Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa Review and Contest: Part Two

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Update: The contest has now ended, but please feel free to still enjoy the review!

As you may already know, a couple weeks ago my family visited the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa for three nights. We have a (bad?) habit of going somewhere for just one or two nights, so it was a real luxury to be in the same hotel for three nights. It just so happens that Hyatt’s current “Free Time” promo gives the third or fourth night free, so I was honored that Hyatt sponsored my family’s visit so that we could experience what a difference that extra night can make on a weekend trip. What makes that even better is that they are also offering a complimentary three night stay for a reader of this blog, complete with a $250 Hyatt gift card to use for the stay. Two runners up will receive $50 Visa Gift cards from my own personal gift card collection. πŸ˜‰ Read the end of this post for full contest details.

Thanks to being there for three nights, we had enough time at the resort to really get to try out many of the awesome activities and amenities that they had to offer, and I am very excited to share my thoughts on what the resort has to offer! If you missed Part 1 of the review and want to learn more about my thoughts on the room, the lobby, and the Regency Club (or just want to enter the contest an extra time) then head here.

Family Activities:

The Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa does an amazing job at having activities available that really keep families entertained. You can just pick and choose what meets your desires and schedule and skip the rest. Most of them are free, but some do have a small fee to cover the cost of some materials for jewelry and such. They have a weekly printed activity guide available at the resort, as well as hand written signs up each day that give the activity schedule.


The night we arrived we got some sandwiches and chips from their “General Store” and headed out to have a picnic on the lawn while they showed an outdoor movie. There were complimentary s’mores available on the beach right across from the outdoor lawn, so we had some delicious dessert to go along with our picnic on the lawn.



They also have complimentary popcorn available and some glow in the dark toys available for sale. We had to say “no thank you” to the glow in the dark toys, but Little C did snack on some of the popcorn.


Another activity we participated in was the carriage rides. My daughter loves horses, so there was no way we could turn this one down. We were fortunate in that we arrived to the designated point about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. There was only one carriage and the rides lasted about 10 minutes, so by the time 7 or 8 families were in line, you are looking at over an hour wait outside. We were the second family in line, so it was fantastic for us. Keep that in mind if you plan to participate in a similar activity. The ride took us around a portion of the golf course, so it was a great way to take a peek at what the course looked like – it was beautiful!

This picture was taken while we were waiting for our turn on the carriage. You can easily see how happy she was to be there (and this was while we were just waiting in line!).

The Pools:

There are no two ways around the reality that it gets extremely hot in Texas in the summer. I think it was around 100 degrees while we were at the resort. However, it really wasn’t an issue since there are so many trees at the resort that provide shade, and most of our outdoor time was spent in the pools! There are so many pool areas to choose from, that there is really something for everyone. This first shot was taken at the spa pool. As you can tell, it was not crowded and there are fantastic trees that allow you to spend some time in the water, yet out of the sun. There was also a pool-side hammock that I loved! This was perfect for some quiet adult pool time.


Of course, most of our pool-time was spent in a very family-oriented sort of way. They had an activity pool with a volleyball net, a beach portion of the pool, a lazy river, and more. It was like we had died and gone to “Pool Heaven”! They have complimentary tubes available for you to float along in the lazy river portion of the pool. There were a couple parts in the river where we had to paddle, but for the most part there is enough current to keep you moving. The water was a bit cold for me at first, but it really feels good once you get all the way in!





There are also some cabanas available for rent. We didn’t do that on this trip, but I can see how it would be very valuable if you planned to spend the majority of your day at the pool. I believe that cabana rentals were either $150 or $175 for the day. That gives you the cabana, access to the safe, water and fruit in the fridge, a TV, room to eat and lounge, and access to the “Sunshine Concierge” who can take food and drink orders or assist with any other needs. It appeared that all cabanas were rented the day we were there, so this seems to be a pretty popular option.


