100,000 Southwest Points for Two Credit Cards (aka over $1600 in Wanna Get Away Fares)!

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One of the top credit card deals of 2011 had to have been the Chase Southwest card that awarded 50,000 Southwest points that are worth $835 in Wanna Get Away fares after the first purchase.  That bonus dropped down to 25,000 for a few months, but is now back up to the 50,000 point level.

Offer has expired. Please check here for current offer.

However, since times are changing a bit in the world of rewards credit cards, there is now a minimum spending component.  The good news is that the minimum spending is quite reasonable at $1,000 in three months.

Ignore the part on the ad below where it says “2 Roundtrip Flights” – how many trips you get from your points depends entirely on the price of the flights that you purchase.  You can often get many more than two flights out of 50,000 Southwest points.

By far the best way to maximize this promotion is to get a business and a personal card.  Remember, don’t dismiss some things that you do for money that are in essence a “small business”, and thus might require a business credit card.  Do you make cute stuff to sell on Etsy?  Find good deals to re-sell on eBay?  Do you do small home improvement or repair jobs for your friends and family?  You get the idea……  If you get the business and the personal card then you will receive a combined total of 100,000 Southwest points.  That is an impressive number, and that many points are worth $1,670 in Wanna Get Away fares on Southwest.  The points don’t stretch quite as far if you redeem for Business Select or Anytime fares, but they do work for those types of fares as well.

Clearly $1,670 in free travel is great, but the best part is that it gets you most of the way to a Companion Pass.  A Companion Pass is obtained by earning 110,000 points with Southwest in a calendar year.  With the 100K you receive from these two credit card bonuses, you are just 10K points away from earning that magical pass.  If you count the minimum spending requirements on the two cards, you are just 8,000 points away.  You can earn those points by flying on Southwest, by spending money on your new Southwest credit cards, or even by utilizing some of their partners.

Once you have the Companion Pass then you can use your $1600+ in free flights to purchase your tickets, and your companion flies for free for all of the year that the pass was earned, plus all of the following calendar year.  That is a ridiculous amount of free travel for two approved credit card applications.  As with all things that sound too good to be true, there is always the risk that at any time credit card bonus points will no longer count toward the Companion Pass.  However, thus far folks have been successful in obtaining the Companion Pass in this manner.  Even without the Companion Pass this is still one of the very best credit card deals out there!

Thanks so much to Extra Pack of Peanuts for the links to these great and increased offers!  (For the record, these are not affiliate links, they are just the best deal out there for this card!)

Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus (personal) ($69 annual fee)

Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier (personal) ($99 annual fee)

Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus (business) ($69 annual fee)

Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier (business) ($99 annual fee)

I’d love to hear if you decide to get in on this deal now, or if you are already enjoying your Companion Pass from when this deal came around last time.  One of my friends has twins, and they used the heck out of their Companion Pass to essentially fly the whole family of four for free until the twins turned two years old and required their own seats!   If Southwest flew to the airports that I frequent the most I would be all over this deal!

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  1. Can one get the Personal and Premier card? and just what IS the difference between the two? Same goes for the business card. I have one of the business cards.

    • @Patrick, I have read some reports of people getting bonuses for both types of cards. No guarantees, but it has happened. The main difference I notice is the annual fee $69 vs $99 and the number of miles given at each anniversary 3,000 vs 6,000. There may be some other differences as well, but those are the main ones for me.

  2. @patrick – to ensure you get the 50k points twice, I’d recommend applying for 1 personal and 1 business card. This worked for me last go-around, however, you will be denied for the 2nd card you apply for. Just call the reconsideration line and have them put the application through. They are going to tell you that you will not get the bonus twice, but if all goes like last time, you will get the points.

