75,000 Point Amex Gold Business Card Sign-up Bonus Today

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I am about to cross back over the pond to come home to my terrific two-year-old, but I wanted to quickly mention that Amex is running one of their “today only” 75,000 Membership Reward point sign-up offers for the Business Gold Rewards card.  This is the third time they have done this so far in 2012 (that I know of), so it may come around again this year…or it may not.  Who knows, but it is around today.

The bonus does require $10,000 in spending on the card in four months, so it won’t be within reach for everyone, but it is a very good deal for that card.  I sadly got in on this card when it was just 50,000 Membership Rewards points a few months ago.  The terms state that the “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any other Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card® account within the last 12 months.”  Frankly, I think 12 months is quite generous between churns, but I don’t like that according to the terms you can’t hold a Platinum card and get the bonus for the Gold card.  Who knows how that is enforced in practice though.  If you have had experience with that, I’d love to hear it!

There are so many great offers right now that it really is a great time to do a churn and get card(s) from different banks (just remember to not bite off more than you can handle)!  If I didn’t already have this card I would be pulling the trigger on it today.

For more details on this offer head to MileValue or The Points Guy.  This is not one of my affiliate links, but it is an offer that has proved reliable in the past.  Just take screen shots to be on the safe side!

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  1. @sam, no, because you’ll have to provide your SSN for a credit pull, so it won’t work.

    @chris, just enter your SSN as the business EIN, and your name as the business name. Or you can make a business name up. In my case, I’m an accountant, so my business name is my full name, comma, C.P.A.

  2. Mommy, is there a way to refer for this card? My brother wants to apply and I’d like to get credit for it. Otherwise I’ll have him go through your link to support your blog.

  3. Thanks so much for the tip on this! I applied and was approved instantly using my biz TIN. Would never have known about this offer without your wonderful blog. Now it’s time to tell family members to hop on this today!

  4. I am drooling over this offer. However the $10K in spend is a problem for me. How do people who don’t have a side business with lots of cash flow push that kind of money through in 4 months?

  5. I was approved! Now I have to figure out how to spend $10,000 in 4 months. Christmas is coming up, but I don’t spend that much 😉 If only I could pay my mortgage & student loans by credit card!

  6. Is it worth it to get the 75k MR pts or SPG biz/personal 60k deal?

    with amex you get 75k plus another 10k for the min spend =85k

    with SPG you get 60k plus 10k spend= 70k but with a transfer to airlines you get 15k bonus

    both are 85k pts, any advice?

  7. @ vincente amazon pay can get you 3k to 4k in that time if timed perfectly (prob likely to get 3k) and there are always gift cards/amex cards so you basically pre pay future expenses and then as a last resort you can get additional cards and if you have people you truly truly truly truly trust they can charge on your card and pay you back by check

  8. @sam s, I have heard of people successfully doing that.
    @chris, I am not advocating lying, but many people do have small businesses that they may not call that in their mind. Think creatively.
    @Michael, I don’t think there is a way to refer. This isn’t even my link (though thanks for the thought). 😉
    @Vincente, Nikki, etc. here is an old post on that topic. I’m all for updating it soon though. 😉
    @Stvr, it was more like “they are calling for my flight to board” so off I go. Sadly no internet on my flight, but if you have other questions about the offer that you want me to try to answer I’m back on land now.
    @brl, how about do this biz offer plus the SPG personal offer? SPG points are worth more than MR points by at least double, but what makes the most sense for you may vary from that of another person.

  9. Damn to think i got mine last yeear for 25k. Might be time to cancel and wait for the next one. I prefer my ink bold to it.

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