Camp Hyatt:

Oh Camp Hyatt how I love you – let me count the ways…… Seriously, Camp Hyatt is a total game changer for our vacations. It was the absolute perfect way to have a family vacation, but still have some “adult time” to do things like the spa, adult pool, or even a nice (quiet) meal. Our daughter loved Camp Hyatt so much that even though we had only planned for her to go one morning for a couple hours, she ended up going back the second morning for a few hours at her request. The caregivers in Camp Hyatt seemed to be very attentive and tuned in to keeping the kids happy. They did a craft each day she was there and she was all smiles when we dropped her off and when we picked her up.


The first day she was there it was very crowded as there was some sort of business function a company was having there that I think had arranged for the employees’ children to be there that day (that is just my guess). However, the room was very well staffed, so I felt safe leaving her there even though it was pretty full of kiddos and she was one of the smaller ones. The second morning I took her there was only one other child there. She didn’t seem to care whether there were many children or just one other child, she truly had a great time.


As you can see in one of the pictures above, you can pay for a morning, afternoon, or evening session. They also have a “full day” 9-4 session available. Personally, I wouldn’t want to have her in Camp Hyatt all day since we were on a “family vacation”, but doing one session for a few hours was perfect for us. Children do have to be potty trained and the accepted ages are 3-12 (I was honest that C wasn’t quite 3, but she is potty trained. I’m not sure if they normally make that kind of exception or not, but I’m excited that she will be officially old enough for Camp Hyatt soon!). You also need to make reservations at least 24 hours in advance so they can be staffed appropriately. I do inquire about training and background checks, and was told that anyone who interacts with children in this manner at the resort undergoes even more stringent background checks than the regular employees.

Wildflower Spa:

So while our energetic toddler was at Camp Hyatt, we headed to the Wildflower Spa to get a couples massage and scrub package. We had never had a couples massage and neither of us had ever had a scrub, so we weren’t sure what to expect, but we were very excited to relax for a little while!


Like most spas, they have separate men’s and women’s sections of the spa. The women’s section was very nice and had robes, sandals, lockers, a sauna, a whirlpool, showers, and more.



Normally there is a separate waiting area for the men and the women, but since we were getting a joint massage, we were able to wait together in the area with the snacks and drinks! For the record, the snacks and drinks were awesome. The champagne soaked fruit was a really good mid-morning snack.


They started the package with the body scrub which felt a lot like a sea salt pedicure. It was a bit rough, but not in a bad way at all. You could just tell they were exfoliating your skin. You don’t wear any clothes for this service, but they do keep you well covered with strategic towels. After we had our scrubs, the therapists leave while you get into the shower together. They prepare the room for the massage while you and your partner take a shower. It was kind of funny at times. After you have washed off from the body scrub you get back on your respective tables for the massage and the therapists come back in. Both my husband and I said that it was one of the best massages we had ever received. The pressure was firm, but not painful, and their strokes were very smooth. It was fantastic and being able to experience it together made it even better.

I was a bit concerned the whole time that Camp Hyatt would call and say our daughter was upset or something, so I was a bit distracted, but not so much so that it wasn’t an amazing experience. As soon as our massages were done we left so that we could get our daughter back, so we didn’t get a chance to really experience the rest of the spa amenities on this trip. I did purchase some body lotion with their signature scent because it smelled awesome!

Restaurants and Food Options:

The Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa has many food options available at various price ranges. While we were there we ate breakfast daily at the Regency Club, had dinner once from the General Store, lunch one afternoon at Papa Ed’s Pool Bar and Cafe, and one lunch and one dinner at the Springhouse Cafe. We didn’t visit any of the adult or fancier options on this trip. The General Store was very convenient and had breakfast items in addition to made-to-order sandwiches and slices of pizza. I saw people order whole pizzas from there as well.


We really enjoyed the Pool Bar and Cafe as it was a nice shaded place to eat while sitting next to the pool. They had sandwiches, chicken fingers, and things like that. They also had a drink special of the day – I had a mango frozen daiquiri that was very yummy!


