New LA Frequent Traveler University Dates Announced

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New dates for the Frequent Traveler University seminar have been announced on Milepoint.  Essentially they have moved the dates up by one week to November 30th – December 2nd.  I think that is great to avoid some of the hustle and bustle that happens as you get into December, but I am bummed that it means I am no longer able to participate this go ’round as I will be on a trip with my family that weekend.

Here are the details that have been released:

Friday November 30th
530PM Registration opens
630PM The Milepoint holiday appreciation party starts. cocktails, finger food and gifts!
730PM Randy sums up the year and talks about “A December to Remember” event!

Saturday December 1st
8AM Registration opens
Coffee at Starbucks courtesy of Million Mile Secrets
930AM Program starts
12PM Lunch
130PM Program continues
5PM Program ends

Sunday December 2nd
930AM Program starts
12PM Lunch
130PM Program continues
4PM Program concludes

You will hear presentations from Gary Leff (View from the Wing), Ben Schlappig (Lucky @ One Mile at a Time), Daraius (Million Mile Secrets), Steve Belkin (beaubo), Cranky Flier, and Seth (Wandering Aramean).  These folks are all very knowledgeable, and are more than capable at catering to both newbies and experienced folks in the miles and points world.  I highly encourage you to get to this event if you can as it is a great way to learn a bunch in a short period of time, and meet some pretty awesome folks in the process.

There is a room block at the Sheraton LAX for 105USD per night (including internet).  The cost for the event is $99, which is a tremendous value considering you get admission to the three day event, two lunches, a party, and more.

Here is the hotel booking link:

Here is the link to purchase your ticket to the FTU:

Can’t wait to hear all about the event from those who are able to make it!

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  1. I bought the ticket for the Chicago Frequent flier conference not knowing there would be one in backyard (within half hour drive from home). Would I be able to exchange it with this one if the cost is the same?

  2. @Carl, late Nov is still a tough time for some for sure. No perfect time I guess.

    @sil, they are actually put on by two totally different groups (even though there is some presenter overlap), so there is no way to exchange one for the other. Chicago is a great conference, as is FTU, but they are a bit different.

  3. Oh, okay. You know that El Al is honoring the “mistake Fare”…I can’t be going everywhere so I will have to cancel the Chicago and drive to the one in LA.

  4. A week later would have worked better for me too. We arrive at SFO on Nov 30 from a month in Asia, but I’d love to go. Call me crazy, but I booked a (sort of) round-the-world trip before the Continental booking rules merged with United. 120K miles and $119 each. Flying to Shanghai from SFO via LHR on Virgin Atlantic Upper Class (for the onboard bar), then on to Conrad Koh Samui and a few weeks in Thailand and an open jaw returning from Bali with a 10 hour stopover at Narita.
    Back to Thailand, Singapore and Maldives again in February on the Singapore deal. I love this hobby !!! See everyone at the Chicago Seminars !

  5. @Angelina, have fun!
    @Sil, great deal for those who got in on it. Enjoy the FTU Seminar! Will miss you in Chicago.
    @PatMike, that sounds fantastic! See you in Chicago.
    @Ozaer, if you can make it, I bet it will be well worth it.
    @Howie, since I can’t go, I didn’t play around with hotel prices, but I have no doubt that part of keeping the cost low for the rooms the sessions are in was to commit to a block of rooms. Good for folks to do their research and make the best decision for them though when they book the hotel rooms. 😉

  6. I will not be able to go anymore either. Now going to israel this weekend and couldnt think about dates while booking!

  7. @deals, I think Israel wins out for sure! Hopefully we can both next it next time!
    @Howie, I bet so as well. Though it is the end of the year, so wouldn’t shock me to see some hotel hopping. 😉

  8. I live an hour north of Los Angeles and will be getting close to SPG Gold around that time. Perhaps a mattress run and the conference will be in order.

  9. I just booked my room and got my ticket, it should be fun (first timer). I live in orange county, so this is perfect for me.

  10. Can you explain a little more on how Chicago and FTU will be different (other than you won’t be in L.A. 🙂 ? I missed out on buying Chicagot tix but hoping to pick one up on cancellation.

    • @Rick, the topics will be a bit different, the presenters will be a bit different, Chicago will be larger than LA (which could be good or bad depending on your preferences), etc. They aren’t night and day different, but they aren’t exactly the same either. Sorry I can’t provide more specifics as I haven’t seen the actual schedule for LA. They are both very good events, but it probably isn’t necessary to attend both within 6 weeks or so of each other unless you just really like hanging out with other miles and points junkies (which is pretty fun).

  11. How soon would I have to purchase my tickets to reserve a space at the conference? I’m just looking for a guess.

  12. Thanks for the info MommyPoints! I signed up! Now I am attending the LA and Chicago seminars! There is so much to learn, not just from the presenters, but from the attendees too!

  13. Another FYI on hotel rate, I booked a club level room at the pay your age promo. Since I was born in 55, a club room averages to $102 a night.

  14. @Eric, I noticed that too. That’s LA for you 🙂

    I’m driving there, but what about people who are flying in, I guess they are stuck paying for the valet fee as well.

  15. @Grant
    I am sure the hotel has a shuttle from the airport. It is within walking distance for sure. I work close to the airport and see many people walking from the Radisson, which is just a couple hotels closer to LAX. There is a self parking structure next to the hotel, which I believe is much cheaper.

  16. I refuse to go because MillionMileSecret is there. I refuse to go to any events where a blogger will intentionally out a deal just to attempt to kill it. I’ll pass because I’d rather not be associated with those types of people.

  17. @Andrew, I think it took a couple months to sell out last time. Just monitor the MilePoint thread as I assume they would give an update as the # of tickets left dwindles.
    @Eric, that is nasty!
    @Pbsilverman, nice!
    @Grant, I would use the shuttle from LAX.
    @Eric, agree!
    @Jamison, thanks for the info!
    @Ken in Phx, part of the purpose of this seminar is to discuss some deals in person that might die if they were publicized online. You can also pick and choose which sessions to attend, of course you can choose to not come at all. 😉 Hope to see you at some event in the future!

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