US Airways Grand Slam Preparations Part 5: Is There a 2012 Grand Slam?

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For my next post in the series on preparing for the US Airways Grand Slam I want to focus on if there is even a Grand Slam this year.  I originally had another topic in mind for the next post in the preparation series, but it feels a little silly doing that when it is now August and there has not been a peep from US Airways officially hinting that there is a Grand Slam 2012.  So instead of doing another true preparation task quite yet, let’s run through what we do know, so that we can make as informed a guess as possible as to whether or not we will all be “playing ball” this fall.  To learn more about what the Grand Slam is, and to get some tips in case it does return this year, check out this series of posts:

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We know that last year August is when the Grand Slam was officially announced.  If memory serves me correctly, I first heard of it via Twitter in mid or late August last year.  My first post on it was launched on August 24th, and then in early September they even awarded a free hit for the first 110 people who Tweeted a picture of themselves at a baseball game while holding a US Airways sign.  Of course we participated by heading to a Little League field to take a picture showing our support for the Grand Slam!

Last year the actual US Airways Grand Slam promo launched in mid-September and ran until mid-November 2011.  I know the Grand Slam has happened at least every year since 2008.  If it happened before then, I just wasn’t aware of it.  The maximum number of miles you can earn from the promo has increased from 40,000 miles in 2008 to 110,000 miles in 2011.  The point being this isn’t just a promo that popped up once out of thin air, it is a promo that has been around for years, and seems to have grown each year.

However, we all know that just because something has happened in the past, doesn’t mean that it will happen in the future.  I know that some folks in the miles and points community are starting to get a bit concerned that the Grand Slam may not be around this year.  This concern is based on a few things.  The first is that there have not been any official or leaked bits of info that suggest that there is a Grand Slam.  Folks on Flyertalk and Milepoint are sometimes quite successful at uncovering websites that are not yet intended to be public.  In the past, that has led to some clues that the Grand Slam is indeed on the way.  However, so far there have been no publicly reported US Airways Grand Slam pages discovered.  There have also been some rumors from at least one US Airways partner that they have been told there won’t be a Grand Slam in 2012.

I have contacted US Airways via the regular customer service email address, Facebook, and Twitter to both express my support of the Grand Slam and inquire as to whether it will return this year.  Other Grand Slam fans have done the same and we have received some mixed responses.  Those responses have ranged from US Airways tweeting that “they are looking forward to it as well” to “promos aren’t announced in advance” to “they have not yet been told if it will run this year” to “please stay tuned for new and exciting promotions within the Dividend Miles program”.  Frankly, I don’t need anything “new”, I like the old Grand Slam promo just fine.  Some of the rumors have even indicated that while a 2012 Grand Slam isn’t in the works, that one in 2013 might be.

I have no clue with the financials for this promo look like for US Airways, but I am sure that the dollars that it costs or earns must come into the equation when they make their decisions.  Aside from any direct financial impact, there is no doubt that the Grand Slam promo is pretty big in terms of generating buzz (at least in the miles and points community) for US Airways.  I know I had little to do with US Airways before the Grand Slam, but now pay a fair amount of attention to that airline, have purchased a few US Airways tickets, use the US Aiways credit card, and even have a US Airways Club membership (that I mostly use to get into United Clubs).  I am willing to bet that there are many others who similarly have US Airways much more on their radar due to this awesome promotion.

Of course, the other side of that is there is a reason that so many of us want this promo to return.  It is a great way to earn a ton of US Airways miles for a very reasonable out of pocket cost.  Earning miles in the promo costs much less than if you buy them outright from US Airways, so I would wonder if it was a “too good to be true” situation.  However, it has gone on for so many years that it must make sense for US Airways in some regard.

From my perspective, it isn’t looking fantastic right this second for a US Airways Grand Slam 2012, but I certainly have not given up hope of its return.  My hope is that US Airways is keeping things a bit more under wraps than they have in the past, and that we will all be pleasantly surprised in the near future.  However, it is also certainly possible that August will come and go without any Grand Slam announcement.  It will be the deafening sound of silence.  It’s certainly not the end of the world, yet Fall won’t be quite as exciting without the Grand Slam.  It wasn’t just a great way to earn miles, but it was actually a really fun promotion to participate in as a community.

US Airways, I am rooting for a big Grand Slam announcement soon.  I know that there are many other fans rooting with me!

Update: Today @USAirways responded to one of my tweets about the Grand Slam saying: “Please stay tuned to our website, promotions are always a great surprise.”  Who knows what that means, but it isn’t a “no”.  Fingers remain crossed.


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  1. 2008 was the indeed first. Very few people participated as it was exceedingly difficult – every second hotel stay or car rental counted and the partner list was much shorter. Though the first few (ten I think) to reach all the hits for max points were given Gold status.

    in 2009 it was announced around the 20th of August and ran from 1 September to 15 November. 50K max miles.

    In 2010 it was announced around August 23rd. It began on Sept 1 as well if I recall and ended again on or near 15 November. This was the first time it was 100K miles max. They fixed a few loopholes – namely the SPG requirement that it must earn 100 miles – since many of us in 2009 just went to a Sheraton and ate 6 times for 6 SPG hits.

    2011 as we know ran from 14 September to 15 September. 100K miles again with the chance to get 110K, though that last part took a lot of effort with no cheap hits left to reach it.