We ate twice at the Springhouse Cafe. Once we ordered off the menu and one night we had the buffet. Everything we ordered was pretty good. The children’s buffet was not my favorite as it just had fries, chicken fingers, and things like that that didn’t appear overly appetizing to me. However, I do like the idea of a children’s buffet. The actual buffet was really enjoyable though, and all three of us enjoyed items from the buffet. They also had a grits station with made to order grits with more fixings than I knew grits could have! Having some salad, fresh fruit, and vegetables available was a nice change of pace after eating some other less than healthy meals that weekend.Β  I also like buffets sometimes since we are able to start eating as soon as we sit down with our toddler.




While we were pleased with the quality of most of the food we ordered that weekend, I will give the warning that eating at the resort is not cheap.Β  Obviously there are ways to keep those costs lower by getting food from the General Store and eating at the Regency Club, if possible.Β  However, you are at a resort, so you are paying resort prices.Β  Lunch for the three of us was around $50 and up and dinners were a bit more than that.Β  If paying for food at resort isn’t in your budget for every meal, then the good news is that there are several restaurants and fast food options within minutes of the resort.Β  Additionally, our suite had a fridge, so to save even more money, you can pack a cooler with food and drinks and bring the cooler to the room or load the fridge for meals during your stay.

Wrap-up and Contest:

If you haven’t guessed it by now, we very much enjoyed the amenities and activities at the resort.Β  We were entertained and relaxed from the moment we got there until the moment we left.Β  There was more than enough to do there to keep us entertained for a long weekend, and in fact we could have easily been entertained at the resort for several days beyond that.Β  I am so excited that Hyatt was willing to not only sponsor my family for a visit, but wants to have one of your families come and visit them as well!

The Grand Prize winner of the contest will get three nights mid-week at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa (blackout dates such as holiday weeks and Texas Spring Break week do apply.Β  The prize has no cash value).Β  Additionally, all three nights must be used on one trip.Β  The winner will also receive a $250 Hyatt gift card to use at this resort for food, beverages, Camp Hyatt, golf, spa treatments, etc. (yes, it must be used at this Hyatt).Β  Two runner-up winners will receive a $50 Visa gift card.

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post stating which amenity or activity you would most enjoy at this Hyatt resort.Β  You are limited to one entry per post in this three part series.Β  However, you are encouraged to enter three times by commenting once on each post in the series (go here to enter on Post 1 as well).Β  I will randomly select one winner from each post once the series is complete.Β  Of those three winners, I will then randomly select the Grand Prize winner.Β  The other two runner’s up will each receive $50 Visa gift cards.Β  (I bet you can guess which card I will be using to purchase those cards for 5x points!)Β  The Grand Prize winner will be put in touch with Hyatt to arrange their free three night stay and $250 Hyatt gift card.Β  I will send the $50 Visa gift cards to the other two winners.Β  Good luck!

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  2. We love this hotel. My favorite is the lazy river right after a big breakfast in the Springhouse.

    Then a nap on the beach.

  3. Id definitely take advantage of the camp hyatt with our 3 year-old twins. And use the days to get out of the cold (from Wisconsin).

  4. I think your idea of a picnic on the lawn, while watching their outdoor movie would be great for my family. And I know my daughter would love the carriage ride as well, as she seems to have an obsession with horses.

  5. After being on the road for a month straight at this point, you would have a hard time convincing me not to get TWO of those massages!

  6. I would love to use the spa after putting my son in the camp Hyatt. We are actually going to stay at the Hyatt in Kauai in February, and we are already planning something similar – spa treatments for us and camp Hyatt for the kiddo.

  7. I just told my husband this morning that I could use a massage. The spa would be my first stop!

    Little C looks so cute in her swimsuit!

  8. This sounds like such fun! Of course the spa sounds delightful but the family-oriented atmosphere sounds most appealing now that I’m a mommy!

  9. We loved lost pines but paid full rack rate for a suite and an extra room (ouch). We would love to try out the Hill Country Hyatt. I think the lazy river and pools would be my favorite feature – they are great folks of all ages.

