Diggity Kids Review and Giveaway!

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A while back I was contacted by the nice folks at Diggity Kids to see if I wanted my daughter to try out one of their “Made in the USA” neck pillows. Little C already had a neck pillow that we had been using in conjunction with her FAA approved CARES harness since her head bobs so much using the harness that it sometimes wakes her up, but it really was too bulky to work very well. So, I was happy to try out a different product, and am always extra glad to try a product that is actually manufactured in my home country. I then asked if we could also do a giveaway so that a reader can try their various products as well, and they said yes! So, here are my thoughts on their neck pillow (and basic info on their other items) as well as information on how to enter to win your own!

In doing some research on Diggity Kids, I learned that the company was started by some parents who wanted comfortable seats for their children to sit on during long trips (that didn’t look like “baby seats”). They tried out several different materials, and then settled on a customized high grade, high quality piece of polyurethane memory foam. They make several different products that can be very handy when traveling including:

The Neck Pillow:

This is the one item that my daughter personally has and utilizes on trips. Just like all of their products, it comes in about a dozen bright colors. We chose fuchsia since my daughter is a “hot pink” kinda gal, though I see that color is currently on backorder for the neck pillow. The neck pillow has a microsuede cover that is washable and removable (essential for kid items) and is stuffed with a premium memory foam. What makes this item awesome is that it is truly made for kids. The neck support in the back is smaller than on many neck pillows, so it doesn’t push the neck forward, but instead encourages the neck to be in a relaxed position perfect for sleeping.

The pillow is also more firm than some others we have tried. I was a bit surprised at first at how firm it was, but it turns out that the firmness is very well thought out, and worked quite well for my two-year-old. Little C actually takes the neck pillow out of her bag on her own now and uses it herself when we fly on airplanes.

The “Keester”:

This item is designed for kids who are in booster seats who want a softer cushion to sit on. This can be really handy on longer car trips or even when on airplane seats that are less than comfortable. We aren’t to the booster seat stage yet, but even if you have a nice booster seat at home, I would be willing to bet that the ones you rent at car rental agencies are not as comfortable, so this could be handy in those situations as well.

The “Keester” comes in two different widths, depending on your type of booster seat.  Of course, it is handy not just in booster seats, but when sitting anywhere that isn’t as soft as you wish it were.

Seatbelt cover:

The third product in their “travel system” is the seatbelt cover. Its purpose and design seem to be pretty self explanatory. 😉

You can purchase the items together as a whole “travel system”, or just pick and choose the item(s) that would work for your family.

For young kiddos who aren’t yet in booster seats, I would recommend just getting the neck pillow like we did. The items are a little bit pricier than what you might pay for some similar items at other stores, but there really is a difference in quality. The whole travel system is $63.95. The neck pillow that we have sells for $23.95. I noticed that their whole site is offering free shipping until July 31, so hurry if you want in on that offer.


To win a whole travel system giveaway courtesy of Diggity Kids, just put a comment on this post stating how you think these products would help your family. You will even get to pick the color of your travel system!  Entries must be received by Thursday August 2nd at 11:59PM Central.  Good luck to all who enter, and thanks again to Diggity Kids for providing the neck pillow for my daughter to try, and the whole travel system for a Mommy Points’ reader!



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  1. Re: the Seatbelt Cover – Sometimes it’s just the simplest of solutions… better safety and fewer smashed fingers.

  2. After watching my daughter’s head “nod” in the car yesterday, that neck pillow is making more and more sense!

  3. Being safe is always top priority. With these products you can rest assure your kids will be safe while being comfortable and stylish at the same time!

  4. This would be a perfect gift for my little niece whose birthday is coming up next month, nothing more important than knowing your loved ones are safe and comfortable. With these products, it feels, you can rest peacefully knowing that will happen. Great giveaway.

  5. The neck pillow would be great for my 2 1/2 year old when we go on long car trips. It seems he has a hard time getting comfortable when trying to nap and the neck pillow we have seems to bulky for him. We would love to try this product out!!

  6. Would love to win this! Then I would just have to decide which of my boys would get to use it…or buy an extra set!

  7. My son would love to have a comfortable place to sit when we are traveling (which we do quite a bit) since I don’t lug our booster with us, and what you get from rental car companies aren’t always comfortable.

  8. This would be wonderful for my 2 and 1/2 year old twin nephews. I know my brother always has a hard time when flying with them, now that they have to go on their own seats 😉

  9. The neck pillow would come in handy on plane trips to visit the grandparents. Of course, if we get one, we’ll have to get another, since you can’t have one of anything with two kids involved 🙂

  10. I really like your blog.

    We have a one year old daughter who has flown more this year than I did my first 20 years of life! I think Claire would be more comfortable with this travel system.

  11. I think I found my travel system for our upcoming asia trip! From our experience the kids can’t see the IFE without a boost. Last time we had to prop them up with a makeshift blanket folded up and pillow system. This seems like a hybrid product to use at home and for trips.

  12. My daughter is daddy’s little girl: she falls asleep during taxi… but then her head winds up in positions no human body was ever meant to achieve.