  2. Are you kidding?!? I have 500 US AIR e-Miles ready in both Lisa & My accounts. I have hotel points for places I will never stay ready to go. Hated to see e-Rewards go away with US AIR ready to send to hotels and from Hotels over to US AIR and work around as you point out and I may or may not do that! All good and fun stuff. Take me out to the US AIR ball game again. – Rene

  3. Ok. How about all of us contact Us Airways asking about the grand slam? Maybe we could schedule a day to do it all at once.
    I don´t know, just a thought…

  4. there HAS to be a grand sam. if not, what will you contribute to the chicago seminars? What will be your purpose? A livlihood is at stake.

    if this promo dies, i think we know which blogger to blame.

  5. Seriously, MP, you should do ANYTHING your husband wants tonight after he agreed to hold up that sign for you — in public!

  6. @deals, crossing my fingers with you.
    @Arizona Guy, thanks for adding to the historical account!
    @Delta Points, I think many of us have hotel points built up primarily for this. I know I do!
    @CJ, I lean that way as well, but haven’t given up hope yet.
    @Nadine, mine does as well.
    @Lucas, can’t hurt!
    @Joe, I can always count on you for the interesting comments. 😉 Clearly without a Grand Slam I will be forced to become the entertainment portion of the Chicago Seminars with my song and dance number. I also hardly think a blogger could be blamed for ending this long running promo. This wasn’t a “loophole” – it was a public promo that was promoted. Regardless, my US Airways account balance will be quite sad to see it go if that is what happens.

  7. @Delta Points, e-Rewards definitely still shows US Airways as a transfer partner. I signed up within the last couple months via invitation specifically from US Airways. e-Rewards is still listed as an earning partner on US Airways’ website as well.

    It’d sure better stay that way too. I’ve spent a few hours earning $27+ in e-Rewards credits so I have enough to transfer if the Grand Slam 2012 happens. And $27 in e-Rewards isn’t worth anywhere near real 27 USD.

    Which reminds me… mommypoints, I’ve been getting a ton of survey invites from them. I remember you mentioning that you hadn’t gotten any and are short of the $25 required for a transfer. You might consider going through all the profile pages/surveys and making sure they’re up to date and on the generous side of things you’re interested in. I also made sure to check that I want 5-10 surveys each week.

  8. Not a loophole. Just a lucrative promo that too many people cashed in on. Think about it. You made it to easy to get 100K miles from it, for even average joes.

    But eh, you can always use you’re affiliate income to just BUY tickets for your fam to oz the old fashioned way.

  9. I, for one, am joining the rooters, not the haters. I loved the Grand Slam last year and hope that it reappears soon… You do a great job, Mommypoints. My family really appreciates it.

  10. The old ball game was heavily gamed and the club owners even tried to game it back last year, raising purchase prices and making various purchases ineligible for credit. My guess is that the bean counters are huddling with the team owners and this will be a whole nuther ballgame, a much less profitable one for us customers. However, I have mixed feelings over all this, since my home team is the Cardinals and we do tend to side with the interest of the owners. 🙂

  11. My worry about the continuation of the Grand Slam has been my general curiosity about the benefit the participating partners get out of this, especially the ones who have free hits. That is my worry about the future of the Grand Slam.

  12. -Joe, buying the tickets I want the old fashioned way would require a winning lottery ticket far more so than affiliate income. 😉
    -CU, thanks. I’m with the rooters as well!
    -AlohaDaveKennedy, ha ha. I have no doubt the bean counters have been counting. I just hope the count is in our favor.
    -Cory, I have been curious about that as well. They can always tweak the rules though to make it a win/win for everyone, even if it isn’t as large a win for us as it once was.
    -AS, that is a picture from last year. There are pros and cons to being married to me for sure! I remember him not being too pleased about that adventure, but he is very excited about the upcoming trip to Ireland that it helped pay for. 😉

    • @Brian, I’m crossing both. 😉
      @Jamison, it would be a big blow to many of our points balances, too! I’m sure we can come up with something else good for the seminars, but I’m still rooting for Plan A with the Grand Slam to go forth!

  13. I need 10,000 miles and my wife needs 13,000 to reach 90,000 miles each. With 90, I can fly biz US/Europe/Asia R/T. I’d prefer Grand Slam vs purchasing miles.

  14. I still hope they run it. I’ve positioned myself fairly well for this (much better than last year when I was a newbie at the GS). I’m up to almost $50 in E-rewards on one my US air account. Besides I need to earn the bonus points now so I can redeem for the non-peak 2014 trips when they roll out on the schedule. My boss just loves when I ask for vacation a year out 🙂

  15. @dhammer53 USA is running their 100% purchase promo right now, so 10,000 points will cost you $183.13 right now (may be worth it? to top off the account if you don’t have other points that can do it)

  16. I hope they run it! I was late to the party last year and decided not to do it because I was focusing on United Months of Miles, which turned out to be a big disaster. But I’m ready to play this year.

  17. MP: eMiles is running a promo today that offers 700 emiles for a $12.00 subscription to The Economist Magazine. Signed up myself as well as for my wife. Very easy way to load up on eMiles. Just set a reminder to cancel the sub before 12 weeks pass so they don’t auto-renew.

  18. wow, if this doesn’t I have no clue what value you can bring to the Chicago Seminar. That would be like Chase shutting down the Ink fun and FM having nothing to blog about!

    • You can’t refer people to e-rewards, you have to be invited by a program. Check out the e-rewards post linked above for more details. If I could refer you I would. 😉

  19. The comments re e-rewards got me worried. However checked my account and US Airways is still a transfer partner for me.

  20. Yesterday, I sent this e-mail to Us Airways “Ok, I can´t take this anymore, will there be a grand slam this year?”
    Today´s response
    “At this time there are grand slam promotion currently en schedule. Please continue to check for future promotion online”.
    How do I get invited to e-rewards???
    Also, my girlfriend has an account but Us Airways doesn´t show as a sponsor, is there a way of changing this?

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