  10. Would love to try this with the family. My favorite thing would just be the big sprawling hotel – a great place to let little ones run and have fun.

  11. For me and my wife it would definitely be the spa. My wife deserves all the relaxation she can get as she works so hard. We have never had a couples massage or any massage for that matter. The way you made it sound Mommy, I was relaxed just reading the review. Would love to be able to provide that same relaxation to my angel.

  12. Would love to visit with my TX based grandkids. The beautiful landscaping and friendly staff, and all around enjoyable environment sound great!

  13. Great post! I would love to stay here for the couples massage! It sounds awesome, and I think we would really enjoy it!

  14. (1) Lazy river
    (2) Camp Hyatt

    Sorry, I can’t choose just one and the $250 gift card would go towards Camp nicely. Do they have a discount for multiples though? $45… ouch! $45×2… tequila???

  15. I am definitely leaning toward the lazy river! The wife and I would jump at the opportunity for the r&r weekend. Here’s my fingers crossed!

  16. Gosh it’s too hard to pick one thing, the place looks amazing! The pools, hot tub, desserts on the table….it all looks like what I call relaxation

  17. The spa would be amazing! I’ve never had a massage before, and with all of this hiking and biking I’ve been doing recently, it’d be wonderful to give my body a treat πŸ™‚

  18. We didn’t try out Camp Hyatt while we were there, but after taking advantage of Norwegian Cruise Line’s kid’s program and enjoying some couple time at the massage, I can totally relate to that option. That will, I assume, become my favorite part of the resort!

    We also used the in-room fridge a bunch. I went to HEB the first night we were there so it worked well.

  19. Definitely Camp Hyatt for the little ones and the Lazy river for ourselves (or any kind of water splasshing for that matter…)! Seems like a great vacation/break spot.

  20. I’d send my wife to the spa for a nice massage/facial and take my daughter to the pool! She loves to swim!

  21. I took my wife there a couple of months after our first son was born, it would be great to take her there again now that our second son is two months old!

  22. The whole place sounds amazing! The pools and the lazy river would probably be my family’s favorite!

  23. WOW looks like heaven! I love everything they have to offer. I love that I can have my cake and eat it to, so to speak. I can spend quality time with my son as well as with my husband and now that my son will still be engaged and have alot of fun. The food looks amazing to!!

  24. We would most enjoy being able to take our children here because of the kid friendly activities, pool area and the beautiful rooms!

  25. Our family for sure enjoyed the lazy river and my son (2yrs old) loved the movie on the lawn…we made a picnic out of the night by ordering a pizza from the general store…it was a great family moment!

  26. Camp Hyatt looks like a perfect way to enjoy a family vacation. I feel like I never get a vacation because I spend the whole time dealing with the kids. I’d be a much more fun Mommy if I had just a few hours of quiet!

  27. I love the Hyatt Brand and I’m positive I’d enjoy all the amenities!!! If I had to choose, I’d probably be at the pool.

  28. Camp Hyatt might be the best part for us, so our daughter can have fun while we enjoy a little time to relax.

  29. Family time by the pool and lazy river would be perfect. My daughter would love playing in the sand, splashing around and floating with me in the lazy river. She and I would end the evening on the lawn with a movie and some smores! The Hyatt is service dog friendly so my daughter’s service dog would enjoy the movie on the lawn too!

  30. I would love everything offered there, just to be with my kids. We used to go here when they first opened as a family. Now as a single Mom, I would love to have a chance to take my kids back, especially as I haven’t been able to take my kids on any kind of trip for 8 years. Then for my first trip, to revisit a place with fond memories would be awesome!! There’s not one activity that beats another, all incredible!

  31. I have always wanted to stay at this Hyatt. After reading your very informative blog we will definetly make plans to stay and for three days!!! I would like to rent a cabana and also have the couples massage. Thank you for blogging on this resort.