    • I agree the safest way is to get one personal and one business. However, if you have had both in the past, you may have success with the other versions of personal and business. Though as many things, your mileage may vary. 😉

  3. I got the Companion Pass in around March (good until December 2013) – it’s awesome! I love being able to make prospective points bookings for my husband and I. We are using this pass all the time, since our home airport is Baltimore: we went to NH, we’re going to Seattle and Austin and Providence, and maybe CA.

  4. Do mention that you have to fly or spend another 10,000 before you qualify for the CP. My first free companion pass flight is tomorrow! I have two more booked through the summer, then we are looking at what exactly to do this fall. We have 3 kiddos (2 of whom require a seat), so we can’t get as much mileage out of this as some people. But with the 110,000 miles to spend as WELL as the free companion flights, we were able to get 2 free roundtrip vacations for all 5 of us.

  5. How difficult to build the mileage up to a point to use it for international travel ( S.E. asia for instance)? business class or better

    who are their affiliates that the points can be used on, and at what rate?

  6. Thanks for the heads up on this deal! Any one care to speculate how long this offer will last? I would LOVE to stretch out the points earnings till January of 2013, then the companion pass would be good til the end of 2014. By my estimate the sign up bonus would need to last until roughly the beginning of October so that the 3 months to make the minimum spend would be stretched into January. Of course its still a great deal if you do it now and get the pass this year, but not as useful to me as we are having our first baby in September and don’t plan to do much traveling until at least spring of 2013.

  7. @Mikey in my experience, the partner rewards are pretty awful. I wouldn’t even bother using SWA points on anything but SWA travel unless you have literally millions of points at your disposal. I think I saw a business class trip to Japan on one of their partners for 1.2 million points or something outlandish like that.

    For domestic, though, SWA is awesome, and this deal is amazing.

  8. I’ve only flown Southwest once. It was BWI to New Orleans, and the flight stopped twice, once in Tennessee, I think, and then again in either Alabama or Mississippi. At the second stop, my wife turned to me and said, “if I wanted to ride the bus to New Orleans, I would have married a different man.” We haven’t flown Southwest since.

  9. Thanks to you on April 13th of this year I got my companion pass. Good until 12/13 We have been to Nashville(cost-10 for tax) in May, we are booked for Chicago-Labor Day weekend $10, we are going to San Francisco for our anniversary in October-$15, and just made plans for Martin Luther King weekend in Siesta Key. We still have 60,000 points which if I estimated correctly should get me three more trips. Oh and the nashville trip coming home we were delayed and Southwest gave us $400 total in vouchers. In regards to hotels we did use points and cash at a Doubletree(70) for Nashville but because of your selflessness in sharing I will not be paying a dime for any hotels for those future trips. I only hope then when 2013 comes this Chase offer is still around so I can reapply and extend my companion pass until the end of 2014. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. We APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO!!!!!!

    • Yes, these cards do carry annual fees of $69 or $99 depending on the card. Minor price to pay for what you are getting, but it is important to be aware of the fee.

  10. Ok, I am pretty sure this is the deal for me :)….I plan to get our family of 5 to Orlando via Southwest next year. Hubby and I are taking a ski trip early on also. Companion Pass would help a great deal! If I sign now for both and meet my spend it will get me 100K right? Then I should make that last 10k after the clock has struck 2013…Or do I need to wait to earn ALL of them in 2013 thus waiting until like Elizabeth says?….WOW Christine! You make me want to UP my travel list! Thank you for the facebook post Mommypoints!

  11. @Jacki- have to earn 110k qualifying points in one calendar year, so if you get the cards now have to get the last 10k by Dec 31st.

    • @Jacki, Jeff is right (thanks!) – the 110,000 points must be earned in the same calendar year. So, the only way that you could get it for ’13 and ’14 is if all of the points were not earned until ’13. That would be possible if you got the card late this year and didn’t meet the spending requirements until early ’13. Then you could get the bonus points and earn the remaining 10K (8K after spending minimums) in ’13. Remember, you get the CP in the year you earn it plus all of the following year. The catch is that there are no guarantees that this will continue to work. If they made it where sign-up bonus points don’t count toward CP then this deal will go away, so you have to balance the risk of waiting with the benefits of waiting.

