the American Express Blue Cash card, which isn’t actually blue, but clear.) I had to make up a spreadsheet with the names of each card to help her with which one to spend where. That spreadsheet gets updated every quarter (and in the case of Freedom 5X rewards, in the middle of the quarter once we hit $1500 in the bonus categories) and a new copy goes in her purse. Your mom might appreciate something like that.

  3. @BigTex, I’m glad you were able to get the points, but that stinks you had to fight for them. Hopefully the Safari issue is now resolved.
    @Jason, ha ha so true. I think my mom knows what the “new blue one means”, but you are correct that they are almost all blue! My mom pretty much uses at max two cards at a time, but maybe I need something like that for my husband. 😉 (though he has really done well on his own!) Thanks!

  4. I just got in contact with Chase about some missing UR points – apparently google chrome has been having issues as well tracking… they had to retroactively give me over 1300 points for last month

  5. Hi Mommy points, I emailed Chase because I don’t think I got the right amount of points from grocery stores in the 2nd quarter and the rep is trying to tell me its only 6,000 point maximum. Is that right? I have the sapphire card too as well as checking through them. This is the first quarter I kept track and really tried to get the maximum points. I replied to their email and hope I get some better news.

  6. Thanks, mommypoints, for the mention of the Safari and points posting issue. I believe the more people in the frequent traveler community who know and share about these problems; the better it is going to be for the community at large.
    I have a different issue with the Ultimate Rewards website. The site recognizes me and my Chase cards, but won’t load the UR shopping mall to my computer. The customer service people, and the IT people at Chase have been excellent; but have not been able to come up with a solution for the problem. Because the UR site recognizes me, and every other fuction of the UR site appears to function properly; I like to think the problem is on their end. They like think the problem is on my end. Their customer service may be very good; but in the end, how much is that worth to the customer if the product is undeliverable to the customer?
    I still use and love my Chase credit cards (elsewhere), which always seem to work just fine. 😉

  7. We shop at Sam’s Club for part of our groceries and use their gas typically. The Freedom site said it does not apply to warehouse store gas, but I saw posts elsewhere that it works or at least used to work. Anyone have an idea what is the actual situation? Thanks.

  8. I change the order of the cards in my wallet. Normally the Sapphire is my go-to card and it’s in the top slot, but I’ve put the Freedom there now and the Sapphire is in the bottom slot. Seeing a different layout each time I open my wallet reminds me to think about which card, when.
    I also keep a post-it note on the inside flap of my wallet with RESTAURANTS + GAS = FREEDOM to remind me to use the right card.

  9. In the add above and on Chase Website it talks about cash back – however you talk about Ultimate Reward points.

    Does this card have an option – that is you can take cash or get ultimate reward points?



    • David, it earns UR points that can be used as cash back. You can also transfer those points to hotel and airline partners if you also have the Sapphire Pref or Ink Bold.

      • Thanks for your reply.

        I do have the saphire preferred and thus I will be able to transfer the points – good news! I will need to apply for this card!!!!

  10. @Chris D.

    I was wondering about the same thing… I believe Sam’s Club gas will count…

    here’s my source:

    “Do gas stations at discount warehouses – like Walmart run gas stations or Costco run gas stations count toward the 5%? (FYI: In your example list you listed BJ’s and Sam’s Club).

    Yes. All gas stations at warehouse stores will earn 5%. However, Costco will not since they only accept American Express.”

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