  32. Loved your review and we love this hotel, we have been several times and spent many hours on the Lazy River. My kids love to drift into the bar stop on the river and tell them – my Dad needs a PiΓ±a Colada, he’s on vacation!

  33. If we were to win another stay, I would love to have another bison steak at Antlers! Eat-ertainment is an activity right?

  34. The spa sounds lovely for my wife and I. The Camp Hyatt would be great for watching our son. We haven’t had a vacation since our 1 year old was born! My wife needs some pampering…

  35. I think we would most enjoy camp hyatt!!!! The kids could have some fun and mommy and daddy could enjoy some grown up time! The best of both worlds!!!!

  36. I have stayed probably 10 – 12 times over the last 5 or 6 years. I would be hard pressed to pick just one thing that I liked. All of the amenities are, from golf to the Lazy River to watching movies on the lawn with the kids, “Top Notch”. If I had to pick one thing it would be the satisfaction of knowing that I provided my family with another great memory.

  37. No holds barred for me..Whatever my kids want to do, we’ll do! I bet it would be the lazy river and the outdoor activities!!! Maybe I can sneak in some me time at the spa! πŸ™‚

  38. My daughter who is 15 has really been wanting to go to a spa to get pampered. I think this would be a good mom/daughter getaway trip to spend some quality relaxing time together.

  39. Seems like there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Hyatt (pool, spa, carriage ride). The cabana is definitely a must for our family to enjoy and relax.

  40. I haven’t been on vacation in three years as I have been pregnant and busy having babies back to back. I would say just the pure relaxation of being with my husband in the pool would be a joy. I hope one day to take my family here and let my girls enjoy the movie night.

  41. Hyatt Hill Country is one of my favorite places…from the time I was 3 until I was 17 (I’m now about to turn 21) we went every single summer!! I have a gazillion good memories of the place!! My favorite is still probably the lazy river, complete with s’mores at night!! Now that I’m older the family friendly golf course ranks right up there. (horrible at golf? play on the kiddie course :))I cannot wait for an opportunity to go back!

  42. I think the family activities is the highlight of the stay at the Hyatt. Once you start traveling with children you realize how valuable activities are for you trip and the Hyatt adds the bonus of having a variety of activities for various age levels.

  43. Can’t wait to go here one day w my family. So many great features and activities. Including the pool and spa. So nice. We could use a nice family getaway.

  44. The pools are a great way to relax and add variety to our stay at the Hyatt. I can stay with my little ones on the beach and walk into the water to tube around the lazy river while my older child enjoys going around the lazy river and maybe catching a volleyball game. Great way to spend time together and relax and have fun.

  45. I would love the Camp Hyatt! It would be great to have a little adult time while you can relax and know that your kids are being well taken care of!

  46. Yea for Camp Hyatt! My kids are varying ages and still enjoyed the camp. My husband and I went for lunch and I expected a phone call but all went well. We enjoyed some quiet time around the resort then went to pick the kids up and they were happy as can be and wanting to sign up for another session. There’s also a teen room that is a nice option for families that have older children as well as younger.

  47. I would love the Camp Hyatt for my daughter! We never get couple time, so it would be nice to have a few hours to ourselves for a spa treatment or just to hang out by the pool!

  48. We’ve been before & loved it. Never tried Camp Hyatt before but after reading your blog definitely will if we go back! Thanks for sharing.

  49. We have been to the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort several times and have never had a bad experience. We did use a cabana one day during a stay and it was wonderful!! That would be the amenity that I would enjoy the most if chosen as the winner of the contest. Of all of the activities and amenities that they have to offer, the movie on the lawn has always been my favorite. It’s such a wonderful way to spend quality family time after being at one of the pools all day.

  50. We actually go and stay here twice a year and looove it! We have not used camp Hyatt yet because one of my kids wasn’t old enough until now so we will definitely be taking advantage of that!

  51. We would love the couples massage, Camp Hyatt and the lazy river. I would have to admit since we hardly travel we would LOVE to be able to stay here!! My kids would love the lazy river and the lawn picnic! I enjoyed reading your post, Thanks for sharing your experience with us!!!

