Quick Reminder: 10X Ultimate Rewards Portal Bonuses Changing Soon

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From the shore of Lake Champlain, I wanted to bring you a very brief reminder that we are approaching the end of the month, so that means that the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall bonuses will be changing again soon. How great of a spot is this to do a little work online?

As is typical, we will likely see many of the Ultimate Rewards mall bonuses change as the calendar rolls to August 1st, but it looks like at least the Bloomingdale’s 10x is scheduled to expire on July 29th, so plan accordingly. The Lowe’s 10x bonus is my personal favorite this month, so I highly recommend getting in on that before the end of the month if you have some large home improvement purchases on your shopping list. In fact, I need to remind my husband to select which weed eater to order sooner rather than later so we don’t miss out! Staples at 9x has also been quite helpful for ordering gift cards to restaurants (including Starbucks) using my Ink Bold for a total of 9x Ultimate Reward points (5x for office supply store using Ink Bold and 4x from UR portal), which is great considering that is money I would end up spending anyway.

Fingers crossed that we get some new fantastic bonuses from the Ultimate Rewards mall starting in just a few days!


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  1. My first Ultimate Rewards card (the Sapphire Preferred) is due in the mail any day. Yes, total newbie here! I can’t wait to play around on it 🙂
    It’s hot as heck here in Houston… enjoy that Canadian weather while ya can!

    • Laura, so excited for you to join in the UR excitement! I am so grateful to be in much cooler weather right now. 😉

  2. I thought that all gift cards were excluded from the 10x or so bonus bought on the UR mall… can you confirm that it is otherwise?

  3. Here is what it says when I go to Staples from the UR mall site –

    Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Not eligible on promotional items, technology, software, and electronics. Shopping cart must be empty prior to accessing Staples through this site to be eligible. Discount reward certificates and Copy and Print shop orders are not eligible. Staples Business Advantage orders are not eligible. Contact with Staples for price matching, sales assistance, etc. will likely cancel eligibility.

  4. So you CAN order gift cards through staples? Or just brand specific ones? I thought any or all gift cards did not receive bonus points.

  5. Mike, I posted the T&C above that clearly states that any gift cards do not get the bonus. If Mommy confirms that she gets that bonus – then it may be a glitch, which we may use till plugged!

  6. @mommypoints: Since after the changes in UR Mall’s T&C for Staples.com, have you received credit for buying gift cards via Staples.com? Thanks for any feedback you have on this!

  7. When I leave Chase’s website to go to Staples, I get a pop up that says, “Earn 10 extra pts/$ at OfficeDepot.com…..Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.”

  8. Toro weed eater. It is the kind that for $35.00 you can get the electric power hookup device for very easy cranking or now they have a $9.96 part that can be put into a drill for very easy cranking also. No cord pulling necessary!!!

  9. You say “Staples at 9x…5x Ink Bold and 4x from UR portal.” But I thought you could go through highest UR mall portal (5x on Freedom) + 5x for Ink for 10x? No? (per frugaltravelguy)

  10. I have been…. if you pay a little on the credit card. I had one order just over 2K and put under $25 on my Chase SP and got over 20K UR

    I went to the store and bought a bunch of stuff and returned it right away to combine the GC’s on to one to make it easier.

    Don’t forget to stack using the USPS movers coupon for 10% off as well.

  11. I have been getting points on all Staple gift card orders since the terms change. Of course, that could change at any point, but it worked as recently as a week ago. Yes, you can go through whichever card portal gives you the most points.

  12. How about the gas cards – I have been buying our Shell gas cards at the local Office Depot – can they be bought online through Office Depot? I haven’t seen them on the website…

  13. @ MSPDeltaDude – can you please explain in a little more detail what exactly you did, I am sorry – not able to understand from your above comment.

  14. Can anyone tell me how to get assistance if something didn’t post the bonus points? Do I call or email? How long do I wait? And if one of my purchases was with a non-Chase card should I bother following-up? Thank you!

  15. Do you have any experience with Office Depot gift cards, and whether those points have been posting?

    And am I right that if those points do post, via the UR Mall for the Ink Bold, it is 15X per dollar?

  16. Have the same issue, i have close to 8000 reward points missing. I have talked to several customer service agents and no luck. I have been dealing with this issue for about 2 weeks.

  17. Drugstore.com has been great this month. 10x points and free shipping for orders over $25. It ships from Pennsylvania and gets to me in California in two days. I hope it stays that way in August!

  18. I send secure messages when points are missing. Provide the date and amount of purchase and often they will do a “courtesy adjustment”. Anything purchased via UR with Ink Bold would come in at 15x, but I don’t think they really have gift cards online that I have seen.

  19. Office Depot sells their own gift cards, which can then be used to purchase merchant gift cards, in-store. Verified that with the online chat agent on the OD website, but it’s probably on a store-to-store basis. I have dozens of Office Depot’s around me, so if they don’t let me on the first one, I’ll go to another one!

    • Right there are OD gift cards, just not other types. I imagine it will be store to store in terms of success converting. Pretty sure Frequent Miler has written about that. I can’t promise that OD pays out gift cards with UR as I have not tried it recently.

  20. I used the Chase Freedom shopping portal to buy VISA gc from Staples during earlier July, however, the bonus rewards points were not credited when statement comes out. Be careful, the policy change do take effect.

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