  12. Does anyone know when the offers expire? I can’t find it anywhere on their application page. Thanks in advance.

    • @Michael, no way to tell. Could last months, weeks, days. I honestly have no clue. It isn’t one of my affiliate links, so I haven’t even been given a good guess. Sorry!

  13. Hi,
    Just trying to figure this out. I got a personal card last Fall (still 2011). So if I get the business card now I won’t be able to qualify for the companion pass. Right? Because I only earned 50k (plus spend) in 2011 and will only earn 50k (plus spend) in 2012?

  14. Can you transfer points between accounts to meet the 110k? Example, if my husband and I both apply and merge our points.


  15. If I don’t get the instant approval and call as others have done.. is that a call that should happen right away or wait for a few days / weeks/ ??

  16. Thanks for helping each other! To answer a few more questions:
    -A Companion Pass allows a companion of your choice to fly with you on SW for free. They pay the $2.50 per segment fee I believe, but otherwise they travel free on flights with you. Doesn’t matter if you are traveling on a paid ticket or award ticket. It is awesome! You can also change who your designated companion is a few times over the course of the year, if you want.
    -If you got bonus miles in 2011, then you are starting from 0 for 2012 for the purposes of the Companion Pass.
    -You cannont transfer points between accounts for the purposes of the CP.
    -If you don’t get instant approval you can either call pretty quickly (later that day or the next day) or wait and see what happens. My recommendation would vary based on your credit history and open accounts with Chase.
    -You can apply for personal and business card on the same day with Chase. In fact, that is exactly what I would do.

  17. If I get the cp and make my wife the companion, can she book award travel for me and then she will travel for free as the companion? We each got the personal cards earlier in the year with 50k sign up and are both close to 60k earned YTD. If I get the business card and get to 110k for the cp, will that double the value of both of our miles? Essentially turning our combined 170k into 340k? Thanks.

  18. Which points can be transfered that will count towards the CP? I have points with Wyndham, Choice, Hyatt and Starwood.

  19. Someone on my blog post commented and said that these signup bonuses don’t count for the Companion Pass anymore. Have you heard the same? Trying to find if there is concrete written evidence anywhere.

    • Every time I have heard that it has been from someone quoting the somewhat confusing terms, but in practice it has still been working. Of course, there may have been a very recent change I haven’t heard of yet.

  20. A month or so ago I applied for and go the Premier Personal and Business card.(after already having the Plus cards)

    I just finished the minimum spend on one of them. Statement posted and I got my 50,000 pts AND 50,000 pts towards the CP. So as of Sept 5, the credit card bonuses were still counting towards the CP.

  21. This is really starting to piss me off because I see conflicting information from various blogs and blog comments. I applied for one card and got my 50,000 but was told it will not count towards anything (and it isn’t on my chart) so I absolutely will not apply for the second. Here is also a statement on the website “Tier qualifying flights are revenue flights purchased and flown.
    Tier qualifying points are earned from revenue flights during the qualifying year or through select Rapid Rewards Credit Cards from Chase and are exclusive of bonuses or promotions.” Therefore, the 50,000 per card promotion does NOT count which is also what they tell me over the phone … So what the hell???? How are some of you getting companion passes?????

    • @Barbara, the 50,000 points have been counting toward the CP even with those terms in play. It is always possible that will change at any time and without notice, but it has been an “off label” benefit. Have your points posted and are not displaying toward the CP total?

  22. Argh. Maybe I’ll try talking to a different representative. But yes my points posted back in February and do not count towards a single thing. At least A-List would be nice, and that would get me there if it would count.

  23. Lets say my brother get both cards and adds me as an autorize user. Can i pick somebody else as my travel companion and travel with somebody else? Or my broter who is the primary cardholder is the only one who can pick the travel companion?

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