  52. I want to thank you for the detailed blog. I actually have heard so many wonderful things, but actually seeing pictures and being able to associate it with a real family experience, makes it so much easier to relate to. I look forward to sharing my family’s experience and providing my daughter a vacation she will never forget! I’m hoping soon!

  53. So I can only pick ONE??!!?? Wow…this place looks AWESOME!!! If I had to pick one I guess it would be the spa. I have been very ill for almost a year now and the thought of relaxing for a couple of hours really appeals to me. My husband and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary in February but did not take a trip because I wasn’t feeling well. A couples massage would be great for us. Thanks so much for posting this blog with all this wonderful information. Even if I don’t win, I still want to make this trip. Thanks!!

  54. Wow! What and amazing place to take your family!! We are all so busy these days a nice getaway would be awesome!! We are a family of four who love to be outdoors and most of all love to be together! What better place than the Hyatt!!

  55. Since I recently had a baby a month ago and we have spent a great deal of time indoors (with a two year old who LOVES water) I am certain we would hang out at the lazy river!

  56. My husband has just been medically retired from the Army due to several injuries sustained in Iraq. This transition has been very difficult on us as a couple so we would take advantage of the spa for sure. Our two sons would grow gills in three days due to the amazing pools. I would really just live the time together as a family without the financial burden.

  57. What a great review! We would have to take part in the spa amenities! Thanks for all of the tips and the great opportunity!

  58. Smores at campfire San Antonio after a November visit to see Fall colors at Lost Maples. That would be perfect..

  59. The whole resort sounds awesome. I can’t wait to experience it soon, I love how there are so many activities for the adults and the kiddos!

  60. My family absolutely loves the sand volleyball area. We can play as a family or get others involved for a mOre competitve game. This hotel is by far our favorite in San Antonio.

  61. By far, the lazy river is the best, especially at night when most people are gone and it’s quiet. It’s a great way to wash off all the s’mores too!

  62. I have always wanted to try a couples massage. That will definitely be on my “to-do” list when we visit Hyatt Hill Country Resort. Thanks for the helpful review!!

  63. We would love, love, love to use the pool area! My daughter is a little mermaid. I think she would get a real kick out of such an awesome pool. My husband and I would love the spa πŸ™‚

  64. Just came back from a wonderful 5 day vacation there. We LOVED everything about it and can’t wait to go again. Don’t forget about the wonderful golf course.

  65. I live in Dallas, and I know the heat is a killer…So the pool is a must for me and the kiddos. Then I would give the Camp Hyatt a try to give the wife and me a little adult pool time from our three kids. We swim a lot in Dallas, but it is always kid swim and never relax in a tube.

  66. Man the Wildflower Spa sounds like a dream. Sure would be nice to chill there for a leisurely afternoon. (Day dreaming and I don’t want to wake up.)

  67. Spa- most definitely. My boyfriend and I are both athletes and we need that to regenerate. I also started to sign up for credit cards because we compete around the country.

  68. I love this resort! My favorite activity is the lazy river and the big porch with rocking chairs πŸ™‚

  69. I’m not sure where to begin…I will have to pick two- while my sitter stays at home with me (I am a dog) my mom will relax at the amazing spa and partake of allll the amenities including the juice bar- how delightful! And then my old man will play as many rounds of golf as he can while mom is at the spa!

  70. After your spa description.. yeah, I need one of those. I just came in from building a wall in my backyard. A WALL. Yeah, so a spa would be great, please.

  71. My family went there last summer for our family vacation and LOVED it! We would love to go back! One of our favorite activities was making s’mores at the campfire. I don’t recall them having the carriage rides, but we would enjoy that as well. It was a very relaxing vacation and all 3 of my kids found something they all enjoyed!

