Act Fast: Great Singapore Airlines Availability Using Star Alliance Partners (like United)

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In case you have missed this, I wanted to point out that likely due to Singapore Airlines updating their website this weekend, there is currently a whole load of reward availability on Singapore Airlines.  Why should you care about that you ask?  Well, you may not, but if you have been looking for a very nice international flight in business or first class to get you to Asia, or even Australia, this may be your time to book.  Traditionally it is very difficult for Star Alliance partners to find premium cabin availability on Singapore, but right now there is a bonanza going on.  Remember that Singapore Airlines flies to many more locations than just to Singapore.  I have read many success stories of flights booked to Sydney, Maldives, Hong Kong, and more on Singapore Airlines.  You may have to look segment by segment to get where you want to go and then call United with the flight details to actually ticket.  Some of the more direct flights you can book online on United’s website.  Singapore Airlines also flies the longest commercial flight in existence from Newark to Singapore.  That flight is just under 19 hours long – eeeeek!

You can use a Star Alliance partner, such as United, to book these flights.  That means that your Chase Ultimate Reward points can be transferred 1:1 to United and used for this purpose.  I have read some mixed reports about booking via US Airways.  Presumably you could since they are also a Star Alliance partner, but I am reading about more problems using US Airways miles than United miles.

If you want to brainstorm routes and learn more about the awesome Singapore airlines product, quickly head to this Flyertalk thread and/or Lucky’s post at One Mile at a TimeThanks to both uapremier on FT and Lucky for sharing this good news!  The thinking is that this glitch will be promptly shut down when the workweek begins in Singapore (which is just a few hours from now).  I really wish I could make a fantastic booking for my family using this “glitch”, but we are still a ways off from heading that far from home with our little kiddo (and we still need to add a few miles to our collection).  Too bad this didn’t happen in a few months – I’d be all over it!  Congrats to anyone who is able to get in on this.  There is no guarantee these reservations will be honored, but there is a very good chance since they are actually ticketing.  Now hurry before time runs out and they fix this glitch!  😉


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  1. Nice derivative post here. I doubt anyone reads your blog and not Lucky’s. You couldn’t even come up with a more original post title?

    • Ha ha. Sorry for the unoriginal title – not sure what else to title this one. I think that most folks who would be interested in this likely read Lucky’s site, but we do both have unique readership as well. I decided better safe than sorry. Additionally, I wanted to point out that it is still working in case anyone has been offline for the weekend. As always, feel free to skip any posts not helpful for you. 🙂

  2. I thought most families preferred to spend 125k miles to take the family of 5 to visit the in-laws in Kansas City….. NOT for one person to fly SQ F?

    • I’m sure families spend miles all sorts of ways. In fact, if you want to bring your family on one of these flights now is the time to book as availability for multiple tickets is much better than normal. My family will not be booking today, but even we are planning for three tickets using miles in business on a similar flight. Who knew posting about open award availability could be viewed negatively?

  3. MP–I just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog. My kids are grown, but we are a points obsessed “adult” family and I get a lot from your posts. (Plus little C is just so darn cute!) If there is something that doesn’t pertain–I just skip it. I don’t understand the negative comments-no one is forced to read any blog so if one doesn’t like it, don’t read it! Plus, thanks to all the reinforcement from you, Lucky, TPG, FTG, etc–my husband and I are going to HKG and SIN in F!

    • @Denise, thanks. 😉 Adult families, young families, singles, couples, triads, etc all welcome here. I know not every post is applicable for anyone, but thanks for reading the ones that are useful for you. So excited that you are your husband are headed to HKG and SIN! You will have to share the details after your trip!

  4. Always enjoy your blog (James is just a troll and you handled him gracefully).

    I booked my ticket – three days in Singapore followed by three days in Hong Kong – all in O class. I used only 120,000 US Airways miles and booked it with a US agent and had no issues. She found the flights and routing I wanted immediately. And a plus…… I originate and end in my home airport of CLT.

  5. @Susan, that is awesome! Glad to hear a US success story. That is a heck of a deal for 120K Dividend Miles. Well done and thanks for sharing. 😉

  6. At least MP lets the posts stay on her blog. Rene over at Delta Points actually deletes posts that are critical (I know this for a fact, he’s deleted some of mine, even those calling him out for deleting my posts). It’s kind of sad he does this, really. I think posts positive and negative enhance the credibility of travel-oriented blogs. However, I understand where James is coming from – a near identical post sometimes does not have to be made, but when it is, expect that there is someone out there who thought it was unoriginal. But don’t sweat it, blogging is tough and you’reoing a great job of it. Keep it up!

  7. @Truthiness, I hear where you are coming from re: similar posts. Of course, the reality is that is pretty common since many miles and points issues are relevant to many blogs. I didn’t post about this for almost 24 hours from when I learned about it for many reasons, including that others were already posting about it (and I figured it would be gone before I got the chance to put a post together). However, when the opportunity was still around 24 hours later I decided it was time to make sure nobody missed out on the good news. I directed folks either to Lucky’s post where there is a great exchange in 300+ comments, or to the multi page FT thread. This really is an opportunity too big to take a chance on anyone missing it.

    Also, all comments are published here as long as they aren’t disrespectful, vulgar, or aren’t a personal attack on anyone (which is subjective, of course).

    Thanks for the encouragement though – sharing info about great reward availability is pretty much always worth writing about in my book.

  8. Great info MP, it just so happens that I have a client looking to use points on business class on a leisure trip R/T to Singapore for 2, and this means she’ll be able to do it!

  9. @MP: You know what they say, no good deed goes unpunished! Keep up the good work, and don’t worry what others say

  10. Has anyone that booked had an issue yet? I have a ticket number and United insists its ticketed and reserved. I called SQ to select seats and they said their was no ticket and unless it is ticketed soon it will be canceled automatically. I’m hoping it’s ok because I canceled my previous first class reservation for this one and the former is no longer available.

  11. @Milezjunkie – Call UA and have them tell you SQ’s record locator (PNR). You should then be able to go to, enter your PNR and select your seats. There were come issues with their website merger this past weekend, so if you can’t assign seats via go to and you should be able to get seats for all of your flights. Of course, if UA says you do NOT have an SQ PNR, that’s a whole other issue. But still, as long as you have a UA PNR / UA ticket number, you should have sufficient protection.

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