Star MegaDo 4 Opens for Booking on Monday 7.9.12

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If you want on the domestic portion of the Star MegaDo 4, this is your official warning to be ready and at your keyboard on Monday 7/9 at 10 am Eastern (9am Central, 8am Mountain, 7am Pacific) at  So far folks on the international portion, folks who won the right to book seats via a raffle, and a few others I’m sure I’m forgetting about are already booked on the domestic portion of the charter.  However, it is very important to the organizers to have seats available for the regular sale in all classes, so you still have an opportunity to book any type of seat on the charter that you are interested in – but you will have to act quickly.

The seat categories for SMD4 are:

BusinessFirst — each $1,999 USD all in.
Tommy Class — each $1,599 all in. (Extra Legroom and No One Next to You)
Economy Plus — each $1,249 all in. (Extra Legroom)
Economy Class — each $999 all in.

As was pointed out by the Official MegaDo blog, the charter flight distance (San Francisco – Houston – Chicago) totals 2,650 actual miles.  But you will be able to accrue more than that in a United MileagePlus account (note: United MileagePlus is the only program offering mileage credit for the charter).

Economy — 5,000 PQM/RDM
Tommy Class and Economy Plus — 7,500 PQM/RDM
Business First — 15,000 PQM/RDM

Clearly that is a bunch of money to just fly from SFO to IAH to ORD.  However, the experience is much more than a few flights and earning some miles.  Check out the schedule for an idea of what is included.  Having gone on two previous MegaDos myself, I can tell you that the schedule is more of a guideline.  There may be some changes from events previously announced, and there will most certainly be additional surprises included along the way.

SMD 4 Schedule:

Tuesday November 13th
8 PM Welcome reception @ Hyatt SFO sponsored and hosted by Hyatt

Wednesday November 14th
7 AM-8 AM Breakfast is served

Morning program at SFO

1 PM. The FIRST Mega DO flight ever on a widebody goes SFO-IAH. The plane will be a 767-400 in the new configuration.
Layout and facts here:

6 PM Arrival in Houston. Barbecue party upon arrival Sponsored by United, Hyatt and Milepoint

Overnight @ the Hyatt Regency Houston

Thursday November 15th
530 AM-615 AM Breakfast at the Hyatt TBD in Houston

730 AM Departure from Houston to Chicago
10 AM Arriving in Chicago

United hosts us in Chicago. Think the previous Continental DO’s in Houston on steroids

7 PM United hosts reception @ Hyatt Schaumburg in Chicago.

Friday November 16th
7 AM Breakfast at a Hyatt TBD in Chicago

United Program continues and eases in to the 15th anniversary Star Alliance reception hosted by Star Alliance

9 PM The official SMD party ends

Saturday November 17th (OPTIONAL)
9 AM Brunch Hyatt Schaumburg

Official Cowboy day in Chicago!
Hosted by Randy and the Milepoint team.

Enjoy an all-in action filled day with:
– Line dancing lessons
– Riding lessons
– Lasso lessons
– We’ve rented a farm for the day – Learn how to milk a cow, feed chickens and be a part of the first SMD hoedown!
– The ultimate pick up truck show down. The OFFICIAL SMD Ford F150 and Randy Petersen’s very own 2008 F150 STX will be hauling ass!
– Lunch catered by famous Hackney’s.
– AND more!

7 PM The Giddy Up Charity Affair at the Hyatt Schaumburg.
– The SMD country and western band will be entertaining.

As you can see, this includes way more than just the chartered flights themselves (though those are super fun!).  I can just about guarantee that the event will be sold out on Monday very shortly after the seats go on sale (likely within minutes).  Heck, the international business class seats sold out pretty quickly and they cost almost $4000 (no, I did not purchase one).  If you do plan to book a seat on Monday, have your Hyatt number, United number, passport number, and credit card of choice ready.  No, these trips do not go through as “travel or airfare” so keep that in mind when deciding which credit card to use.

These trips aren’t inexpensive, but I highly recommend going on at least one at some point if you are a miles and points junkie who wants to be surrounded by like-minded folks for a few days.  I like to think of these trips as “Frequent Flyer Summer Camp”.  There are early wake-up calls, bus rides, name tags, group meals, group activities, etc.  The main difference is instead of archery and arts and crafts we have chartered flights and hotel suites.  Otherwise, it’s about the same.

Let me know if you get tickets to join on this exciting adventure!  Hope to see several of you on the trip!


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  1. I’d hope the United meet and greet won’t be a MegoDo lovefest. I also hope people will ask the tough questions in a polite way (without letting UA off the hook).

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