  72. The spa is my choice. I love a body scrub and massage, too. Add in a facial and I’ll be in heaven πŸ™‚

  73. The pools look amazing, and I’m going to be traveling through that part of Texas soon, so it would be perfect!

  74. Hmmm… Never have tried the kids camp. I would like to try that & go to the spa while the kids are having fun!

  75. Gotta go with the S’mores b/c I’d love watching my 2 year old eat his first one! (Though the Spa would come in a quick second…)

  76. Love San Antonio and the Hyatt Hill Country!! The lazy river and beach are the best – just an all around Americana family place to build memories!

  77. What a great combo bday celebration this would be or my soon to be 7 year old and I. Our bdays are only 2 weeks apart. Can’t wait to float the lazy river with her.

  78. I would love to be able to treat my sister to the spa when she comes to town, enjoy the river with her and my son.

  79. I would love the family activities. Even Camp Hyatt. I am a school teacher, so over the summer it is just me and my little guy. I’m sure he gets tired of the toys and only seeing me everyday! It would be awesome to get to do some of these family activities and give him another place to play!

  80. I’ve read that this is an amazing resort…after adult bevvies by on the lazy river, I’d like to sit by the evening fire.

  81. This place truly sounds amazing – I think I would definitely use “Camp Hyatt.” With 3 kiddos and no family that live close, it would be nice to just have a nice lunch with my husband without having to cut anyone’s food. After picking up the kids we would probably spend a good 4 – 5 hours visiting all of the different pools.

  82. Have a chronically sick child (Crohns) and it’s been a tough year, would LOVE for her to have a break and enjoy some fun in the lazy river and maybe a Spa break for us would do the trick too!!

  83. Would be a fantastic mini-vacation,and I’d be able to tell people to stay there from first hand experience. Ive been to the Champions in Palm Springs, but I think this one is even better!

  84. Our family has gone to the Hyatt Hill Country a couple times and loved it! We went on new year’s eve and their activities are amazing! We love the pools and lazy river even in December/January. The fire pit and free s’mores is the perfect way to end a night and the buffet dinner is always good food. I would agree that the food prices are resort prices, but the upside it really is quality food. The staff are super helpful and nice – even to kids (which isn’t always the case)! It is a great place to getaway. So nice that you almost don’t feel the heat in the summer. πŸ˜‰

  85. Dear Mommy Points,

    My wife and I would love to visit Texas and enjoy the grounds and services at the resort.

    Thank you,
    Billy Bob

  86. My mom wants to visit San Antonio so would probably give it to my parents. Or maybe I’ll take her and leave my dad at home!

  87. I really LOVE lazy rivers! They have got to be the best thing invented….they are sooooo relaxing….that is my pick!

  88. I have enjoyed the spa at the resort before. It is such a relaxing experience! I most enjoyed the lazy river. This summer we were at the Gaylord Texan and enjoyed their lazy river but every member of our family noted how much better the hill country resort is because the lazy river is amongst trees and looks more natural. Our kids also love the freedom of going to the teen room and we feel secure knowing they are “on campus” yet able to be a bit independent.

  89. Gosh, I’m not sure!! But I think I would love the kids camp, just so we could enjoy a few hours of adult time while the kids were away playing and having their own kind of fun!

  90. We haven’t been able to get back to the Resort in several years but I’m glad to read that it is still as great as it was and that there are a few new activities. Sure hope my family can find time to visit again. It sounds as relaxing as I remember it!

  91. My girlfriend and I would probably indulge ourselves with everything the spa has to offer. The pool sounds good too during the Texas summer.

  92. I think the pool would be our family’s favorite. I might give Camp Hyatt a try, based on your review, though we normally keep our 3yo with us on trips.

  93. I want to take my toddler places around Texas but fear the less kid-friendly places… this sounds awesome! We haven’t been able to take a family vacation yet and are really looking forward to something like this soon!

  94. We would most look forward to taking our kids to a part of the country we have never been and relaxing at a beautiful looking resort.

