500 US Airways Miles for $5 via Dividend Mile Daily Deal

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Update: The deal is expired.  Congrats to everyone who got in on time!

I have written about the US Airways Dividend Miles Daily Deal before, but there hasn’t been a really great deal (assuming you are just in it for the miles) in a little while so I wanted to alert anyone that is interested that today is a great day to sign up for the Dividend Miles Daily Deal and make a $5 purchase to get 500 miles and one year (six issues) of Working Mother Magazine..  That is just one cent per mile, so that is a pretty great deal for many people.  Perhaps the best part about this promotion is that you can refer others via your link and you get 500 miles for everyone you refer who makes a purchase.  So, sign yourself up and then start referring your parents, siblings, spouse, friends, neighbors, enemies, etc.  You get the idea.  Just do it quickly as this deal will likely sell out in a hurry (at least the last one that was in this price range sold out by about early or mid-afternoon).

In my experience these miles have posted pretty reliably, so that makes the promo that much more valuable.  If you have already signed up and made a purchase then you can’t get the 500 miles sign-up bonus again, but you can start referring your friends.  Feel free to use my link to sign-up (and thanks if you do), or just start a conga line in the comments section and use each others links!  Miles for everyone!


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  1. @Sil, I think it took a couple weeks last time. It wasn’t very long though. You do have to go to another site to redeem. If you buy a magazine you don’t want, perhaps you can have it sent to someone who might appreciate the magazine more than you do. 😉

  2. Ps, thanks to everyone who used my link. Hopefully now that there are a few links in the comments section we will have some use each others links as well! Nothing like a Friday morning conga line.

  3. Sorry that some are getting posted a bit out of order, I have to manually go in and approve if this is someone’s first comment on the site, so I’m not able to do that in real time. Keep using each others links though – this is great! 😉

  4. Do we actually need to redeem to get the miles? I’d just as soon skip giving them all kinds of info and don’t really want the magazine.

  5. Also wanted to point something out to everyone. When I signed up I put in my dividend miles #, but when i logged back into my account later and looked at my profile to see if the referral tracked ok. I noticed that my dividend miles number was 0. The same think happened with my wife’s when she signed up. I would think that this will affect the miles transfering to accounts. I went into “my profile” and re-input my account number and saved. You all might want to check yours too to make sure there are nor posting issues.

  6. I used your link because I enjoy reading your blog. Just please don’t ever sell-out this website; keep it the same – with that “personal” touch. Thanks for the quality blogging. It is very entertaining and enjoyable!

  7. How do you know if the referral tracked correctly? I go into my profile and it does show the correct dividend miles number and it shows bonus miles 500. Normal miles shows 25, and miles earned 0.

  8. As stated above, 500 is from your signup AND purchase of a deal. you also get 5 points per dollar spent so $5 = 25 points. so if you see 525 you have recieved your credit for signup and purchase. If somebody has signed up via your link AND made a purchase after signing up you should get an additional 500 points EACH time this happens. So for example after you sign up and make a purchase, if you post your referral link here, then someone here signs up with that link AND makes the purchase you should get another 500 for a total of 1025 points. You only get the referral if the person using your referral link makes a purchase. I reposted my referral link above because it was noted above that mine was used in the conga line, however if it was no purchase was made because nothing tracked for it. DO go check your accounts though as i don’t think any are recording the dividend miles number permanently as the signup should!

    I will repost again if someone would be so kind as to use it next



    • @Brian, your guess is as good as mine. If there is a GS and this is a hit I would bet that it is just making a purchase using this instead of having to be a new member, but you never know. That is just purely a guess.

  9. @everyone whose link was skipped: by reposting your link you are just causing someone else to be skipped. It is impossible to correct because some lucky people got multiple referrals and there is no way to take them back. Get over it and move on.

    • Yeah, there is no perfect way. Hopefully the majority got some miles and those who weren’t that lucky get some good miles and points karma in some other way very soon! Keep trying to give each other some miles love though. 😉

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