    With twin tots, can I opt for 2 neck pillows instead of the kit? Haven’t won Powerball, so I gotta win this one! 🙂

  13. I am thinking of an upcoming trip we will be taking with our 3 year old to Hawaii and how much this might help her on the long flights.

  14. Would love to have this system for our 2-year old. We travel back and forth between Vermont and Buenos Aires several times a year and keeping a 2-year old happy on multiple 11 hour+ flights is not an easy task! On our last flight she managed to sleep for a full 2 and a half hours. It didn’t help that we forgot her stuffed Elmo at home and were frantically searching the duty-free for a replacement!! It sounds like the Diggity Kids system would be perfect.

    Do they have a system that prevents them from kicking the person in the seat in front of you? Or standing and looking at the people in the row behind them? 🙂

  15. We would love to have those for our 2 year old daughter.

    DaVe, have you considered buying a cheap portable DVD player? Our daughter loves watching Caillou and Elmo, and the DVD player we bought during a trip last Christmas has been a sanity saver many times since, and has been added to the packing checklist as a permanent item for the next few years.

  16. Would love this for my son! Question, does the neck pillow become hot since it’s made out of memory foam? Most memory foam products get hot after a while from using it.

  17. My little guy might be a little small for these now, but with the traveling we do, this could be a lifesaver in the future

  18. Mp, I love your blog! My daughter refuses to sleep on the plane, unless we are landing! I think this travel system will help her feel more comfortable

  19. My 3 year old daughter would love these products and would make travelling for the whole family more enjoyable!

  20. Exactly what our daughter needs as she always seems to fall asleep leaning forward. How she sleeps like that I will never know, but it looks so uncomfortable.
    Neck pillow looks great!

  21. I help a family who is fostering a baby who was born drug addicted due to her birth mother’s addiction. I am sure they could make good use of this

  22. Would be great for our family vacations, whether long or short. Hope this company succeeds and puts out innovative products for all families.

  23. Traveling with a neck pillow is a must for my son. Poor guy is blessed with a head in the 90th percentile and a body in the one percentile. Yep, that means a lot of bobble head action when he falls asleep in the car or on long flights.

  24. We’ve got our first little one on the way (due in Oct), so I think this system would be great when we start flying to see the fam next year!

  25. I have two upcoming flights in September and one in October, so these products would be invaluable! We have trouble getting our daughter to nap on planes – hope the neck pillow would help.

  26. We would love these for our kids. My six year old frequently falls asleep on long car rides and the booster seats just don’t support his head enough. He looks so uncomfortable!

  27. This looks like it would make travel for my daughter much more comfortable. Thanks for sharing the product!

  28. We could have used this having just returned from a long trip. We have two more trips this year so this would be great.

  29. These Diggity Kids products would be awesome so my 9 month old can be set to travel as she gets older! The seatbelt cover would be nice too, since I always seem to worry if it’s okay on her.

  30. Anything that will help my 19 month old daughter feel more comfortable will be great! I will use this for our 4 trips planned this fall!

  31. Oh my goodness … I simply must be the lucky winner! I would then give it to my precious granddaughter and hope that she will visit her Grandma more often since I am a plane trip away!
    Got my fingers crossed!

  32. Will help my 2.5yr old have a more comfortable flight the next time we travel – we too have the CARES harness though these add-ons will be that much better.

  33. Maybe if I had that coming back from Orlando on Saturday my 2 year old Gabby would have been more agreeable to leaving her seat belt on instead of having a 15 minute battle of wills with each other which looked more like a wrestling match. Or if it fits my husband I could have passed it on to him as he sat across the aisle pretending we weren’t his!

  34. We are picking up our grandson for his first plane flight this Christmas and these might make the trip a little more enjoyable for him, and hence, me!

  35. This would be great for our holiday travel to the inlaws! Is it possible to use it at the table when eating while traveling also?

  36. Never mind my question about the eating. I just realized it goes over the seat. Obviously the coffee has not kicked in today.

  37. I’m a young single mother and full time student expecting a son. This travel system would help me out alot. I am in great need and would greatly appreciate this gift.
    Thanks for your time.

  38. Would love one of these sets. Our kid might have yours beat, MommyPoints — she got a passport at age 4 months so we could take advantage of the LGA-BRU mistake fare on AC! She did okay sleeping in a bassinet that time (and on her subsequent trips to Asia and Europe) but it will get harder as she gets older and this Diggity Kids set would help greatly!

  39. My niece, Lola needed the pink neck pillow this weekend. She flew down from PDX to SNA…Then driving her around from Disney to the zoo. It made my neck hurt to see her sleep. But funny that she did not complain “my neck hurts”.

  40. Kiddos would love the comfy seat because they can only sit comfortably for so long in their current boosters. The neck pillow would rock also so they don’t get a cramp in their necks. Thanks!

  41. The neck pillow would be fantastic for my four year old. When he falls asleep in the car, he look so uncomfortable!

  42. My little guy would LOVE the “Keester” support and seat belt cushion!!! Now, hopefully, he’ll stop asking “Are we there yet?” ;o)

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