  95. All of the amenities are wonderful, which is why we keep coming back…but the one thing that we would love to take advantage of is Camp Hyatt for our boys while we go to the Wildflower Spa – the double exfoliating, rinse off and massage sounds amazing! And even taking a dip in that private adult pool – isnt there one at the spa? We waited so long in our marriage to have kids, that we now have no one to watch them to take a small weekend trip which is why we love coming to the resort because its fun and relaxing for everyone – but like you said, it all adds up and we have opted to do seaworld for our kids instead of splurging for ourselves and putting them in Camp Hyatt to enjoy the spa. One year we brought our niece and she went to camp hyatt with the oldest one while we took turns watching the “then baby” and took turns in the spa, but it was not the same as this sounds! Would love to win a stay and try this!

  96. I would definately enjoy going to the Botanical Gardens with my 4,7 and 8 year old. Also the Blue Star Art Complex would be a great place to go also. I like focusing on areas that are not always the most ‘touristy’ places because I want to get to know the people and nature of the area I visit. Since I have never been to Texas I would definately focus on finding small local mom and pop shops and restaurants. I want to immerse myself in the Texan lifestyle!

  97. So hard to just pick one! I think I really enjoy the s’mores. If I could eat a s’more while riding in the lazy river, that would be heaven!!

  98. Most definitely the spa! I’ve never seen a spread of that type of drink and snack offering at any other Hyatt spa.

  99. My 7 year old daughter says Texas the best place she ever lived, but she has actually never even been there. Help me!

  100. I find that my family would probably LOOOOOVE the spa. Considering none of us have had a proper “relaxation” session in a while! Looks like a pretty beast amenity I would love to visit.

  101. My wife and I haven’t had a vacation since our son was born 2 years ago. We’d love to explore San Antonio and take our son to Sea World!

  102. Oh my, this hotel is so much nicer than I thought! Hyatt’s website does not do it justice but your blog does!

  103. I never cook s’mores at house since it’s always so messy….Having them complimetary is something I would very much look forward to & plan my day around!….:)

  104. Geez, the massages sound nice! I’ve been trying to convince my hubs to go with me to get a couples massage. The pool sounds like the place to be with two small kids!

  105. I could spend half a day without a care in the world, floating on the lazy river or lounging in the pool-side hammock.

  106. I would love to have one if those cabanas and hangout by the pool sipping on a nice cold drink. Afterwards I would totally check out the Wildflower Spa for some relaxation.

  107. WOW. what a great looking pool… MP thank you again for all you do with this website.. It’s an absolute gem

  108. Wow the pool and lazy river look like great fun. Great activities for your daughter too. The hotel looks amazing

  109. My daughter woulda loved the activity, though she seems to just want to see dolphins again, got infatuated in Hawaii last time we were in Kona.

  110. I’ll be in Houston and would love to do a girls trip to San Antonio with my mother and sisters. My mom is taking a week off work and my sisters are free the same week. The stars are aligned for us to go to San Antonio!

  111. This resort definitely seems to have a well-trained event planner or group of planners. I’d definitely like to take advantage of some of the daily events – even as an adult child.

  112. I’d love to take advantage of the spa! It sounds amazing and so relaxing! As previously mentioned in the other post, I’m celebrating 5 years together with my b/f, so a couples massage would be great. I never treat myself to any pampering like this, so it would be a true delight.

  113. The river walk in San Antonio looks amazing, would also love to see the Alamo. And who can pass up the chance for a free stay at a Hyatt,

  114. Wow! I thought the resort sounded good before you listed all the activities. Now I’m definitely going to go to this resort. Please pick my entry so it’s cheaper for me. πŸ™‚

  115. My little girl would love to play in the sand and pool. Mom and dad would love floating the lazy river to relax.

  116. From the pics, it looks like your daughter had a blast! Would love to float down the lazy river in hot humid weather!

  117. Would definitely hit the pool. The outdoor movie looks like fun too. I don’t think one could ever be bored at this Hyatt Resort!

  118. Your blog has encouraged me and my family to visit the Hill Country Resort. Everything that you mentioned was dead on. Love this place.

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